Child abuse

Using children to achieve your goals and do your work your way
- is a child abuse of totally different kind to turn your children into your slaves

As a continuation of my previous topic about channel or free child - now about one of the most frequent abuse of children in this spiritual newsletter. Millions of parents want their children to follow the parent's path, to complete or continue the parents ideas of life and fulfill the parents dreams and plans of life. Having children do what parents want them to do is child abuse of the absolute worst kind - the exact opposite of what God offers to all his divine children.

On earth as well as beyond we have and always shall have absolute freedom to do all our way. To gain and maintain such extreme freedom, there is but one single rule - one single commandment - the first and great commandment of Love:

Love all !

Do with love whatever you do - do it with true divine love !!

The major purpose of the entire Cyberspace Ashram is to give you as precise as possible ideas, pictures and feedback evaluation processes to achieve a true and final understanding of what true love means and is in all situations of life in addition to the teachings of the holy science of Kriya Yoga.

To expect from children a precise plan of life, a precise job in life, a precise execution of all actions, deeds, thoughts, projects - from eternity to eternity - that really would mean zero freedom and would be absolutely horrible.

To give a frame to live within - such as the frame "Love" has nothing limiting in itself as we still have half of infinite ways and possibilities to do whatever we want to do. Such a huge frame to live our eternal freedom is an absolute proof of true love. It leaves us the freedom to do billions of different things in a single tiny period of time such as a single incarnation and still truly feel to be really free in all our actions.

Expectations from parents lead to child abuse - because children feel obligation to fulfill your expectations even when it means loss of their freedom. Selfish parents give love when children meet and fulfill expectations and often or always reduce or withhold love when children fail to meet parent's expectations and goals.

However any expectations, any professions, any jobs we hope our children will do does create limitations of their freedom and makes them channels or worst actual slaves of their parents.

Whatever you do - do it your way - but do it with true divine love

Whatever I do - God always gives me total freedom to do it my way. Of course my heavenly eternal father is my "idol" - hence I want to love like he does, I want to solve problems with love like he does, but of course I know for sure that God is far more happy if he sees me doing all my way with love rather than doing all his way.

Imagine how enjoyable it would be for you to always look into a mirror and see but YOU - your picture from eternity to eternity - to hear but YOUR voice, listen but to YOUR words, feel but YOUR very own touch or kisses or hugs .... for eternity ??!!

Did you ever try it ? Did you ever compare looking at your own image versus looking into your beloved children's faces, bodies and actions or smiles ? If yes then you know the true importance and benefits of giving your children and all around you full freedom to learn to do their way with love whatever they want to do.

Did you ever realize how amazing and how fascinating and thrilling it can be to look at your very own children of any age and see how pleasant and exciting it can be for you to see your own children and friends to things totally different from you and yet perfect and successful. Breathtaking ways of doing things perfectly are open to all if they have the freedom to do it truly their way. All they need is a true understanding of what true divine love is and means and how it feels like. The single one and only best way for you to teach your children and others around you such understanding of true divine love is by yourself practicing it in all aspects of your life, at home, in business, while playing games, at work, in your bedroom, ... where ever you are, whatever you do ! Your living sample is the only most powerful teaching method.

Prove your love to your children - prove the power of your love in your every days life !!

Make sure your children truly understand that they can chose their own style of living, working and doing whatever they love to do ! Tell them, prove it by dropping any expectation and simply learn to control your own life, to manage your own life - with love. Prove your children that you have accomplished your very own goals and nothing is left for them to do at your place when you are gone. Complete your own job to highest possible perfection to assure your own children never have to correct your work but can focus on their life, on their way of living, working, creating and being happy - their way - instead of your way.

Anything else would be a child abuse of a very terrible way - to make your children a puppet on a string of your failures and of your own ides for an incarnation or more, doing what you failed to accomplish, doing what you failed to acquire in needed qualification to do your own jobs perfectly ... make sure you have completed all your very own projects of life leaving nothing to be corrected or adjusted but leaving all freedom to focus on all, everything and anything left within all remaining projects out of the number of infinite projects of love to be done by your very own children.

love and bliss