You love me - Learn to accept love from others
part 1 "You love me"

Part 1 - Baby love

Learning to accept love from others - from ANYONE and from ALL is equally important than saying "I love you". the art is to recognize the near infinite number of different ways others practice to tell YOU or show you THEIR love is what we all need to learn and practice again.

if you reject part of their love - then YOU are an active factor of emotional AND spiritual stress for others. if you manage to reject most of other peoples love - then it would be MUCH better for all others to be WITHOUT YOU as it is much easier to spiritually grow without additional know stress-factors. if you happen to have a partner who repeatedly or near permanently rejects many of YOUR ways of showing and proving YOUR love - TALK to him - seriously and firm, if nothing changes, then it is time for immediate divorce.

every child of God has a divine right to be able to GIVE love in as many different ways as God OR you created. continuously, every day, every hour, eternally. including physical / sexual love and all varieties of direct love between 2 partners. every child of God has a divine right to RECEIVE love in many different ways - ever-changing ways - every day.

rejected love is one of the very worst spiritual situation that EVER can or could happen to anyone in God's entire creation. hence learn to recognize ALL different ways others use to tell you "I love you" or to show it or make you feel their love.

friends, family members, your children, your employer, your employees, neighbors and anyone else may have a deep desire to show YOU their love and it is YOUR DIVINE DUTY to learn to accept THEIR full love.

different people have many different ways expressing love. basically anyone who wants to talk to or with you, who wants or seeks your company may do so to seek an exchange of love in either way or both directions. exchange of love may start in a very powerful way in the very earliest childhood. here a few examples how OTHERS may express THEIR love for YOU:

do you realize the many ways YOUR children around you are using to show their love to you ? are you always saying YES to EVERY such occasion or do you say NO sometimes or often ?

any damage caused by YOUR rejection of baby's love or children's love needs to be healed by someone BEFORE a child becomes mature for a partnership. such healing often takes more than an entire incarnation - that means many children have selected a situation that was so hard and empty of love that they have a "broken" heart beyond the actual incarnation, while others may need many years or decades beyond childhood until they become ready for a mutual love within a partnership.

look at the high percentage of divorce and look at all the NON-divorced partnerships which are prohibited to divorce because their culture or law prohibits divorce. look at all the partnerships and families with drug and / or alcohol problems. all these are children having grown up in a environment and society empty of love - they have neither received all the love they deserved AND NEEDED nor were they allowed and given a chance to GIVE all the love they WANTED to give.

if a baby or child WANTS to be near you, WITH you - it is the first way of saying "I love you". because loving to be WITH or NEAR you also means:

.... but I am always aware that YOU need love - and me - your baby - I am willing to GIVE you all my love - to smile at you, to hug you, to kiss you, to touch you, to caress you, to bring you flowers, and plants, and many many smaller or larger objects to show AND PROOF YOU my love - as much as you need.

the more YOU are ready for most direct exchange of love - skin to skin, eyes to eyes, heart to heart and soul to soul - the more happy all. baby is ready for most direct and most efficient love !! always !!! are YOU ready to accept direct efficient love from your baby and children ? or do you attempt to SUBSTITUTE YOUR direct love with TOYS, sweets and material goods rather than with YOUR time that allows YOU free flow of love - giving and receiving love requires TIME together without any interference by TV or other distractions - just YOU and baby !

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