Christmas preparation - Preparing for success - preparation for love

Christmas preparation

Dear ones

Since months already I am fully busy with Christmas preparation for the approaching Christmas time - thousands of new photos have been published since last newsletter and many new chapters in the Blog or forums as well.

Here some spiritual food for your own progress in your life:


Life is like a spider-web - the more active we are, the more entangled we become in our own selfishness

If your life is too much of a struggle - or even fight now and then, then may be some very essential mistakes have been made by you. Always remember that for a struggle or fight in life there always are at least 2 persons needed. One wise and loving person never encounters any real problems at all. If your life turns into a burden or battlefield - if you get more and more entangled in your own creations of karma and new problems .... then go back to the very basics in life and follow basic rules to create an environment of love and thus peace in your life. There is no love, no happiness without peace with others. Learn how to re-establish peace with others

Without love no happiness - without love no purpose of life - without "I love you" no love-relationship. These 3 magic words are and remain a key to the heart of your lover. Without full and clear "I love you" - repeated times and from the very bottom of your heart there can never be a truly happy love romance.

For many these 3 magic words are hard to say - hence we start with writing the 3 magic words - or easier we pack the words in beautiful love-roses. Roses without "I love you" are the confession of love from a cowardice. Hence If you really love someone - may be a secret lover - then send an "I love you"-LoveCard to prepare the heart of your lover for the soonest follow your I love you card with a eyes to eyes / skin to skin I love you! The words of love are of no value at all if repeated without action of love - however the 3 magic words are "food" and healing for the intellect of your lover's mind to prepare and to open the door to the heart for your real proof of love.

Say *I love you* with roses
Christmas time - Christmas preparations

Christmas time and Christmas preparation

Christmas time is like the life of a farmer - all year long we work and prepare and by the end of the year we harvest. Hence my own Christmas preparation that started as early as May this year. This years Christmas certainly is different from others because the first reservations for Christmas vacation here in the Philippines arrived around June. To coordinate my work with the upcoming visits, please note that the official visiting period for Christmas starts December 1st and ends around mid to latest end January 2008. All these coming weeks until end of November I shall be fully busy with work and Christmas productions. Thus a coordination of visitors is highly appreciated.

Christmas is a feast of love - love like fruits or crop needs to be prepared before harvested. Hence NOW is the best time to start your intense preparation for the soon Christmas time. Now is time to create and establish peace with all, to dissolve all your many year long ongoing struggles and to drop your rejections, denials of love and fear of rejection.

Learn to prevent divorce by being prepared for love and eternal honeymoon

Honeymoon forever is what many lovers dream of. Honeymoon forever however requires serious and intense preparation for a mutual life shared together in all aspects of life, including job. To share all with your lover joins you more and more in your hearts and souls. To go separate lives, even part time only for separate jobs or recreation however starts to split you and let you drift apart more and more. True maturity is required before true and lasting happiness together can be enjoyed by both lovers.

Honeymoon and eternal romance

Lack of success in your Kriya Yoga practice ?

Since thousands of years one simple rule is known: If you want to find your way home to God, you have to be willing to give all. ALL is 100%. All is more than a little now and then. All means to fully focus on love, on creating love, on producing love, on converting selfishness, stinginess, greed, revenge, retaliation, etc into love. Love means to share - your resources including your professional resources as well. Love means being in peace and in love with all.

Those ready to give all from the very beginning may experience extraordinary success and progress in their application of Kriya Yoga. Those having other priorities such as career, Linux, or study, may experience smallest or no progress at all. To achieve spiritual progress and spiritual success the full power of love is needed to overcome the power of darkness and distraction. I know many among you who still are overrun by all the material distraction of your surroundings. Weakness is the result of lacking efforts, lacking will power and lacking productivity in loving creativity. Hence typically those lacking spiritual progress also lack personal happiness and satisfaction in their love life.

Weak lovers lose partners or get divorced - love is the privilege of strong lovers !! So is spiritual success. All have received the very same potential to love and to create loving work in their lives. Some convert such divine God-given potential - others succumb the distractions and fail. The result of your life always is the sum of the decisions you make, made or forgot to make when decisions were needed. Success in all aspects of a spiritual oriented love filled life is a divine "fruit" all can enjoy - the price for all always is the same - ALL!

Those lacking success most likely have failed the giving part of love, the giving part in relationship as well as in community life, charity and other aspects of life. To give love in all aspects of love including work is the key to happiness, to happiness in your relationship as well as success in job.

Lacking success as a result of reduced flow of love often is the result of a totally wrong path of life - most of the time a path of life chosen to please others, to please parents or best friends expectation rather than to follow your own heart's calling. Free yourself from all artificial attachments, find your own heart and follow your own heart. If love is your one and only goal in life then God is what you reach sooner or later depending on your efforts. little efforts on the path of love result in slow progress - but toward the right goal if all distractions are strictly avoided. Powerful love-efforts result in lightening fast and most powerful love-results on your spiritual path of love.

Cyberspace Ashram various news

During the last 5 weeks I have invested some 10'000 US$ in newest hardware, hardware replacement and production. Among others I now finally enjoy one of the worlds fastest laptops - an Acer Ferrari 5000 with 4 GB RAM to speed up my production work. In addition I purchased on my recent Hong Kong trip a full set of Worlds finest Carl Zeiss lenses for my Sony A100 DSLR digital camera - and then spent weeks in photo shooting sessions and photo processing.

Why such investment for a spiritual web site you may wonder ... The answer is simple: The vast majority - some 65-75% - of Cyberspace Ashram's annual budget of approximately 50'000 to 60'000 US$, including continuing charity work, is covered by my own income which in turn comes mostly from my photography work. Hence I invest in the source of our all Cyberspace Ashram - my work. Work only is fun when being successful and success requires top equipment to produce top quality. The global competition rises year after year - the challenge grows - so do we all who accept the continuous challenge by the growing global competition.

Currently there are some 3000 wallpapers and a similar number of LoveCards available. More are prepared. Last months the Cyberspace Ashram enjoyed some 220 GB download - mostly wallpapers and eCards. Since moving from previous shared hosting to my current own high quality root server has resulted in several 100% increase in traffic volume. To remove all obstacles and artificial limits is the first step towards freeing your creative potential.

If you wish to join Christmas in the Philippines, please schedule for an arrival during the first 2 weeks of December.

God is Love

love and bliss


Jesus loves you
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