learn to be aware of the outcome of all your actions

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spiritual life should be fully aware - aware of all POSSIBLE outcome of all your actions you PLAN to undertake BEFORE you actually start them. like a chess player who has to think as many steps of the game ahead at any given point of the game to prevent defeat. hence you should think about all potential possibilities of all actions you PLAN - then after having assured that all outcome is safe and for the benefit of all - act.

here a few examples:

When opening a business or selecting a job

answer yourself the following questions:

  1. what is the future need of such products or services ?
  2. do you have to compete against others ?
  3. may competitors be jealous or envious of you and compete your business ?
  4. can your service or product be abused or misused to damage or hurt others ?
  5. can your product or service be a threat to others, to the environment or to the creation ?
  6. can others misinterpret or abuse your statements or products or services to cause you legal problems and cause difficulties to you ?
  7. can there be shortages of your supply that could cause problems for you to provide or deliver services or products to you customers ?
  8. can inventions you make be used or abused for other than peaceful projects ?

such and similar questions should go through your mind and be answered before you make decisions and undertake actions. if you can assure yourself that there is zero risk that anything you do can ever bounce back in a harmful way to others or your self. if you are 100 % sure that all you do or provide in services or products is for the benefit and only benefit and nothing could ever be abused for violent or destructive actions against anyone - human - non-human - animal - environment or entire creation - THEN you can rest assured and in peace of mind that any result of your actions will be of ONLY positive nature and hence empty of any potential harmful and expensive karma.

karma ALWAYS is expensive for YOU because you and only you are the one to pay full price for any possible damage - no matter what insurance you might have. insurance may eventually pay money - but YOU are to pay true karma and you are the one to dissolve all your karma in person !

you may want to compare your situation to past situations of OTHERS. learn from history - learn from mistakes made before by you or others !

based on such comparison - and based on your knowledge of the PRESENT global situation of jobs and entire industry as well as future development already underway and based on your SPIRITUAL knowledge, ask God for guidance and learn to look into the future and plan to avoid any problems at all. build solid future on a strong spiritual base rather than high risk just for eventual high short time profit or gain.

When looking for a living partner

there are more complex questions to be asked that can never be answered purely based on material or physical facts. a human partner is a MULTI-dimensional being, emotional, mental, intellectual, spiritual, karma, and much more may affect your decisions. all YOUR factors as well as all mentioned factors in a POTENTIAL partner.


a wrong decision in selecting a living partner may affect you much more - financially as well as spiritually - as any wrong decision in business or job ever could !


an intellect may lie or pretend and mislead you - however a heart never lies and subconsciously every - ALL - other person ALWAYS reveals his true innermost being. see the many microletters as well as the publication "secrets of love" to learn all or as much as possible before making such decisions for a life time.

some of the most important factors that you really NEED to consider from the very beginning when selecting a partner are:

  1. do we both have real goals beyond present material existence- eternal goals - for the mutual benefit of ALL ?
  2. are these mutual interests beyond these present years - your eternal goals - already fully reflected in your present job or activities ? one key point for all is to LEARN - to SPIRITUALLY learn and grow stronger and wiser in their love and life. is this what both - YOU and your potential partner are actually DOING NOW ... these very days and weeks - consciously learning to improve love ?
  3. is love the most important key factor for BOTH FOR this potential relationship ? or is your attraction and relationship only based on some superficial and temporary outside interests like your CURRENT hobbies, recreation activities or your present job ? your interest like hobbies or recreation or even job may totally change within just a few years - from ONE day to another - and any relationship based on such superficial factors may lose its mutual basis instantly at any given time when one or both have expired their lessons or attraction to a particular area of interest.
  4. do you have any mutual interest for the benefit of OTHERS or is one of you or both of you only self focused on your own life ?
  5. do you have a mutual SPIRITUAL base for your relationship ? there simply is NO possible lasting relationship if in one or both a spiritual base is MISSING at present. spirituality is YOUR absolute truth and true being . anything physical or material only may eventually serve either your ego or your short term spiritual lessons.
  6. do you have from the VERY first day - from the very first ONE day and ONE night - total opening and harmony between BOTH of you in ALL aspects of relationship ? if no - if you or your potential partner expects things to improve or be fine LATER - that LATER may be after divorce !

here I give you a simple and very realistic example from my very own earthly parents:

they got married in the early 50-ties last century - after meeting in the years just after world war 2 in Germany. the situation for ALL was difficult at that time because much in Germany was destroyed - housings bombed, infrastructure destroyed, all hungry for many years, missing school education or professional training due to war, ...

the first priority for many was bare survival - working together to share expenses in life and just survive and progress materially ! little or no thoughts about true love and harmony. going to church - YES - because ALL suffering people go to church ! but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with any SINCERE spirituality at all. my parents went every Sunday to church - until they got out of all post war trouble some ten years later and then suddenly stop praying and stopped going to church at all - just like many on this planet remember God only when they are in pain or deep shit ... that re-started in central Europe in the 60-ties and after. life was simple - no bed - only sleeping in straw on the ground and working harder and harder to save money and "make it".

