Facing death or facing love

Now these days its time for love only - on the honeymoon island Boracay even more than anywhere else and its Christmas time for all as well these days, weeks and month - even global TV channels FULLY cooperate with God and show full Christmas movies at the right time here and now to fine tune the hearts of all mankind and shift all our focus

from business to LOVE
from job to relationship
from profit to healing and helping

time to either face death or to love

to progress or struggle
to surrender to love or fight against love
to withhold love or let love flow freely
to make your love a secret to all or prove it to all
to divorce or really unite with the loved one
to run away or face your lover

decisions take 2 ingredients




both have their roots in God

courage is the result of the strength resulting from freely flowing love

no flowing love - no courage to face what you need to face anyway once you surrender to love - love starts to truly flow and instantly your strength is regained in full

God's love is infinite
but God creates your challenges in one way only at one time for one person
if you fail that one test of love - to prove true love
then you have to wait any time needed for you to be ready for another challenge offered by God
the next challenge will be totally different
if it would be the very same again,
then your ego and intellect would act instead of your heart and soul

love tests are real

love tests are needed

for YOU as much as for the loved one deserving ALL YOUR love
- true love from the bottom of your divine heart

only a spontaneous love test without announcement, without any reparation can be a true love TEST to give you a chance to surrender to your heart and prove your love at once

  1. all first tests are the easiest, the most direct and the most efficient ones
  2. all additional tests are more complex - more sudden

they all have one in common

whatever is known to you, announced to you in very detail
can be learned by your brain and intellect ...
thus has nothing at all to do with your love nor heart - but only with your ego - which may start to plan a response a response planned by ego always leads to failure in love test ...
ego always is revealed by true love tests
only instant spontaneous action from the bottom of your heart are truly from your deepest inside

these very days and weeks are better than any other time ever before to do what you needed to do since long time so do it NOW

why now ?

it's again a very special Christmas time and a very LONG Christmas time - may be longer than most other Christmas times before this one

Christmas time always opens ALL true hearts more than any other time of the year

one day there will ONLY be Christmas time - time to love - for ALL of us

when ?

as soon as you have contributed your part to your lessons and challenges !!

Love and Bliss


God is Love

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God is Love

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