Annual relationship review, spiritual review and assessment of true progress in loving all

A few times a year there s a special occasion as well as a true need for an annual review.

Birthday and New Year are such specially suitable days for a deep self evaluation
any other day of course also can be used for self evaluation and self assessment of your life.

those of you who want to succeed - spiritually as well as in life generally - need quality control of their life and spiritual success and spiritual progress. managers do it, banker do it, business owners do it, even politicians do it - self evaluation is the key to changes and corrections needed, to improvements, so success ! You need FACTS - even in love life and spiritual progress !

Questions for your annual self evaluation and feedback

a few precise questions asked to your self and answered very honestly by your self help for a precise assessment. here a few such questions for your help:

  1. what goals did I have a year ago ? - list them on a piece of paper !
  2. how much did I progress toward achieving and realizing these goals ?
  3. how and where exactly did my life IMPROVE ?
  4. did I spend MORE hours, more days, more weekends with my partner than before ?
  5. did my relationship improve ? HOW exactly ?? be honest - ask yourself a few EXTRA tough questions like - did I say FAR more often YES to the love needs of my partner ? did my partner spend MORE hours skin to skin with me than the year before ? did my partner have more often smiling eyes after sex ? did my partner have LESS difficulties having an orgasm ? did my partner enjoy sex and direct love WITH ME so much that I never had to do first step again ? did I NEVER pretend to have headache or being tired when my partner was HUNGRY and in NEED of MY love ?
  6. do I KNOW more often and MORE PRECISELY the love wishes FROM my partner and fulfill all those unspoken wishes BEFORE my partner even becomes aware of OPEN unfulfilled wishes ??
  7. do I NOW be his true and INFINITE source of happiness in anything my partner EVER NEEDS or wants to be FULLY happy ?
  8. how many times did I surprise my partner with new, more direct, more exciting true love in more different ways in more different situations ??
  9. how many times did I create a feeling of being in heaven in my partner - just by the power of TRUE LOVE ?
  10. how many new and different ways of sharing life, sharing love, experiencing together - even working together did we practice ?
  11. did I spend more hours, more days, ... with all my family ?
  12. did I want to divorce and realized that plan ?
  13. did I want to change MY-self and realized my inner change ? if YES - how exactly and has this change been noticed and CONFIRMED by others to me ( feedback always is most valuable !!! ) ?
  14. did people around me change ? if YES HOW and did I confirm TO THEM their changes to encourage THEM on THEIR path of love ? YOUR honest positive feedback may be one of the greatest sources for additional motivation to continue and gain HOPE !!
  15. with how many people have I got in peace this past year by my own direct efforts and how did I prove it ?? did I prove it by simply forgetting it or actively by giving a gift of reconciliation - like a personal invitation for dinner, or some flowers, ... or a hug or kiss ? Silent reconciliation without true physical proof is the result of YOUR LAZINESS and YOUR STINGINESS and never the result of ACTIVE LOVE !!!
  16. how many times did I pretend to be absent when the phone was ringing - just to escape a meeting or talk or lesson ? How does this number compare with earlier years ?
  17. How many times did I actively avoid meeting certain persons - just to escape them and hence to escape any confrontation or reconciliation ?

Such above are a few general questions YOU first ask yourself. however for many of them you can make a true COUNT - a precise scientific proof by writing down numbers and comparing numbers of THIS year with last years numbers - LOVE-statistics if you want to call them that way !! EVERY reasonable manager and owner of ANY business always has precise statistics and facts and compares them accurately to gain the utmost precise feedback about his efforts in realizing his plans as opposed to the actual progress in realization of he plans. YOU NEED proof of your progress - the clearer YOUR proof you provide - the easier it is for you to gain additional motivation and power to succeed in future years even better and faster and more efficiently.

How exactly did your inner attitude change - what proofs do you have - a detailed review of your life and changes

Its all about relationship, about love ... bring facts - true evidence for your realistic self evaluation

then of course you need to be FAR more critical to yourself and ask MORE in-depth questions, such as

these above questions can and must be answered by precise memories resulting from precise and actual occurrences of the past year !! the answers MUST come from FACTS in your life - never just on your opinion or your GUESS !!! Be honest to yourself - it helps no way at all if you just pretend everything is fine like MILLIONS do - because ... one day - anytime in the future - is your LAST day on earth in THIS body and only what you REALLY did and what you REALLY LEARNED may help you in those moments of ABSOLUTE TRUTH beyond death !!!

THERE WILL BE moments of absolute review of your entire life !!! and YOU will see EXACTLY how you have been or how you should have been !

