Divine Metamorphosis - when a worm turns into a butterfly or an ego into a lover

Look at the wonder of divine metamorphosis of a butterfly - then continue to read here to fully understand what you are experiencing on one very special day of love in your life.

Tropical butterfly

As a result of various factors - a caterpillar may turn one day into a colorful butterfly. The same procedure turns an ego into a lover or later on into a saint.

The difference between a human going through a divine metamorphosis as compared to a caterpillar turning into a butterfly is that a human can fully influence the duration needed as well as the procedure that induces the divine transformation.

4 main factors usually influence the human transformation - these are:

  1. as a result of accumulated experiences resulting in maturity
  2. as a result of extreme shock-like healing and awakening "disasters" in life
  3. as a result of an extra push of love received - either as a direct result of regular Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga, properly applied results in a human induced "infusion of divine love" into all aspects of human being and hence into all aspects of ego.
  4. as a result of an extra "infusion of love" from direct - spiritual or physical contact - with a God realized person. This last option requiring the human being to be truly and fully open for such love as well as to be mature to follow the steps needed and cleared by such love

We will focus on point 1 and 2 of above, as these are the ones experienced by most humans on earth. A series of many very intense and adventurous previous incarnations lead one day - sooner or later - to the maturity needed to go directly and most intensely through the final steps of divine metamorphosis to full burn ego in the fire of divine love and turn into an eternal lover. Usually these are a dozen or more very tormenting incarnations over a period of thousands of years, including a huge variety of different experiences in all aspects of life, emotional shocks, accidents, disasters, loss. As a result - ego will accept limits of its own destructive power and the person may surrender or drop ego peace by peace and turn toward God and Love if a critical value of pain and disaster is achieved and hence readiness to learn is created.

However there are many humans withstanding the process of maturity and forcefully insisting on wrong path of ego. Such souls however have to follow their inner path set up by hey their soul's divine plan to evolve into freedom. Refusing spiritual lessons offered in love - these group of humans may go through extreme "shock therapy" as I call it. From total loss of property, home or family, even repeated total loss of all property, to war, loss of limbs or health, emotional and mental trauma induced by loss of freedom or family members and loved ones ...

The series of incidents needed to create readiness to mature and accept the path of wisdom in love may last for decades or an entire lifetime. However - one day any soul no matter how stubborn, selfish or cruel will have accumulated all experiences needed to freely accept the final divine metamorphosis and hence turn into a loving free child of God.

The ultimate steps of this divine transformation may take but minutes or hours - occur suddenly and without any apparent additional incidents or experiences of traumatic nature. Like any glass suddenly may overflow if a steady flow of drops into the glass start to fill it - the life cycle through incarnations with all experiences, illnesses, separations and accidents are like droplets needed to created readiness to learn and mature and finally make a clear and strong decision for the path of love.

The point is that there always is hope for all and each of all humans on earth. The question only remains which option a person has opted for 1, 2, 3 or 4. The choice always is yours - each individual has a full choice at any given time, can change a once made decision to modify it for the mutual benefit of going onto a more direct and hence more loving, more efficient path.

Always keep in mind that each single person - no matter how cruel, no matter how disgusting his deeds, no matter how much destruction, no matter how much lying or stealing that person may have done, for all and each the metamorphosis may always start suddenly and without prior announcement. Any and every person may instantly - from one day to another fully and totally change from his thousand year long ego behavior into true loving life of a saint.

love and bliss


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