Viagra or Love

Viagra for men or female Love for men - Viagra for women or male Love for women

when you run away from love you need Viagra or Love - when you say YES to your partner and YES to God and Love - and practice AND improve love, then all you need is partner pure to be fully happy and to make truly happy ...


After you found out that you may need a new partner - OR that your partner may have to replace YOU because you fail to make him happy due to missing or wrong intentions - if you said ONE time NO to your partner within the past many months, you OR your partner may seriously consider and REALIZE first a change in life - to regain freedom - learn about relationship and then find your one and only ...

however to do so - to find the

ONE God created JUST FOR YOU - you have to communicate with God as he will be the one blessing your ONE relationship and only that one - all else serves but to learn to improve love and to learn to give or receive love in FULL with open heart - sharing all and one with all. All wrong relationships and suffering here and now on earth serves but the one single purpose of fully accepting and fully loving the one and only here and now ...


later here or later there .. at home in God. If ever you want to know intellectually WHO is YOUR one and only - while you have ego it may be almost impossible - at least totally impossible to DIRECTLY recognize your one and only - BUT is may be easily possible to INDIRECTLY find out WHO is your loved one ...

The One you ...

reject most


hate most


avoid most


deceive most


dump most


humiliate most


neglect most

...that One most likely may be your eternal partner !!!

Your unsolved reproaches you carry inside You are preventing you to become one with our one and only - however reproaches within you are an absolute proof of missing readiness to Love and nothing but to love and dissolve in love all ... more suffering as a result of extended separation contributes to more maturity and readiness to love when all else fails to create that desirable readiness to truly love eternally all and your one partner as well. True relationship always requires BOTH to be always fully open FOR each other AND for God as well.


if all hope is lost and all situation appears to be fully lost -

when you have MISSED your ONE chance in a lifetime to unite again with your divine partner - then God just catches YOU and brings you home on his wings of love - like an ambulance carries home to a hospital all those having lost orientation and consciousness. There are TWO ways returning to God - one you go on your own - the other one - God becomes ONE with you and takes you home ..


there always is a solution of love for all situations - even for those dramatic situations Where You Think all hope is lost - God always finds, creates AND realizes Another yet unknown solution For You and All !!!

To make a long story short ... and give you a precise feedback and answer

Then you have No need for Viagra

- because you have proven true love and are ready to meet and stay with your partner eternally whenever You want it to happen it shall happen - because You are doing the first step because you may be the one who ran away a while ago or reject union recently - your loved one always is ready to fully absorb your love and fulfill all your wishes - eternally

Else - you either need

Viagra Or Kriya Yoga and girls may need female Viagra or loving husband.

:-) enjoy and learn

Love and Bliss


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