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sharing your expertise, your experience in life, job, or business

A few weeks ago I saw some facts and data about the real cost of study in Switzerland and tuition fees. According to those data a place at a Swiss university costs about 60'000 CHF per year per student - that is approximately US $ 50'000 per year. With the tuition fee in Switzerland being like in most other countries only up to a few thousands a year - hence less than 10% of the total expenses created by each student - the vast majority of all effective cost per student are paid by the working labor force of each country, by those farmers who never study, by construction workers, mechanics and nurses who start working at age 16 while they study - during their "apprenticeship".

High school and college studies are - if at all - only little lower than universities.

By the end of many years of high school, college and university - most students on this planet may easily have spend far in excess of 100'000 - 300'000 US $ on top of their personal tuition fee. How and when to pay those unaccounted debts back ?

Worldwide we experience in almost all countries ever increasing taxes on income, value added taxes and other taxes ... Why ? Because most of us love to receive higher and higher salaries, experiencing or receiving better and longer studies - all paid by the government - hence by OTHERS - by working and earning tax payers. The longer we study - the lesser years we actually work and pay taxes. The balance between income years when we work FOR others and expense years when we COST to others is increasing. Most taxes are absorbed by the actual administration and only a small percentage is actually used for the general welfare of our entire population. Hence there is a need to modify and correct that behavior - by returning to some "old fashioned" working / studying schemes we practiced for many centuries. Study principles of "learning years are no master years, but serving years" while you learn you pay in full - either in money or in service rendered to your teachers and masters until your work is worth the service of teaching you receive and until your service rendered is starting to exceed your own cost of education created by your learning.

Right after graduation - most or all students have little real practice in any job - all they have is an accumulated quantity of formulas and theories. But working year after year hard and long hours in their field of specialization - while spending hundreds of hours each year for continuing education, seminars, workshops and self study - one day, may be after some 10 to 20 years of intense working practice, they become what most become ... true specialists - experts in a field to meet the needs of others - the needs of our society - the needs of God's creation.

That is the time when you as a true and decade long working expert may start thinking about sharing your expertise. Sharing for free as part of a voluntary pay back to the entire community for the advance investment they all made into your past studies.

Sharing only makes sense when you really can provide whole solutions, expert results, working results that have been tested in real life, expertise is the result of theoretical knowledge having been tested in a huge variety of practical situations at your very own expenses and have proven to be reliable and reproducible by you and others as well. True expertise is rare - as rare as true experts are. Most experts never love to share - they love to sell - hence most experts never pay their own study back to society. They earn money and remain in debts ... toward society, their own nation and entire creation.

Sharing true expert knowledge can easily be done through the many forums in Internet

Sharing true expertise however has NOW these years and for all future become easier than ever before. Publishing your experiences - professional experiences as well as your marital experiences, family experiences, or general experiences in your life - all that can easily be done in many modern ways on a global level. ON personal websites - your own self created domain, in your own forums and at the same time in forums created by others for special topics. In articles published in weekly or monthly magazines, daily newspapers. Even publishing books has become affordable for all - today's modern book on demand allows to be your own editor publisher for a nominal fee affordable by all in all those cases when you prefer to create a paper copy of your expertise.

The choice how and where you share is yours - when you share ... NOW. Because even sharing experiences and expertise needs to be learned and practiced many years - remember: Whatever we do here and now - we learn for eternity.

The very first begin of sharing expertise even starts in early childhood, any child of age 10 or so easily can help to teach a younger child of age 7 ... "big" sisters and brothers take care of younger ones. At age 25 or so - after a few years of working you can already start to share even long before you are nearing to be an expert - you always find others far less experienced in need of your humble beginners knowledge and beginners skills.

While here on earth we have paid systems to teach you - on our eternal spiritual way of living we have only non-paid systems of teaching and we have serving ways of learning. All serve God while learning from God until we all are free and loving to that extreme perfection that we always know what to do and how to do.

The more you share expert knowledge and skills - the greater the true eternal value of your expert knowledge and skills

Sharing your present knowledge and skills - with your children, with your neighbors, with all your relatives, and with all word whenever you travel whenever you meet others as well as by means of modern Internet - on your own web site or any other forum you find - even by searching the large search engines for forums of your specializations and your own business or job - may be one largest gift and pay back to this present society - your way to return the investment others have made to make your studies possible, to make your apprenticeship available to you. To give you the expertise you have now that makes you that salary you earn now.

One simple way to share may be one of the new forums of the Cyberspace Ashram - thousands of other forums are already out there in the cyberspace - ready to accept your posts and expert answers from you. New ones may be created - by others or by you one of these coming days or months.

Learn to share multilevel - physically, spiritually and intellectually - the more you share - the more pleasant life is getting for all others ... others - that includes your very own children who one day may need a teacher as well - the one you helped to become teacher by giving him your expertise and expert knowledge or skills. Your children may have to wait as long to receive the knowledge and skills they search and love as others may have to wait for your shared skills and expertise. Your children may have to pay as much for their teachings received as you charge for your teachings given to others.

Knowing such simple principles makes surely your own pricing much easier - it all always bounces back on your - sooner or later.

When you die - you will lose for ever all relative knowledge and relative skills from this planet - unless you have shared it all in abundance with all searchers, students and all children.

love and bliss


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