Happy New Year to all

New Year message from the Cyberspace Ashram

Enjoy some of Baguio's roses as eMail text-eCards for your loving New Year wishes to loved ones - or visit the text version of these New Years messages intended to be a loving guide throughout the year to come. You may want to print some of these text-eCards as a reminder of the love lessons to follow during the course of the new working year.

To enjoy next year even more, make a few long time needed adjustments. Make a few but make them really. Set priorities that are achievable by YOU and only by you. Avoid goals that depend on others. Make goals that require your only efforts and your only investment of resources and time. If ever you make plans that depend on others - then you may be lost. However there is one person you should be able to fully trust - YOU !

Your welfare, your income, your health, your progress should all be based on your very own capabilities and cooperation to work more and more qualified to achieve all your set goals easier than ever before. Set goals that challenge you - but set goals for a year that really can be accomplished within that year. Make sure you accomplish all your goals way before the end of the year. To have time to review, to adjust, to repair where damage of any kind has occurred. Make goals that leave you sufficient time and resources for love and all your loved ones. Some of you surely have neglect your loved ones this ending year. Sometimes very close to a possible divorce or loss of partner and family.

Happy New Year message of love

When you are getting "old" and have accumulated a wealth of material property, you will notice that you might have paid for that wealth with a much greater fortune of love that you lost during all your life of earning, profiting, marketing and career making ...

Then later it surely is far too late to ever repair or compensate for such loss of loved ones. All that might be left is emptiness in your heart and emptiness in your life as well. learn from the mistakes of so many others who lost loved ones they once loved so much from the bottom of their heart and took for granted what needs to be earned day by day. A partner needs to be loved every single day. a partner and the entire family need YOUR love like all need food. Love from a loved one is far more valuable than food. Love is food for the soul. A happy person in his love life, is happy in all his family life and business life as well. The personal love and happiness with a truly loved one who shares all life is the single greatest factor for social peace among all cultures. You can work on your inner peace and your happiness only. However that is a lifetime task leaving no or little resources to get messed up in other people's private life.

If each and all of us focus on our inner balance and happiness as a result of ever growing love toward all, then our outside world improves as well at the pace directly proportional to the willingness to forgive and to love by all others.

Keep in mind that no money at all ever can buy love nor replace missed, wasted or lost love. Hence the single most important always is your family, your living-partner, your neighbors and friends and all relatives of your ever "expanding family".

May the New Year continue as the ending one finishes

With Divine Love and Bliss for all

Spiritual Treasures