How to improve your awareness of your surroundings

Awareness is the true and absolute knowledge of other people's true spiritual situation and the knowledge of the spiritual situation of all creation

Now that you have finished your "Annual relationship review, spiritual review and assessment of true progress in loving all" from the last newsletter - it may be time to increase your awareness of your surroundings.

Learn to Improve your awareness of your surroundings ?

To become aware of all - you need to want to learn to love all first !

How to become aware of the true spiritual condition and situation of OTHERS around you - of the entire humanity of this planet ? Open you heart, open your eyes, open all your senses and LOOK at your surroundings with ALL your senses !

What's the purpose of becoming aware of your surrounding ?

Full awareness of the spiritual situation around you - in your family, in your neighborhood, at your job, in your country but as well on all planet will very substantially help you to make a full assessment of the overall spiritual situation on this planet and hence make you aware of the serious and TRUE NEED for spiritual progress within YOUR self. Only you can change YOUR spiritual situation - but as you spiritual situation improves and becomes more and more loving - you contribute actively to the spiritual progress of all others including your very own children, family members and best friends.

An annual spiritual review of the development of your surrounding and all planet

Here a few simple examples on HOW to improve your awareness for your surrounding. Ask yourself the following questions and you may want to write down the answers to have a better overview of the results:

  1. How is the family- and love-situation of your own family among each other and toward outside ? Are you all more in peace with each other, with your employers / employees, with your neighbors, with foreigners, with all others ? Was there any change during the past year or several years - if YES - HOW did it change ?
  2. How many of your nearest relatives are MORE happy now than one year ago or several years ago ?
  3. How many of your neighbors are MORE happy NOW - more smiling, more loving NOW than a year or several years ago ?
  4. How many among all those you see in your local area - on your way to work, while shopping, during your recreation, ... - are NOW more happy, more smiling, than a year or several years ago ?
  5. How many persons you know directly from seeing or meeting or talking to have either separated from their family, living partner or friends ?
  6. How many persons you know directly who are in a relationship in crisis ? Being together but living separate lives while having one "home" ?
  7. How many persons you know directly have fallen ILL, had a severe accident or crisis in life during the past year or several years ?
  8. Among all those who had a severe illness - like cancer or similar - or who had a severe crash in life, an accident or bankruptcy or similar - HOW MANY improved afterward ? How many got stronger afterward and how many crashed totally and lost orientation and halt in life ???
  9. Among all your friends and known people - how many have changed partners - how many times and how did it all evolve during the last year of many years ??? How many of them found a true happiness, true love in a new partner and how many are still searching and trying ??? Again and again ...
  10. How many of all persons you know have died during the past year or several years and HOW did they die ?? How many of them died PEACEFULLY - without any serious illness or accidents - just by "sleeping away" ?? How many died of illness or accidents or after years of pain or surgery or substantial damage to heir health before dying ?

Above is for your personal environment - from your direct personal observation of many persons in your surroundings. THESE answers to above questions should give you a pretty clear picture of the spiritual progress of your personal surrounding.

Those making progress are more happy NOW than a year or several years ago - while those having experienced accidents, illnesses, or other form of crashes and disasters in life have rejected spiritual lessons and hence experienced the result of further spiritual fall into more pain and more spiritual darkness as a direct result of increasing amount of personally created karma due to lack of true spirituality within themselves.

Below questions are intended to give you an overall picture of your country and all planet - all mankind on this planet.

Whatever you do - where ever you are - open your heart - open your eyes - open ALL your physical and metaphysical senses and become aware of all emotions, thoughts, problems and fears of ALL mankind you ever meet - and you will become fully aware of all your surroundings and the dark side of creation as well as all spiritual help always available around you on this planet as a direct and most powerful influence of God's infinite eternal love in giving constant help for improvement, betterment and spiritual progress despite all efforts among many humans to re-created problems and conflict again and again.

Love is the key to your heart and soul - Love is the key to all other's people heart and soul - Love is the key to God !

Awareness means knowing all - knowing all first requires loving all.

Look into the eyes, the hearts and souls of all people to FEEL what THEY feel - to KNOW what they think, expect, want or FEAR - to enable YOU to be a solution provider and help for them OR to become aware of the IMPORTANCE to spiritually progress faster and more intensely with TRULY all your efforts rather than with your previously limited or absent true efforts. ALL you ever need to do to become aware of ALL is to DROP any limits, any rejection, any restriction you may have against anyone else. Be OPEN FOR all and you will become ONE with all - one with God as well ! God's divine love will help you and strengthen you to easily handle ALL the emotions and information you may become aware of !

Only with true divine love in your mind, heart and soul can you ever become aware of the true and absolute situation of ALL

Be a Cap'n of your life and soul rather than a sail ship without steering wheel drifting in the stormy ocean of ETERNAL infinite life. Be active and take initiative of creating your own life rather than drifting away - carried and pulled by your own karma and the weakness of others. Orient yourself - where are you - RE-orient when lost !! How are you doing in your life - where are your goals - then achieve them - with LOVE.

Love and Bliss


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