Be a channel or slave and follow orders
- or be yourself and support the divine plan

To be a "channel" or slave of a boss is quite modern and "in" nowadays - of course channeling has been practiced since thousands of years in various cultures.

The question is why ? What is the benefit of being a channel of God or whomever and even more important is it correct to be a channel ??

Mankind is made to the image of God !

God is free and self-responsible from eternity to eternity and infinitely in all actions of any kind on any and every level and aspect of his infinite divine being - as a result we humans are made to be equal ... provided we do it the same way as God - with Love !

To be in fullest and perfect harmony with God in no way means to be without our own free will. However we all have one foremost goal - to learn to love like God. To learn to love in absolutely all situations all beings of any kind is the very basic lesson on earth. Learning such a divine goal and topic never can be done as slave, hence never can be done as a channel. We are like our own babies growing up to children. If you love your children, you help them to grow big, strong and responsible - wise and intelligent enough as a result of as many free enterprises, adventures, jobs and even mistakes as it takes our children to grow adult and strong enough to be mature and create our own way of living within God's plan.

It is our goal to be ourselves for eternity - to be free but loving, to do all our way but in harmony with God's love, to create our own projects our very own individual way but within the framework of the creation of love.

All, anything and everything we do should be beneficial eternally. To know what is beneficial we need to have the

To channel means to be without initiative of our very own. To channel means to be like a puppet on a string, or a slave or robot - nothing of all that is the intention of God - but instead - like any father or mother, God loves to see strong children who have grown strong on their very own, children who have learned to make decisions of their own that are in full harmony with divine love, projects of love coming from our very own heart and innermost divine core. Strong is who has learned and proven to be wise and loving in all situations that have been offered to him. Whoever has achieved such divine strength in love is ready and fit for eternity in absolute freedom and in love with all creation.

Instead of always turning over to God or "higher authorities" all our very personal responsibility we need to learn to

  1. ask for advice
  2. accept advice and accept that such advice may leave you far more freedom than your fear or weakness may love - causing a steady challenge for you to complete part of your projects all on your own within the wise guidance received
  3. feel the wisdom of such advice
  4. convert wise advice into action
  5. learn to accept wise guidelines - but learn to do the details fully on our own
  6. take initiative for your life - become Captain of your own soul and direct your life from within your innermost divine heart - on your very own !

The longer you follow wise guidance from within - the more experience and thus the more wisdom you acquire yourself to one day practice the God given freedom while continuously feeling the righteousness of your deeds, thoughts and emotions and hence to know that what you do your way is in full harmony within God's intentions, plans and divine love.

Love and Bliss