Pray for problems OR pray for solutions

OR help yourself in all material problems and use God's assistant for all the truly spiritual problems left within ourselves and all humanity ?

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Learn when to pray and when to work for your own solutions

last Friday evening I received my new hard-drive as replacement of the damaged hard-drive and as of yesterday ( Sunday ) noon - all system has been fully restored on the new hard-drive - means as of now full normal operation as usual is available again.

there was ZERO loss of data during this recent hard-drive failure and restore procedure.

in the course of this technical problem I received a nice eMail I would like to share and comment with you. One of the loved one out there wrote as a spontaneous response to my announcement of the hard drive crash a week earlier the following lines:

"... I sincerely hope that all your problems will be fixed, I will pray for you and your problems. ... "

it shows what people think about God ... the part: "... problems will be fixed" says he hopes SOMEONE will fix the problem for me - it is a statement of passivity - a statement of a person used to have OTHERS help solving HIS problems instead of self help.

in Switzerland - my passport's native country - I remember a saying like:

"Help yourself and God will help you !"

That saying is very true and means: the support, help and bliss given by God is directly proportional to your own efforts. If you GIVE ALL - then you receive ALL !!! if you give little - then you receive little. if you do nothing at all on your own - then you may risk to receive nothing at all.

in reality such problems are to be solve by EACH individual having such problems - and never by OTHERS ! hence it is and was my sole responsibility to solve this problem - my own way as God gave me all I need to solve such and ALL similar situations that myself AND / or YOU may be trapped in .. such situations are what we all NEED to grow and become experts in OUR field of eternal life. such problems are a divine GIFT of love by God to help us to be strong and BE FREE.

in particular - God gave me .. AND you all as well:

the problem of the crash is a simple one and consists of 2 basic steps to solve

  1. purchase a new hard-rive - that was the easiest part - it cost just some 110 US$ - an amount to be paid by my income resulting from my work
  2. secure all data on a regular basis by making back-ups of all important data - as well as being able to restore and safe data from a crashed hard-drive. all skills each of us USING a computer of any kind for our earthly work has to learn and know as part of default professional skills acquired by self teaching and / or study. backups again is just a matter of having the money for the extra hardware needed to back up daily all important data. I purchased many months ago a large volume - 512 MB - USB-memory stick to do just that in a professional and most efficient way. I may even purchase soon a complete new external hard-rive to make even larger ( full system ) daily back-ups to solve total system crashes or even to have a full second laptop unit available for smooth continuous operation. All military has it, the police has it, secret services have it, most offices have it - I safely assume someone working for God and all God seekers on earth also may have a complete redundant second work unit to assure highest professional efficiency. highest level of efficiency always is the most economical solution and thus the very cheapest solution. Top quality always is cheapest on the long run !! Finally it is but some us$ 2500 more per year for the spiritual benefit of some 700'000 annual visitors of the Cyberspace Ashram - by the end of the current year it may be one million CA visitors for 2005.

a gardener needs to handle and repair all his professional tools - so does a baker or tailor ...
as a farmer son I saw my father Hans repairing ALL on his own - Hans had NO technical school NOR did he have any high school, nor higher education nor diploma of any kind ... Hans had what God gave to ALL:
Common sense, a healthy body and the free choice to succeed or fail. The free choice to be strong OR weak. Hans chose to be strong and succeed - his way ... Hans was VERY successful his way with anything Hans did or started ... even under the most difficult situations life can offer to anyone.

as a *web publishing* spiritual teacher, me too I have the very same options and I made my choice early in this *lifetime* and before.

Hence fur such occurrences in daily life and jobs, there never should be a need for prayers - there is need to BE what you are, to prove that you know your job and that you know your trade and to prove you have the connections and available helpers as a DIRECT result of yourself helping OTHERS before numerous times with love and professionalism.

If all life you have been helping anyone ever asking or needing help - then there are always plenty of people ready to assist you where ever team work in repair of any damage is needed. very early in my current life as well as in all previous incarnations I noticed and learned that depending on others always makes weak. to be weak is a horrible experience and terrifying condition obstructing ALL love and any flow of love as well as preventing any kind of real JOY and happiness in life. to be happy you need to be strong - as strong as can be, as good as needed to BE free and to be able to CREATE solutions of love in your all life. Solutions of love for yourself as much as for all others around you and beyond.

The sentence: "I will pray for you and your problems." shows 2 points that may need adjustment:

  1. He prays for problems - if ever - then I pray for solutions. Most of the time I have no time for prayer - I am either busy loving or busy helping. This sentence shows his state of mind. either to focus on solutions in all life, solutions in all situations of live OR to get paralyzed by problems and focus on problems. little difference in words only ... but a clear manifestation of a true innermost condition of getting LOST in problems of life rather than WORKING hardest toward solutions for ALL.
  2. too many people pray to God to solve THEIR problems instead of doing it all on your own. there are OTHERS having problems and YOU may be the one to help rather than God. God has proven infinite love and infinite power - WE however are the ones to have to learn and to have to PROVE that WE are strong, that we are loving by proving our love. our love can be proven by ourselves helping OTHER children of God, by ourselves solving other people's problems rather than by praying for SOMEONE to do our job on our behalf.

Problems SUCK - solutions inspire !!

we all are made to the image of God - we all are made to CREATE ... to create solutions of love - to be solution provider. if we fail to be of ACTIVE help to others - then we become useless - resulting in a feeling of worthlessness, being obsolete in entire creation is a terrible condition no one ever should strive for. being useful to as many as can be is a prove of being actively involved in God's "family business" in God's entire creation.

when someone refuses to accept any kind of most direct and most efficient help - then I ask my father to assist - because then God has to CREATE NEW situations in that persons life, new situations involving OTHER people, involving people who currently may even lack the willingness and readiness to offer ANY kind of help at all. new situations in life that require new laws in governments, or existing laws being dropped or modified. it requires OTHERS to *pay* part of the new solutions ... people refusing to instantly accept the very first help offered do create very substantial new and highly complex needs for NEW situations to present solutions of love in a way acceptable by a blocked person or inefficient person.


when a person dies or is terminally ILL as a direct result of extreme ego and selfishness or even hate - then I ask my father for grace, mercy and LOVE to help and heal that person - to give another opportunity in eternal life ...

such are the most severe SPIRITUAL reasons or situations I ask God for his help - from the bottom of my divine heart and soul.

for material problems however - I assume full responsibility for all I do and I expect all to do the very same. our earthly planet with all material lessons are a gift of love offered by our heavenly father to all mankind - to learn on our own to BE divine and to BE lovingly strong - to BE an image of God and thus an adult child of God having his eternal home IN God - beyond our physical temporary home on earth or elsewhere on another *planet* or world of any kind or nature.

Love and Bliss


Jesus loves you

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