Your life can end today - are you prepared and ready to die in peace and love today ?

Love or sudden death

do you realize that today may be your last day ?

are you prepared for today being your last day ?


a few weeks earlier a young man from Germany - regular visitor here at the resort each year - was here for the last time. age 44 he had only work in mind, only work in life. I talked to him about realizing more love and fun into regular life. all his life in Germany consisted of working, working more, earning money - he was mechanic they earn a lot of money in Germany - may be up to 2000 us $ or even more if they are very qualified and very hard working. he was qualified, specialist and hard working. leaving no space for love, no space for family nor for any kind of fun in life - except a few week vacation here in the Philippines a steady girl friend here during these few weeks of life each year - ...
his life was so empty that he drank more or less all year .. a lot - an empty life is hard to bear except when drunk - an empty plate is difficult to still the hunger ! A life empty of love is difficult to still your souls need to "soul-food - Love"

even the very serious talk I had with him about all that a few weeks ago had no influence - he was too stubborn on his path of work and that he has to do his one job for that one employer back in Germany.

he was on a wrong path - and you remember - on wrong path all steps wrong !!! it was time to end such wrong path. it was time to die - love or death, because a life without love is no life - God created life to LOVE to express, to practice, to exchange, to learn and to improve love - nothing else but that is the true, absolute and eternal purpose of life ... LOVE !!

he drank - sometimes a lot - because its hard to accept and live an empty life - empty of love .. true love, true relationship, because everything else never counts - only the full and true love you ever gave counts by the end. everything else is like fake money - fine as long as the recipient beliefs in its value - empty and worth nothing if someone recognizes the true content of love. love test as published in the cyberspace ashram are here for your to test your love and make adjustments - now - this minute - because THIS day may be YOUR last day !

several days ago he - the young man - was brought to hospital and on march 13th he died. liver !
a young man without family, without real partner, without real love in life - only work nothing but work ..
what is the use or sense of such life ??
God's answer shall be enough for you - learn from such answers for your own benefit.

looking at such reality - you may reconsider the importance and priorities of YOUR life as well and feel the importance of getting your life balanced and even more important, to make sure you have done all for others you ever could, to assure there is no chance to love and prove love you ever missed and if you missed one then make up for it by spontaneous even more powerful more open proof of love - active power of love toward that one or those many who are waiting on you to be loved by you ..

thousands may be waiting .. unless you have loved thousands.

tomorrow they may be death or you

what to do then ?

to say "i am sorry for NOT having loved you"


to say "I love you next time" ? when and where next time ??

Love and Bliss


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