Reformat your entire life and reinstall your life-plan from scratch on the basis of love

Back from La Union with a new laptop - Acer TravelMate 6003LCi equipped with state of the art centrino wireless technology, built in modem and built in LAN card, and more high tech features - the re-installation and reconfiguration is done for all most important productivity related parts - hence all services resume as of now.

The past days - around June 10th 2004 - of mail server problem just during the time of travel and hardware transfer has shown once again that the Cyberspace Ashram needs direct personal control day and night 7/24 - else things do go wrong.

Amazingly things rather seldom go wrong when I am day and night present online .. but Murphy's law shows that thing do only go wrong when they COULD go wrong. Under permanent control things never can go wrong as all can be controlled by proper means and technical means. Its just a matter of logistics and hardware and communication.

Logistics on a purely physical level are billion times more expensive than perfect communication on a spiritual level. On a spiritual level, when I remember my very early years of spiritual awakening during the present incarnation, Gurudeva always was present whenever HE thought I could use his advice, love or guidance. I received ALL such divine spiritual guidance in abundance day by day - whenever needed - instantly. I never had to call Gurudeva - he was already here whenever I could benefit from his divine love, but of course it was me to make sure I was present spiritually and aware of his presence and perceptible for his spiritual guidance. Doing many hours of Kriya Yoga and all the remaining hours fully focused on God and Love and how to improve and apply all spiritual laws in MY life at that time - there never was any problem about my own readiness to be present in full. From th every early months I was ready to do all and give all needed to spiritually progress ! ALL !!

It is as much your own responsibility to be yourself spiritually awake and present all the time - day and night - to assure you get or better become aware of all spiritual assistance being offered to YOU as well.

EACH of you receives ALL spiritual guidance - however some are only sometimes aware or never at all ... just look at the number of Kriyas you do per day and you will easily see why. There is no other scientific way to clean up ALL parts of your mind, emotions, karma, spiritual injuries from ancient times but by the power of divine love from God and Kriya Yoga just does that - apply divine love into ALL and ever aspect of your being, of your spiritual personality represented by your present ego. directing OM into each chakra in a correct way means nothing else but to direct God's love into each chakra and hence into the opening of each aspect of your eternal being caught in your present physical body.

You can never receive more than you give and never progress faster than you work with your very own efforts. Give all your attachments, all your wishes, all your fear, all your worries and hate and you'll receive love in return for all things you gave to God. Surrender in full and you are carried home - on your wings of love with the power you develop yourself as a result of your very own hard work and spiritual steps you make on your own.

Once you do so on your own - you start to feel additional uplifting forces and realize that the more YOU do - the more additional help you receive .. from ??

Does it matter from whom ? Never - because God is the source of all and love for you the cause and reason for any help you ever may receive. To fully support a warrior going to kill or destroy makes zero sense - to fully support a lover going to help, heal, free others in need of course is the purpose of all spiritual guidance that is made available to you.

Some out on this list feel and benefit almost day by day from spiritual guidance and bliss made available - while others still are caught in career and material world. When I look at both groups - I see that those having gone through many years of extreme troubles and suffering and hard times in their present AND earlier life are the ones ready to do NOW what is needed NOW. While all those having grown up in spoiled situations of wellbeing and material surplus are the ones still thinking to find or create their own way to God ...

During the upgrade to new hardware the past days - I encountered a severe technical problem caused by a faulty installation software that cause damage to the partition table on the new hard drive. I studied all available forums for that problem and saw that no one really has managed to solve the problem. I went on trying to invest my many years of computer experience using all tools available to me from the XP world as well as from Linux world of software. After many days of attempting to rescue the partitions I followed exactly the very same steps other went and finally recommended. A FULL loss of all data, full repartitioning of the entire hard-drive and full installation from scratch of both OS - XP and Linux.

The very same procedure applies to all of you. Being lost in material matter and entanglement, caught in karma, wishes and longings - it is necessary to get rid of ALL and restart a new life from scratch. Most of the time this may even imply a new job, another position, for some even divorce and a truly loving partner or a life as a loving and happy single. New location to live and work at may also be beneficial to many. Just like in my recent Computer experience - a full new re-install of your present life - but on a clean background with new rules applied by you in every aspect of your life.

With rules of LOVE ! and nothing but that ONE rule - to love and to accept love. To make God and Love your one and only center of eternal being - here and now on earth. Any attempt to create a world with any other basement but love always fails - it always has failed since trillion of years ! All those very old human and other creatures made by God who thought to have another solution but love also see and realize one by one that a full restart with love as the first and only goal in life is the only and ONE only solution that really leads to eternal success and really leads to peace and freedom of all and ultimately to true eternal and lasting happiness - happiness based on true love.

How long does it take to fully and completely reorganize your entire life ?

Going back to my recent computer experience a full reformat to clean up all old mess and corrupted data and a complete clean reinstall of all took only one day and one night - little compared to the 6 or so days of attempting to twist and tweak my old corrupted hard drive.

A few years maximum is all you need to fully re-establish a NEW lifestyle with love and nothing but God and Love as your center of all and goal of your life and work. A few years of intense reformatting your life and reinstalling your life plan of love - as opposed to many incarnations attempting in vain to find a path around love - avoiding love and searching for justice and retaliation ... Sometimes you may lose all money and gain all happiness. Sometimes you may convert existing assets into spiritual benefit for all - just to benefit yourself at the end of all your deeds of love. The end of a full re-install of your own life-plan always will be a cleaner life full of love and happiness. As an additional benefit you will experience full control of all aspects of your own life. A clean life fully focused on God and Love always is easy to control, while a life based on matter, career and law always gets you twisted up between fronts ... just look at present Afghanistan or Iraq war and how it affects all planet and all life of material persons.

love and bliss


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