Damaged heart and lasting emotional pain

Did you ever separate from a partner and your heart was aching, emotional pain went on for weeks, months or even years or even until now ?

Why is pain lasting so long while others may restart a new happiness or relationship from scratch within days ?

The pain - or "broken heart" - ends when you have learned all your lessons from your very own mistakes made, when you truly and fully understand the reason or need to part.

Many - in some areas even most relationships are intended to separate. Most relationships on earth are of purely karma nature - never planned to be for eternity or even lifetime . Hence the last until karma is dissolved - or attachment to that person or from that person is is dissolved or as in many cases, when one or both humans involved progress spiritually too slowly.

Pain is caused by a difference in acting forces within either


your physical body - manifesting any ego supported, protected or created by you

Open lessons - rejected or NON-learned or failed lessons - cause pressure from inside and hence cause pain as much as the pressure of a physical object on your physical body can cause pain and damage of such pressure increases either in strength or if moderate pressure is applied for too long.

Inside must be manifested outside - your innermost spiritual being must be able to fully manifest itself in your daily outside physical life including your relationship and family.

If there is a difference - then it is because of ego resisting spiritual progress and you will power to do the known and necessary steps too slowly.

Such inner acting forces - emotions, mental forces or spiritual forces as well as karma forces need to act and result in true and most direct spiritual progress.


Pain occurs and if your refusal to progress or make significant chances in life - severe physical illness occurs or sudden accident happens to neutralize the acting forces.

You can easily compare such inner acting forces with vector forces opposite to vector forces of the ego. Or even better - the inner forces can be compared to a liquid creating a chemical reaction to the container - in our case YOUR body or gas under pressure acting on the walls of the container - again your body.

We all know the expressions "emotional pressure", emotional or mental or physical stress ...

That is a very precise use of such terms. We have pressure of our innermost being acting to create our progress and we have resistance of our resisting ego to such free spiritual development that would result in healing and finally in our freeing for a loving return home.

Our innermost being wants to return home to God - that is the divine plan.

Our innermost being is willing to return home even if that means the sudden death of your ego and physical body in a full crash in your life !!!

When we go to school - we also have kind of pressure to perform - we have normally a goal to be reached by the end of semester or school year. We pass and go on to next level - or we fail or delay and repeat same level. In terms of human life - failure means another incarnation.

A third option is provisional continuation to next level - but all we failed to accomplish successfully in our previous unsuccessful "school year" must be accomplish while learning the new lessons and mastering the new situations. That means far much greater challenge to progress most efficiently or we encounter true failure and delay - delay of our very own spiritual progress as well as possible delay of the entire next greater spiritual plan.

We all are interrelated with millions of others. The very easiest way would be to all progress full speed - fully loving - TOGETHER.

Resistance to true spiritual progress causes pain. Pain is an indicator, a feedback that we are making substantial mistakes.

Pain can be

and be healed instantly - in seconds - by applying the right solutions, by making the correct choices in life.

Or pain can result in full damage - in a fully wreck body resulting in instant death by sudden accident or sudden death by other means such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, cancer death, ... depending on how and how intensely the forces act and how our ego resists to such acting inner forces.

Taking time is essential to prevent pain, to heal pain or prevent damage to our health - making time - if necessary in a spiritual retreat, else in an artificial break caused by accident of less severe illness that gives us a break to think, reflect on our past, to learn and apply the essence of the learned instantly to our life to reorient toward spiritual goals and to live and apply spiritual values to our life plan.

Remember - any separation from partner, any loss of a loved one has a spiritual reason to be learned by you.

Take your time to read and understand the true purpose of life here on earth - to learn to love, to be ready for true and eternal relationship and to return home to God as soon as possible - how and what to change is explained in the many valuable and precise chapters of the Cyberspace Ashram - up to you to have or make time to read and apply. There never is a valid excuse for having no time - only your ego resists progress and your common sense combined with your will power can very easily overcome any obstacle caused by your ego - because ... at the other end of progress - after making your essential spiritual steps - love and loved ones are waiting on you to make you happy ... eternally. All want to be loved and be made happy !!! Right ? You too.

If so then do it now and all pain and illness will be gone for ever. Progress can be fun because leading more and more into freedom and steadily more joy of life.

Love and bliss


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