Christmas time is the best time to initiate substantial changes in your life

Christmas time is the time to make up all missed or avoided lessons of love.

Christmas time goes on and on and many changes occur on the lives of many among us divorces in love or divorces by accidents and fatality of one of them deaths by accidents and illness marriages or meeting your one love all serves but one goal to be free for love to be free for more love to learn to be happy a soon as possible and finally to return home when time has come - home to God - for good.

there is no need to wait for anything at all nor is there any reason to wait loving

there never is a reason to wait going home either

all that truly is needed is the readiness to

Without God and all your true eternal friends most likely you may never be what you are today God created you, but God also created all those around you that you love and need so much many times in life.

  1. the ones being there FOR you whenever you need them even if you drop and dump them when you are doing well on your own paths the ones truly loving you are those who always love you without reproaching your mistakes
  2. the ones always there FOR you when you are lost or alone
  3. the ones who FEEL and KNOW when to contact you and when to leave you alone

enjoy and accept the many challenges you may receive yourself these very days and in all future

if you fail to be aware of any chances or challenges given to you THESE very days then you most likely have insufficient time and peace of mind FOR God and Love as a lack of insufficient preparation ...

remember an accident or illness or crash in life occurs as a result of mistakes as a warning for lessons omitted by you - but does the suffering and pain of the accident replace the actual lessons we omitted in our past ??

NO !!!

absolutely NO !

ANY and every accident or illness or CRASH in life is but a warning that after recovery from illness and accident ALL missed lessons HAVE to be repeated and made up asap

do you remember what lessons YOU have omitted, escaped, avoided or run away from ??

OF COURSE you know !

all of us know very well ALL lessons we have received and OMITTED ...

many of us have gone through accidents, illnesses and crashes in life - surgery of any kind or broken bones, divorces, separation or whatever other crashes in life - after full recovery many belief that all karma done / created has now elapsed by the pain of accident suffered.

that however is totally wrong belief. accidents or illnesses are but a warning and nothing more if you made a FULL change of your behavior, a total re-orientation after your last crash in life, after your last divorce or separation from the wrong one or after your last illness or accident ..

then you have learned and set all new forces into directions to create positive and healing changes in your life. if you have omitted such total changes in your life in the past after any accidents or crashes of life - then you have avoided your vital lessons and may be drifting into further darkness or toward greater crashes waiting to happen in your life

what and how to do with the missed or omitted lessons and challenges ?? something INSIDE you - your karma and its traces - the result of what YOU may most likely have done to others and what YOU now EXPECT FROM others is causing fear inside you ..

what to do with such fears ??

you GIVE that fear to God

- how ?

see chapter below

How to dissolve fear and rejection


meet the one able to REMOVE fear.

such a healing is composed of 2 steps

  1. remove fear
  2. inspire with the creative power of love to solve the challenge

inspiration here means an injection of power to do a particular job. such inspiration typically is done by your Guru or the one acting as such without your knowledge.

a human without fear still lacks readiness and maturity to perform. empty of fear is still different from being strong and brave.

strength and braveness however are the result of your very own repeated success in performing a particular job or task.

once you have done many many millions of jobs and tasks you become aware that all you do with God and Love in your mind will end successfully - even the very first time all on your own. remember how it was as a baby all first steps ... like walking or driving bicycle or going to school have been accompanied and guided by parents or loved ones.

after the first time you knew how to do and no further help was needed.

such is the learning on a divine level as well. the first time you do a difficult step - there may be someone visible or invisible with you - guiding you, inspiring you - giving you the strength, protection and guidance for the first time you do it, assisting you, then you know how to and have self-confidence because you have done it ONCE and all future will be on your own and easy to do.

even if someone holds your hands walking your first baby steps - you still are doing all steps with your own baby feet all on your own.

who to ask for such first step help if you are lonely these days and hours ?

God !

it's about love - only love these days, weeks and months .. eternally !

hence all your steps you omitted in your past most likely have to do only with love as well - like meeting someone who loves you and you actually love as well - but you fear him / her ..

ask God for help - God then shows you how HIS / HER true love REALLY is.

FEEL THAT LOVE yourself because THAT love is from HER / HIM and no one else. how does it feel ? remember it - because that is what you have been running away from. why running away from something sweet, lovely and nice to feel ?? simply you have been listening to much to other people's saying, small talk and gossip. people talk because they are jealous or envious and many love to create intrigues and after a while of listening to other people's saying and gossip - all truth is gone anything you know from hearing saying is at least to a substantial % wrong. always and ONLY act on behalf of your DIRECT visions, your direct observations, your direct experiences, your direct and true perception ...

many of your errors and fears result from all gossip you have been listening to instead of asking God for the truth. you fear the cloud of gossip inside you that you have absorbed from all others around you - from all those separated from God - lost as much as you have been lost. face the truth - face what God has to show you.

ask God to show and let you FEEL the truth. take time - all time you need, hours and hours - again and again - just God and YOU. then feel the truth first inside your heart when God shows you by linking you to the deepest inside of the one you ran away earlier in life. then feel it eyes to eyes, heart to heart, soul to soul. enjoy it as it WILL be as God showed you, but even much more of the same love and different each day - filled with divine exotic surprises like in a gourmet kitchen of a million star cook cooking love recipes just for you - eternally.

another fear is the fear of being insufficient for your loved one. that fear too comes from too many wrong relationships and too long separations from God and your loved one, as YOU are as perfect as ever you need to be to perfectly and fully make your loved one as happy as can be - eternally !!

at any given moment in "time" any given moment in "eternity" you have all that is ever needed to be a perfect match in all aspects of your being ...

God gave you a "basket of gifts" that most likely you never have even discovered or touched yet.

male or female all are made to love only - everything else is self-raping !!!

fear comes when you have been separated too long from love, when memories have vanished after all the pain of loneliness you have experienced. refresh your memories - ask God to show you and let you feel how it once was and how it WILL be in the future. then enjoy and love ALL.

missed lessons need to be done now or later - once and forever. God wants all of you to be in love with love.

ALL of you can create such love and feelings of being loved. all you ever need is to fully and clearly say YES to God and YES to Love. it never is about career nor about projects of any kind even less about technology or inventions of technical nature. all - absolutely all serves but one single purpose .. to learn to love and to practice and prove love and to return home after these essential lessons are successfully done.

Love and Bliss


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