Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart to all of you

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas

The strong one can enjoy Happy Holidays - while the weak ones fear, struggle and hope for a better future created by someone else out there. The strong ones create a better future on their own - because God gave all the right to change your life, to chose your life, to claim your happiness in eternal life.

You are as weak as you belief to be - as weak as others make you belief to be ... Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas means to enjoy love and life - hence to truly enjoy love and life you need to be strong in your life.

If you want to have a place as a free soul and child of God in God's home - then you have to CLAIM that place by proving that you are strong in life - here and now on earth.

Many others may want you to be weak - since they may want to use your resources and hence you for the purpose of their own often selfish goals. Mighty by means of money is no strength. True strength is in YOUR hearts. True strength results when YOU have learned.

YOU are FREE when you can make the very best decisions at any given time in life based on your very own strength and financed out of the resources YOU have created by helping others or by being of valuable service to others.

Others may only push you down as long as you allow them to do so - the true spiritual child of God never allows to be pushed in either directions. A true lover makes his own choices and decisions based on his own HEART.

Now it is Christmas time and this Christmas may be for many among you the beginning of an eternal Christmas - Christmas all year long ...

Because at home in God we have Christmas all year long. The meaning of Christmas is

  1. to instantly forgive all to all
  2. to instantly dissolve in love all that needs to be dissolved
  3. to only love all and nothing but love
  4. to end for good any kind of retaliation, revenge or punishment of ANY kind for ANY reason
  5. to be in love with the loved one God gave you on your side
  6. to create an ocean of love for your family to fall in love with you
  7. to always be in love with all
  8. to always be fully open for the love FROM ALL others
  9. to always be fully open for the love TOWARD all others

those who now these very days life at the expense of society, social welfare or family members still have proven to be too weak to be part of a divine family. a divine family in God is composed of strong ones - ALL children of God have received the very same divine potential - to love and to be strong for all eternity.

True love toward such weaker ones sometimes does require to let them go - to let them struggle on their own and to give them the FREEDOM to grow strong. as long as you pamper little sister or big brother at home - as long they enjoy having to work less for more comfort of living and hence the longer they remain weak and cause troubles to all creation by being weak.

the weak ones easily turn into betrayer

the strong ones prefer to die rather than to betray

the weak ones do what they are told to do even if totally wrong

the strong ones make up their own mind and make their decisions on their own facts they have accumulated

strong ones too may make mistakes



weak ones may remain weak as long as someone else always takes care of them as long as always someone else cleans up the mess they created themselves as long as always someone else pays their bills resulting of their weakness to serve and work in love all creation

Happy holidays is when all receive what they have earned as a result of a full working life in favor of all others - now these final days of the year it is YOUR turn to receive all the love and bliss you have created all year long for others while doing your job FOR others at work or at home.

May your harvest of love be rich and sweet - take time for many days just YOU and God and your family if you have your own direct family. Have the courage to stay away from mothers and fathers - because they too may starve once for a few days of peace and love JUST FOR themselves after all the years or decades working for YOU. A love relationship NEEDS peace and strong children. As long as their is even one child weak in life - parents relationship may be stressed and if such ill condition lasts for years or beyond, then the parents marriage risks to break apart on arguments about what to do and how to handle the problem children or depending children they still might have. Happiness between parents requires strong children who prove to be strong lovers by making many others happy and by taking care of as many others as possible to help them all grow free by growing strong.

Love between mother and father needs as much care and peaceful hours without outside interference as any other relationship. there is a time to have fun together - there is a time to enjoy one and one - a honeymoon at home or where ever - just a few days only for love to refresh that eternal vow of love in all times.

Proof strength by being strong

be strong by learning more and working harder than ever to have a FREE choice of decision for your own life and eternal future. to have a free choice in life ONLY depends on your strength of love in all life.

May these days be Happy Holidays - days for love, days for sweet togetherness with the ONE God gave you on your side - refresh your commitment of love for each other and be ready to let God guide you on your single most loving path home. The time to return home is reached when you have been living, working and succeeding in even the most difficult situations of life all on your own for many years. The time to return home has come when you have faced all challenges with strength in your heart and integrity in all your decisions. The time to return home has come when you have proven absolute loyalty to all loved ones and to God above all. Loyalty to God and Love for God has been proven by your help for all the needy and lost ones on earth. The occasions to prove all these above has been given to all of you thousandfold in your daily life.

Christmas message 2005 for the beginning of Christmas all year long

Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas
Love and Bliss all year long


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