A typical Kriya Yogi / Kriya Yogini
a typical human!

minutes ago I had a look again at the access_log - to see if all is right, something wrong, something needs corrections ..


as so many times before - but this time I'll write a little about !

for hundreds of years people have been practicing Kriya Yoga - Kriya Yoga is from India they say - THEY ! who they ? the ones FROM India

The name Kriya Yoga is from India but the technique is from God

YES of course Kriya Yoga IS from India - THE NAME Kriya Yoga is from India - it is neither German nor English nor Italian, Latin or Spanish, ...


the technique has been KNOWN under OTHER names an in small variations according to the local traditions AND according to existing dominant local blockages and needs.

TRADITIONAL yogi have one in common with Christianity and a few other extreme religions - they suppress a substantial part of human being - and from an earlier chapter about multiple personalities and schizophrenia - YOU know that suppressing part of YOUR personality can be DANGEROUS !! it can even end in fatal illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart attack and other even more severe or more painful illnesses.

Some of the many spiritual traditions simply attempt to fully suppress sexuality from their life ... then they go to Google ( where else ? ) and search for ..

well - have a look yourself WHAT happens if people look and search for God and think that THEY HAVE TO suppress sexuality in their life and go single, suffering from starvation of love, lonely, in a monastery or old fashioned ashram to God .. suppressing feelings, love to a partner of opposite sex and suppressing THEIR very own sexual being and hence a substantial part of their own God made and God invented - with Love created, with love maintained, with Love healed anatomy ..

The path of suppression leads to the path of love to find relief

We follow ONE such suffering / love suppressing visitor - name and identity are fully unknown to you ... but MANY do very similar journeys thorough my web site

a search in Google for Kriya Yoga - a search for a path of love - well known and well proven by many having achieved oneness with God by practicing Kriya Yoga properly, correctly and fully, ... having practiced the TECHNIQUE Indians call Kriya Yoga - but many of them have used different names - Jesus also was teaching the same to some of his disciples - but never called it that way - because Jesus was a teacher of Love to include love was and IS the foremost goal and content of all teachings of love because the technique called nowadays Kriya Yoga in India and some western countries - is also known in many other places - sometimes it may be called chakra meditation, light meditation, kundalini yoga, or it has mystique names, secret names no one wants to tell, ..

The begin of search for that one Kriya Yogini or Kriya Yogi

That one Kriya Yogini or Kriya Yogi ...
started her / his search for Kriya Yoga - to find a site of true kriya yoga - but given from God rather than from humans -
the first page actually read - YOU may assume is straight to Kriya Yoga information ?? ... hence way wrong a person ALWAYS is most attracted by the ONE that person is MOST suppressing or rejecting or denying .. BECAUSE THAT is the first step of TRUE kriya yoga as given from God - to first SOLVE your problems and get in peace with ALL - ALL ... that of course also includes YOURSELF - yourself ?? drop all clothes .. naked !! and look into mirror ..

DO IT ..

and then you see WHO and WHAT you are !! and what you see is what you need to make ONE with God - but before you make it ONE with God you have to make it ONE IN YOUR MIND - to BE ONE person - male OR female - male man or female women - with all your heart and soul AND with all your body - because EVERY part of your body is made by God and hence divine.

Kriya Yoga is the teaching of love - to integrate all in a loving way and do all with love

the art of Kriya Yoga is divine - the art of Kriya Yoga is to learn to do all with love to use all with love, to enjoy all with love ..

from below journey you see his steps through the Cyberspace Ashram's complete teachings of love - most likely the most complete available nowadays on a single website and that was my true and full intent BEFORE I came to this planet - to give a COMPLETE set of teachings of love for ALL aspects of life - to make your journey a loving and pleasant one - a journey that has but one goal for all - males and females yoginis and yogis, girls and boys, men and women, ...freedom in God for ever and ever.

i have reduced the excerpts of access log file to make it easier to understand by non-www professionals.