NOW you still have time to practice - thousands of occasions EACH year ! use them - because YOU are the one to actually and PHYSICALLY pay for all the thousands of occasions in YOUR life. ALL your life is but another 2nd or 3rd or xth chance in YOUR life .... and each life on earth is paid BUT BY YOU ! By your work, with your life expenses and hence with your own salary - love and efforts and sometimes with your very own pain when you refused too long to progress while continuing to cause karma and pain to OTHERS.

In addition there are some very precise spiritual questions for a precise assessment of your TRUE spiritual situation and POSITION on the ladder of spiritual success. these are:

How is the spiritual success and progress - how are your actual spiritual efforts ?

  1. did I open MORE for God ? if YES - HOW exactly ??
  2. did I allow GOD to arrange my life more often by DROPPING my own plan whenever my life was messed up ?
  3. did I open more for indirect help God is sending through all others ? HOW - did I remove spam filter from my eMail boxes to allow ANYONE who wants to contact me to really get in touch with me ?? or do I still continue to block off most of the mail - except from all the KNOWN senders ???
  4. do I NOW make on a regular basis MORE Kriyas than ONE year ago ?
  5. how many Kriyas did I make YESTERDAY ?
  6. do I still pretend everything is going to be fine even without my FULL spiritual progress ? or did I start to REALLY make changes, to make decisions, to dissolve attachments ?
  7. do I have MORE precise measurable FREEDOM in ANY and EVERY sense NOW than I had ONE year ago ? if YES - HOW exactly can I prove to have freedom ? when did I make active powerful USE of such additional freedom and control of MY life ?? did I change my job, my residence, my life style, my partner, my OWN behavior, my way of living ?
  8. how many OCCASIONS in my past year did I have to let go UNUSED due to MISSING freedom ? how many times did I think "I would like to ... but I can NOT because of ... " - each such missed occasion is a PROOF of MISSING true freedom !!!
  9. how many time did you actually and REALLY FEEL God's love in your past year as compared to earlier times ?
  10. how many times did you fully and consciously realize God's protection and guidance and his managing YOUR life to make YOUR life easier by arranging meetings, getting you - out of your plans and schedule - still on time at the right time to the right place meeting the right persons or finding the right information ?
  11. How many of your apparent earlier problems just disappeared as a result of God's or Guruji's loving intervention ?
  12. How many of you did actually and physically visit your Guru - if you have one ?
  13. did you actually SHARE your own painful as well as loving experiences with your friends, with your family members, with your neighbors or even with all world - using the Internet, with forums or personal web pages ? YOUR experiences - shared with all may help others preventing the very same mistakes and hence allow them to progress faster and more lovingly than you did.

How has my true love for God and ALL mankind changed in the past

these below are very easy facts to gather - as they are mere pure numbers extracted from your bank accounts and time actually spent - such as:

Have a honest look at your dark or lazy side as well !!!

Pretending that all your mistakes never occurred, turning away from all your debris left behind, disregarding illnesses as serious warnings, suppressing accidents as a major spiritual failure - all such never helps you or anyone to progress.

if YOU want to succeed then you have to know that you can talk to God and to your true Guru - if you have one - about any failure, about any mishaps, about any accidents or dark side of your past or present ! Only fully accepting YOUR true and full situation "as is" can lead to neutral assessment of your real situation and only if you look at REAL life - at real FACTS of your life can you LEARN and recognize necessary changes. ONLY if YOU truly admit having made failure if you truly did so - can you ask God or your Guru for advice and guidance and expect any changes.

If you have had any accidents of any kind, any serious illness, any persisting or lasting pain - then you have a PROOF of missing spiritual progress. A proof of missing APPLICATION of the given and published teachings of love as well as too little Kriya Yoga resulting in your karma being dissolved slower than your progress in creating NEW karma is !!

If to any or several of all above points and questions you get some rather frustrating facts written down - then you simply have taken spiritual laws and spiritual teachings FAR too less serious ...

All physical law on earth are of temporary nature - while all spiritual laws persist way into future - until a time where there will be but ONE law again - the law of LOVE. That however may be millions or more years away from now. It only depends on each individual !

Your life is in your hands - your future is created by you - yesterday you created your today, in earlier days you created all your earlier days - all your earlier days and decisions resulted in your PRESENT situation TODAY !!!

TODAY you create your future for tomorrow and beyond tomorrow ...

Use all above as a worksheet - be honest - and be scientifically precise - it's all about YOU and YOUR future happiness or possible pain and disaster.

Health and wellbeing - even spiritual prosperity always is the result of positive action made in love and harmony with God.

Let God and God's love be your only guide and manager on your way home - until you have learned to be yourself truly free and wise ... until you have learned to be "spiritually adult" - after your return home to God.

Love and Bliss


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