Good Friday

Happy Easter days - a Holy week message

The weeks and days before Easter are a time like before Christmas ..
a time to deeply think about history 
about reasons 
what was and IS the purpose 
what should YOU learn 
why you refuse to accept ALL love offered by God ? 
such and many more questions need to find an answer
and the answer may make you free or at least may speed up your spiritual progress
it is truly only about ONE thing in life - about LOVE
about learning to love - to MAKE happy
and of course
the answer WHY so many fail to accept the hand offered by Jesus long time ago is simple
before anyone can accept FULL forgiveness by God
EACH one has to FIRST forgive ALL others as well 
Millions want to be loved
millions want to return home
and yet
millions have their heart still full of retaliation - just look at present days / months / years of American foreign policy 
a policy made - supported and financed by some 280 million children of God
as long as retaliation is practiced - there is no place for forgiveness waiting outside your hearts 
waiting for YOU - to drop all and every and any cause against anyone on earth and where ever
death or alive
ALL need to receive YOUR FULL forgiveness NOW !
when else?
Forgiving is so easy - every baby knows how to forgive - every baby knows how to drop a cup or 
bottle AND how to drop ANY cause against parents or sisters or friends or foreigners.
Every baby gets to some degree and extent some violent words or spanking - with a few happy ones 
having truly loving parents. In my own childhood spanking or beating half death was almost daily 
practice at home. Yet I remember that hours later I was hugging mother and father again.
Every baby is doing so - why ?
every baby can love !
every baby can forgive !!!
every baby is STRONG in his heart and soul !
but adults are getting weaker and weaker
in loving, in their heart and soul - and finally they lose their potential to forgive instantly
because THAT - instant forgiveness - means instant dissolving in the fire of divine love 
and that is only possible by babies - BY STRONG LOVERS
most adults  are weak - and the older they get - the weaker they become 
and finally they die of weakness in loving.
Dropping any cause against anyone
is as easy as dropping a cup RIGHT NOW
a question of a simple but FIRM decision
DROP what you hold NOW in your heart
and to see how efficient that is - take a CUP - a GOOD one
in your hands ... and DROP that cup ! do it .. you may remember that experiment / lesson all life
as a sample of HOW easy it really is to drop ANY cause against anyone.
can I do it ?
have I done it ?
some 10+ years ago I had a very special CUP - Meissen about 1815 A.C - approx 500 US$ ONE cup !
and I did it - to prove the importance of LOVE as opposed to the importance of matter to a person I loved.
what is more important to you 
matter - body - prison
or eternal LOVE and freedom
when Jesus was on the cross - he was already OUT of his body - free of pain
and his father inside his body
many of you have gone through some surgery in your life
and you remember 
many times the nurse tells you to count to 10 after they give you the anesthesia injection
and half way to ten you pass out

the first thing you become aware after returning into physical consciousness is ..?

VOICE and HEARING - before pain starts
- and the other way - pain stops BEFORE hearing and voice stops ! Thus when you surrender ALL to God - all pain is gone as well, while you hear and speak as needed.

Hence - when you FULLY surrender ALL to God - then there is no pain what so ever the cause may be - no physical pain, no emotional pain, no spiritual pain - only bliss and love from God.

as you have been learning from my lessons about Kriya Yoga - you should know that one by one all senses are switched OFF - the last one of course is hearing and speaking before dropping a body in final maha samadhi that person still can speak and hear - but no longer feel .. as by that time God is already in the body OR the body is totally abandoned and dumped to decay.

To surrender all matter, all material goods and problems AND causes against any other person that is the key to the BEGINNING of loving


and to remember how easy it would and could be and WILL be if you WANT to drop any cause against ALL others AND against YOUR self - drop a cup - it breaks apart and is gone - never a cup again

any and every cause YOU drop will be gone - gone for ever and NEVER be a cause again because EACH cause YOU have and carry against any other person is separating YOU from God - NEVER is separating the OTHER person from God - BUT YOU !

The Passion of Jesus - Jesus Love for you and the Crucifixion of Jesus only make sense when you have learned to forgive all and dissolve in love all. Today may just be the best day to start and to finish all forgiving all !!! Remember - as long as it takes to drop a cup - or many cups at ones - that long it takes to forgive MANY persons many things at once - just one single moment of DROPPING all at once !

Happy Easter time

love and bliss


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