Spirituality and the bicycle
- learn how to get rid of depression by getting involved in loving action

Stability of your happiness is the result of loving forward action and progress on your path of love

When you remember the early or first times you used a bicycle - then you remember how unstable a bicycle is when it is still - standing on spot without any forward motion at all. Unless you are a highly trained bicycle artist to establish or even maintain stability and balance when sitting on a bicycle that is stopping is almost impossible for mortals.

Yet once you started to move an a secure and clean road to move - may be at a speed of 10 to 20 km per hour - you will experience how stable the originally unstable bicycle has become and with a little more experience and practice you may even drive free hand and relaxed very securely on a clean and secure road.

Every once in a while I have some God seekers complaining about their problems of being depressed, surrounded, used, obsessed and abused by darkness, dark spirits or beings - suffering from emptiness of their life, suffering from depression even thoughts of suicide. Some want to go on a retreat - without even having started to be involved in any true and useful activity to withdraw from while going on a retreat.

The life of such persons suffering from depressive mind, from darkness and emptiness of their life, has one in common with a bicycle driver on halt ...

They are inactive, without forward motion, without progress toward a goal, and if moving - then on a path different from a path of love. Hence their overall life has become unstable. Being fully exposed to all environment, being subject to all physical and spiritual laws - but without any inside force moving in any direction or even less in a loving direction of life !

True happiness and bliss in life occurs as a result of permanent motion, activity - progress toward more and more loving activities. True life is meant to be enjoyed actively by acting, by loving, by doing something for the benefit of OTHERS, for the benefit of all creation and as a preparation for that latter and final state of spiritual achievement - here on earth we first learn to be positively, lovingly active for the benefit of ALL planet, of all nature, environment and humanity.

Those many millions of humans being merely full time busy working for their very own self support - are like tumors - living at the expense of ALL organism - without giving any benefits FOR all organism. Hence life occurs useless, without true sense, without true goal or content - such life is depressive, empty of true worthy and loving content - resulting in spiritual darkness and separation from all including separation from God.

Depression is the result of being closed for the LOVE to ALL - of being separated FROM ALL

Hence being cut off from the cycle of eternal life - like any malignant tumor living from a body - even endangering or worst killing an entire body - without being of any true use to that body. Separation from all always is the result of your very own action, decision and closing your self as a result of laziness, hence stinginess or revenge toward others.

Depression is the result of inactivity in life for the well being of all others

Love toward all is expressed as positive, loving, CREATIVE and PRODUCTIVE action for the benefit of all - or at least for the benefit of many without being detrimental to a single part of creation.

Loving action in life is what keeps us STABLE in life, what gives us the stability to relax and enjoy while progressing toward a higher goal. The higher goal first of all to be attained by all mortal humans on earth is again ONENESS with God resulting in full healing from any karma, spiritual ignorance and selfish behavior and thus opening the door to infinite flow of love toward all in all situations of life.

Loving productive and creative action for the benefit of ALL - very specially for the benefit of OTHERS outside our family and relatives is what creates a source of bliss and love IN OUR being, in our life, in our earthly existence. Such loving action expressed as a productive WORK for others is the solution to all instability or depression in your life.

The more loving action you create in your life - the more relaxed you can be, the more secure you feel and the stronger you feel in your life.

The key for stability in your happiness is the continuous flow of love in your work for others

Find a goal in your life, find an activity or productivity that pleases you, that suits your talents God gave you, that meets a natural need of others - and keep on progressing and improving your services and products offered by you and you will experience joy of life, fun in life while working as a result of joy of life created or supported IN OTHERS.

Just like the bicycle driver - if you have reached a steady speed as a result of your very own forward motion on a secure path - the path of love - then you get closer and closer to the goal while enjoying your ride more and more and even growing stronger while gaining additional experiences during the course of your active life.

If you have started to be WITHIN the creative and productive cycle of life - here and now on earth - at least for a few days - then you start more and more to feel useful, helpful on demand, and as a result our happiness starts to re-occurs again on the horizon of your life. The more you keep on being creative and productive for the benefit of many or better all - the more stabilized your life, your happiness will be. As a final result your love grows stronger and stronger and makes you a

better lover, better partner, better friend, better relative, better family member

making more people more happy

... resulting in being more happy yourself

A rock solid happiness growing on a strong basis - dynamic, active LOVE for all and surviving all darkness, depths and even hell - eternally !!!

Love and Bliss


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