severe illnesses resulted in such an environment of hate and violence due to missing love and mutual harmony - because there was zero mutual spiritual basis and no harmony between the two at all. fighting started in the very first years of marriage. some 20 years later the mandatory AND very expensive divorce came.

thereafter decades of new life for both. new partners, new separations, more illnesses and accidents. decade after decade. at high age my earthly mother finally confessed that at absolutely NO time of her entire relationship she ever loved my father ! even before marriage. all relationship was based on NON-love basis - purely material and financial. hence NO sexual relationship - no caresses - ONLY illness as a result of total suppression of sexuality as the most direct manifestation of true partner-love.

after many decades of separation - both finally learned many lessons in life - and even started to become a little spiritual and started to think about love - and at the age of 70+ my mother confessed to me that NOW she could LOVE my earthly father ( but he was happily married at that time ).

this - for both concerned partners - learning experience occurred far after divorce - much too late for THIS incarnation to be of any benefit for any of them. it WILL however be of eternal benefit for BOTH of them - because they ARE eternal partners having lost love-contact for centuries to go through lasting periods of war against each other.

essence of above brief story is:

MUTUAL LOVE and true innermost harmony MUST be existent from the very first day or any potential relationship - even with "an eternal true and one and only partner" may fail almost 100 % sure !!!!

why ?

because true harmony in ALL aspects of a divine relationship - true divine and FREE flowing, uplifting love love in both directions IN BOTH partners is the result of a DECISION FOR LOVE - FOR GOD !! either that decision has already be made or it may take years most likely decades to evolve again out of all accumulated EGO in one or both potential partners.

HERE on earth basically ALL humans are here because once a long time ago they have made a CLEAR decision AGAINST God and against love ! that's why they all are HERE rather than at home ! hence only those having learned from all the experiences, pain and suffering and as such result having made a CLEAR and firm strong decision FOR GOD and FOR LOVE are really ready and suitable for any lasting and happy love-relationship !

hence before making a decision FOR a particular potential partner - learn to BE aware of YOUR true and sincere innermost intentions as well as the true sincere intentions of your potential partner BEFORE making a decision that may cost you decades, an entire incarnation ( like in my earthly parent's case and MANY other known cases ) and finally wrong relationships always leave you behind with a "mountain" of new karma, emotional or even spiritual injuries and financial EXPENSES as well ... years or decades may often be required to work up and pay for all damages caused or resulting from wrong relationships that resulted from wrong decisions made by BOTH decades or even incarnations may even be required to HEAL emotional / spiritual injuries resulting from wrong relationships !!! while a truly loving relationship easily may uplift BOTH of you and speed up ALL your spiritual learning and practicing love for each other and for ALL as well.

Be like a chess player

whatever you do or plan to do - be aware of your action - be aware of all possible POTENTIAL OUTCOME of your decisions and actions and learn to avoid to enter situations that lead you into high risk areas of life. learn to avoid entering or creating complex situations that are difficult or impossible for you to predict in their potential of different possible OUTCOME.

make your life simple and predictable - hence controllable and manageable by YOU in an easy and affordable way. create or accept only situations of life that YOU alone can control and direct / redirect at any given time. instantly if needed and with only all the resources you really have at ANY given time to assure that ALL your solutions and changes you ever may need really re affordable by you without endangering your future material OR spiritual existence.

a simple life makes it much easier for you to clearly become aware of all your lessons and learn faster. lesson by lesson. as you progress spiritually - you may learn soon to predict even more complex situations and hence prevent any possible negative outcome in your life as well as the life of all others. intuition starts easier to work in your simple life than in complex situations. start like a baby ... have you ever seen a baby - 2 years old - attempting to windsurf in Beaufort 8 or attempting to climb mount everest ?

babies start to walk and experience at home - in the protected secured environment created by LOVING parents who previewed ALL potential hazards of possible chemicals, electricity, dangerous objects and made sure babies always are safe under all and every and any circumstance.

human SPIRITUAL learning also can - or could - take place AT HOME - in GOD - in your eternal home of everlasting love and bliss - if YOU are ready to make a clear and firm affirmative decision FOR LOVE in all and every possible situation of eternal life. learning in a secluded environment like here on earth only is needed for those having failed to previously make such a decision FOR GOD and FOR LOVE and hence started to accumulate wrong decisions leading into more and more complex and darker situations and finally running totally out of your conscious direct control - even worst separation became so intense that even direct conscious and fully aware contact by GOD has been lost by most humans on earth.

NOW it is time to change - time to get all under YOUR direct control - by becoming a simple human conducting simple predictable and manageable life and focusing on all essential spiritual lessons of LOVE first of all - and PROVE this sincere divine love to all until you have found your way home - to God.

I love you eternally


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