Top job applications

Application for top jobs require readiness to be top qualified

Never settle for less than a top job,
because God offers but the very best job to you
- all else you may have to fight and work for on your own !

application for a top job shall only be done when you are ready to perform top, love top, learn top, progress top, work top and make top happy - that is what and why we all are here on earth - to learn to qualify for our top job God is offering for all of us

God loves you - hence God wants you to be utmost happy and offers you the very best
but it is up to you to accept such high divine gift from God

An application for a top job requires you to accept the challenge offered by any top job, to steadily learn, improve skills and perform top to receive top satisfaction from top satisfying job Top satisfaction is far more than top payment. A top job is all God has to offer you - any other job you have to create yourself. God has only the very best to offer - up to you to qualify and accept what God has to offer you here on earth. Find your top job - then submit your application for that job and do it with all your body, heart and soul - ready to give all - ready to do all you can from the bottom of your heart.

How to find your top job before submitting your application

Be sure you know what your really want and need - in the depth of your heart and soul. What are your dreams ? Travel, people, nature, plants, flowers, writing, creating, editing, healing, teaching, ..? What would you really love to do if you could get that one dream job of a life time ? That dream job might be just what is only your dream job and no one else ever would apply for - unless YOU steal THEIR dream job and they have to take the left over job of third or last choice.

Missing qualifications for your dream top job application ?

then learn all that is needed ! At home, in schools, now ! Then you get what you want. Be sure and ready to continuously learn even when having your job, be ready to show and prove your sincere intentions of being top - and you may even get a fully paid education and job training by your dream top job employer !!

How to apply to a job

When applying for a job - consider an application for a top job only, top paying job or top satisfying job because anything else may be refused to you. And when you get too old or fear to be too old .. read all and understand.

Your application for a job

Your job application need to be for a top job to create top satisfaction, satisfying jobs are what God has reserved for you - however - of course a top job requires your readiness to perform top, readiness to give all and to continuously improve skills, knowledge and expertise in your field.

Top jobs - top job

top jobs never means CEO at a high tech company - but top job means top satisfaction, a permanent challenge n your life, challenge to your own God given creativity and divine inspiration to provide a service, goods or pleasure for others to create top satisfaction for all involved.

At any given time in life there is but ONE top job for each - the very best being prepared by God - just for you. To meet all your needs

God knows your needs, difficulties and problems and offers you jobs to grow in small steps as needed to succeed !

At any given time in life there is but one particular top job for you !!

For a young person of age 20 or so that top job might be totally different from a top job for that one and same person at the age of 25 or 26 and even more different for that person age 30 or 40 !

Jobs are to assist you in growing strong here on earth - growing strong here on earth is first step of growing strong lover and qualifying for true love from loving partner. All want to receive top job from you - even your eternal partner ... ALL are entitled to always receive the very best from you - because all have a divine birthright to be max happy !

Most satisfying jobs

When looking for most satisfying jobs - keep in mind that millions of people have a totally different idea about their top job !! hence the one you dream of may be just for you and no one else. top satisfaction may be found in many different jobs, however these top jobs may need to meet your soul's requirements to fulfill the spiritual needs of your soul, to provide the spiritual learning environment of your soul needed by your soul to learn to improve love, to reconcile, to grow stronger and free all your divine potential.

Apply for the most satisfying job

The satisfaction you receive from your job is directly proportional with the ..

  1. employers satisfaction - your employer is the one who has invested a life time and all resources for you to have a job - he too - your employer has a dream, a job he wants perform and realize, a lifetime or beyond project he hopes to fulfill. Your full commitment will help him see that goal getting closer and closer - you are the one making steps with your employer toward his goal while reaching at the same time your goal.
  2. colleagues satisfaction - humans are social beings ! Your colleagues are the best friends joining you on your eternal path of love - doing with you what you all love to do best and most - for the benefit of all others. shared satisfaction, shared responsibilities, shared jobs, shared problems - if you can provide that - then you create satisfaction in your working and living colleagues because then you are a supplier of happiness and relief for your colleagues - hence your being with them makes a positive and loving difference to them
  3. customers satisfaction - the purpose of your life is to be an asset to others, to be a solution to others a source of happiness, a solution provider for other people's life - to make others more happy, more safe, more fun, more enjoyable, more pleasant !!

Too old for a job ? Too old for a top job ???

YES there is a time where all including God may find you too old to find a top job or any reasonable job at all !!! There is a time where jobs offered to you will sink more and more into more useless jobs one after another ...


there is a time and age for all of us

Being employee always proves weakness - and limited readiness to accept full freedom, to use full creative power and to live full responsibility and full liability for eternity !! YES it is your destiny to accept AND live in a fully responsible way for eternity - with love from God, in love with God and all - for ever and ever.

There is a time God wants to give you the highest job in creation

one that you create empty of any real competition - made or reserved just for you !


A time where you no longer qualify for social welfare - but for real work for the wellbeing of all creation

There is a time to simply refuse you the right to be weak or to be lazy or to continue to depend on OTHERS - on your partner, on your father or mother, on society, on social welfare and taxpayers of your country. There is a time to either swim or drawn. such drastic lessons occur to all those who simply refused too long to grow strong and to accept the very best God always has offered you all the time - but also because ALL others around you - all creation deserves the very best - much better that what they receive at present on this planet.

Hence there is a time for you to make a huge step forward or fall until you change your mind !!!
Human life and human learning is in many ways like animal life or nature world - the strong ones are in the sun - all others hide ..

ALL can be strong if they want to be strong !

There is a time all want to be happy

And all have a divine right for that time to occur asap ! You may be one essential factor for their missing happiness - you may be the only one within all their relatives to pull down, to create problems instead of being a living solution, you may be the only one being an expense to society instead of being an asset for all creation.

Hence there is a time for change of attitude - a time to say YES to love, performing top to qualify for a top job may simply be one first step toward achieving that goal in your heart - to fully open for the welfare of ALL - with YOUR power of love to add ...

  1. your source of love
  2. your source of knowledge
  3. your source of expertise
  4. your source of skills
  5. your source of fun for others into the big pot for all !!!

There is a time you are too old to get a job from others

because there is a time to create jobs for others, or to offer your own expertise to others to become free on their own - free and self-dependent like all divine beings serving God and all creation eternally

Love and Bliss


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