Life needs to be fun !
life without fun is like ocean without water

You find the new chapters in the folders:

Spiritual forum
How to
On your wings of Love - ...

just look through the content part of those section - near bottom of each page and you find the new links ..

An avalanche ...

This past night - like most days and nights - I checked again the access log to see if all find what they search for ...

An apparently young man from India was querying Google for: "How to make spicy relationship ?"

An somewhere down the page around position 12 or so .. you find what Google thought might be a solution to his query ..

Actually quite right, could be better - my recipe - but may be I spent too much time in consuming or cooking, and too little in writing recipes ...

So - the avalanche rolls ...

and me ..
i click here - and there .. on my 28 KB dial up line
look at the result of that query, possibilities to change, add, improve, ..
could it be improved ?
yes of course - always - everything can always be improved - optimized - eternally - else all eternal life would be boring !

Boring life ? NEVER - I love spicy, sweet, colorful, adventures, challenges ...

YOU too

because YOU got a challenge now as a result of this avalanche ..

Long time ago I started to teach "Secrets of Love" - different secrets from anything ever published on this planet !

But I do it to visitors - or guests, or just people here and there - foreigners I meet for seconds or minutes ... just for fun and when ready and needed. knowing secrets of Love saves ten thousands or hundred thousands of $ in a full life time, even in very low price countries like Thailand or Cambodia or India or Indonesia its still many k $ .. :-)

"Secrets of Love" as published are for ALL those making less than 12 additional Kriyas per year and having less than 100 Kriyas daily after 4-5 years.
because ALL true active Kriya Yogis get ALL Secrets of Love as a gift as needed - but in a spiritual way -
FREE and published to all .. available in deep meditation.

For publishing another major section I simply have no resources nor time.

But .. while doing the modification on the "How to make spicy relationship ?" - result page

i got the idea

i hide the Secrets of Love - ONE by ONE somewhere ALL OVER the 1000+ pages of the Cyberspace Ashram ...

I think that's a good idea - it made ME smile !! - because YOUR curiosity to learn those "Secrets of Love" will make you read ALL - all over again - and again ... until you find them one by one ...


did you ALL know ..? some at least know since MANY years - I love hidden links - it forces people to REALLY look at pages, to really feel what's written in the lines AND between the lines .. just like in "old times" with the traditional "Yoga Sutras" ...

many years ago - about 1998 in one of the earliest version of the CA ( short for" Cyberspace Ashram ) I had one hidden link - and soon my disciples from Germany started to search AND of course to find !

Open heart = open mind = open intuition !

BUT YOU know already since MANY months I added MANY hidden links on many pages ...

and since you never have questions - I safely assume YOU have found all my hidden links

and because me too I love to learn and improve - I hide them NOW in image maps ...

Example one of my OLD image map:

Search and fine the 3 links !
They are all in the below picture of course ...

God is love God is Love True Love True Love

An example of MISSED links is the "Angels of Love" - section - public since a while - each months hundreds of people search for and hundreds of people find the start page but most never find the door to God - most have other than love intentions and hence fail to find the entrance to that entire section...

Love and bliss


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