on the far left you see the server time of page access - the server is in USA the first line shows you FROM WHERE the kriya yogini or kriya yogi came from -. Google then you see the server path ( without the www.kriyayoga.com in front ) the number 200 shows that that page has been fully loaded

Follow the steps line by line and you see her / his problems on the path of love with Kriya Yoga

Line by line you can see the most important interests according to the most important or most disturbing obstacles in HER or his life the actual technique of Kriya Yoga or information about never has been surfed at THIS time of visit - but that's fine - because before the secret and sacred technique of Kriya Yoga can be successfully practiced that person as well as ALL others first need to clean up the very basic problems by dissolving them - by experiencing all the suppressed and rejected.

lets have a brief look now

  	03/10 01:39 	index.html 200 	[Q] Google NON-USA: kriya yoga
	03/10 01:40 	/english/on_your_wings/oralsex.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:41 	/newsletters/I_love_you2.html	200 	
	03/10 01:41 	/english/on_your_wings/secretsofsuccess.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:41 	/english/on_your_wings/stepbystep.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:42 	/english/on_your_wings/stepbystep.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:43 	/english/on_your_wings/rejection.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:43 	/english/on_your_wings/problemsolving.htm 200 	
	03/10 01:44 	/english/on_your_wings/introduction.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:44 	/english/on_your_wings/mindcontrol.htm	200 	
	03/10 01:44 	/english/on_your_wings/straightahead.htm200 	
	03/10 01:44 	/english/on_your_wings/lookingleft.htm200 
	03/10 01:45 	/english/on_your_wings/lookingright.htm200 
	03/10 01:47 	/english/on_your_wings/goals.htm 	200 	

and just THESE minutes of writing I got another eMail - spam - about ..

The need for Viagra and the creation of an entire new industry is the proof of a problem that needs to be solved in love and with love

  	You gotta look at Viagra online! 
	Limited Time Offer: 15 pills for $119.00

one of MANY such or very similar mails a day - presently I receive / process about 100 or so eMails daily .. MOST of it spam, but IS IT RALLY spam ?

A call for help - a challenge to offer more solutions and more intense solutions of love and more teachings of love to all in need and search for love

to me its a CRY or CALL for help - because IF such a market can prosper, if such an entire industry grows rich - then it simply proves the existence of such a huge market as a RESULT OF HUGE problems among MANY !

and that is a call for more chapters, solutions of love loving guidance and more teachings of love for all those being temporarily but sometimes for a long time lost in a dead end road of spiritual life.

to get out of a problem usually always starts with initial FIRST step - that step might be small but STEEP .. even considered "dangerous" by you

Life on earth is dangerous - because we all are going to die

But .. dying means entering an ocean of love - returning home to God ...

but dangerous - wait a minute ..
YOU are going to die anyway ! THAT at least is a fact even by western scientists and medical doctors, ... so what about dangerous ? LIFE on earth in general ALWAYS is dangerous because ALL are sentenced to death even before they are born - the question is HOW do you get OUT of your prison and the OTHER question is DID YOU LEARN something of REAL and lasting value while being in prison here on earth IN SIDE your male or female body - because after your death you walk into freedom and enjoy life as much or as little as you have worked toward your freedom and LOVE.

have you learned about the importance of LOVE in your life - ARE YOU LEARNING these very days and HOURS and seconds to PRACTICE love in all parts of life - BUT FIRST OF ALL with your PARTNER ????

The first step might be small - but without first step now end - no goal - no oneness - no happiness in love

the first step might be small
but nevertheless EVERY step toward love and toward integration ALL human aspects into ONE being MALE OR FEMALE just as the experience of your look into your mirror proved your identity. YOU are either male or female ..

a sacred - divine - God made child of God
to love
to be loved
to enjoy love - gently or wild - but always with true love
to make happy and to be happy
in love

love and bliss



To all the girls out there who still have a problem about Viagra or Love

Overview spiritual lessons for life - Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga and solutions of love