Learn to control and manage your karma
part 2

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In part 1 you learned that YOU and only you are in charge to dissolve YOUR OWN karma and that you CAN dissolve your own karma no matter how much and what kind of karma !! you all have the divine innermost love - power to dissolve any and all possibly existing karma and you all have a divine duty to dissolve it as soon as possible

because YOURSELF being totally FREE of any karma and having stopped to create any NEW karma is the very basic PRE-requisite for ALL others to BE happy WITH YOU !

as long as you have karma or create even new karma again and again - you will be a permanent source of disturbance for all creation and of course for all your beloved ones. your karma AND your capability to CREATE knowingly or subconsciously new karma again will be reducing or totally blocking the flow of LOVE FROM and TO all your beloved ones, your surrounding and neighborhood as well as between YOU and GOD.

how to DISSOLVE karma has been written in many chapters and spiritual lessons for life in very detail !

now in this newsletters I will give you a few additional examples on HOW to control and manage your karma. how to understand what kind of activities create karma that might easily run totally out of YOUR own control and hence may cause troubles for an extended period of time to you and others.

for easier understanding I give you a few practical examples of today's real life situations.

Publishing in forums - chat rooms - news groups

nowadays it is very easy to use many of the FREE forums, chat rooms, newsgroups or free web sites and other services to publish your opinion or discuss, argue and eventually enter verbal fight and finally end up insulting or falsely accusing OTHERS.

the use of all these many FREE services and opportunities to offer your ego's output to a worldwide audience may be very tempting and millions may use such opportunities.

if you look at some of these online forums or newsgroups - the more spiritual the topic the more fighting you will see and the more lies and insults you will find in many cases ...

and many of these authors one day - some sooner, sometimes after just a few days or later, some of these "authors" regret their comments or insults .. or may face a possible treat for a lawsuit .... and may find it impossible to DELETE any wrong statements, lies or insults ...
because they have used free services that are paid and controlled by others, others are the ones having full control over all publications and these others may or may never be accessible to delete YOUR junk and clean up YOUR mess at OTHER peoples' expense and you face yourself in a situation created by you - that is completely OUT OF YOUR control even if you would be ready to pay for cleanup done by others in charge of the online services YOU used !

hence - lesson ONE

when ever you publish whatever that might be - do it ON YOUR own server - fully paid by you and technically and administratively under YOUR full own control - hence of course it also is FULLY paid by you and DIRECTLY physically or technically accessible by YOU. with other words - ALL is under YOUR direct and full control and managed by YOU only - no secretary, no employee, no contractor - JUST YOU - the owner and creator !

the benefits are obvious:

if YOU have to pay for all you use and do then you will most likely publish MUCH less, or may be nothing at all or at least you make sure all is written correctly, with love for all and totally true and for the benefit of all.
hence all such posts and publications will become maintenance free and thus can never become object of lawsuits or any other inconveniences to anyone. with their words - ALL is under your direct and full control - resulting in nothing else but fruits of love and benefits for all. something you easily can surrender to GOD by the end of your present incarnation.

when ever you OWN all you use, maintain all you use, learn to handle all you use - and control, manage and operate all you use and KNOW all tools in any aspect you ever use - you have full control over all. thus you can delete, modify, add, comment any time, any detail - instantly and whenever needed. all remains under your sole control and in the very worst of all cases when when things risk to get out of control or become a hazard to you or anyone or an annoyance because of mistakes you made - you still have the option of totally deleting and dissolving ALL instantly to FREE you of one of YOUR creation if ever you find out you made a mistake or your products or services have failed to be loving or beneficial to others !

other example:

you publish a book in printed for using existing publishing houses. whatever topic you select - if the publisher accepts your texts then you usually enter an agreement by contract. earn a small percentage ( usually 5-10 percent ) and LOSE all worldwide rights for 50 years. hence the publisher pays all fees and production cost and has all rights to translate or NOT translate - to promote your book or NOT promote your texts - and you have the right of being called author but have in reality little or no rights until worldwide copyright is expired after 50 years ( see the "autobiography of a yogi" with the ORIGINAL being reprinted and retranslated after the mandatory waiting period of 50 years !! ).

if you would have much more money you could publish all yourself - but would have to pay ALL in advance yourself - that would mean many ten thousands of US $ for an average printed book publication to keep all rights and full control of your teachings or whatever you want to make known to the world.

in the new world of eBooks - it has become affordable ( a few hundred us $ for eBook software plus a modern state of the art computer is all you need ) - ALL authors have an opportunity to create electronic books and retain full control and full rights and easily maintain, updated or correct any publication. all is easily controllable and manageable if ever action is needed by you.

Business of any kind

if you have any kind of business. be it hairdresser, bakery, cafeteria, Internet cafe, fee web mail services, mechanic shop, dealer, etc.
as long as it is a small family business or ONE man operation there are no employees that need to be fired when things go wrong or economy is changing or down - hence you can change anything, everything any time while you run your own business. if you OWN all - including housing or office space used - and have PAID in full all real estate needed for your business - then YOU and no one else but YOU are true manager of your business and you can open, close or do with it whatever is for your benefit, for the benefit of all your customers, in accordance with all changing laws, changing needs, and new situations globally, economically or in your own family !

however as soon as part of your business belongs to a bank ( mortgage, loans for inventory, etc ) or you use rented space - OTHERS may have a substantial influence and saying about your very own business and OTHERS may have an impact on YOUR decisions - hence your business is OUT of your direct and sole control. as long as you please the others or as long as you pay or as long as THEY profit from you - they may accept all your decisions. but the day they disagree, they may close down your business, recall your loans, end your mortgage, increase interest rates, change contracts, modify laws and rules applicable, .. and suddenly you may find your self in a situation CREATED by OTHERS totally out of YOUR own direct control.

or when you business grows beyond YOUR own personal or family control and productivity and you hire more and more employees to increase your benefits ... you may one day have a business corporation or body of a size that becomes subject to corporate laws, labor laws, health regulations, labor union laws and more complex regulations and suddenly you can neither close down or open your business whenever you would love to nor can you conduct your business your way. you have grown to a size that becomes subject to government and other regulations, control and laws - and YOUR business NO LONGER is your business - and hence OUT - totally OUT of your control !

Free services added to your commercial services

when YOU offer services used by others - you may have to consider that YOU may still remain responsible for the use by others depending on the situation. example if you offer free web mail, chat rooms, forum, free web sites, free classifieds, free teachings in any field or even Internet access services and some others abuse such services for SPAM or illegal activities or end up with an accident as a result of your mistakes, then YOU as the offerer of such FREE services may be required by a plaintiff or by law to compensate for damages or instantly shut down, end the usage of a mailbox, delete a forum, close chat rooms or remove classifieds section on your web site. even the police or other legal authorities may ask you to do so - AT YOUR very own expenses ! (one of Germany's largest commercial nationwide ISP was facing such an expensive and long lasting intense lawsuit brought up by authorities simply because surfers using Internet access MAY eventually find somewhere in the world some web sites with illegal content ... and the authorities wanted to held that ISP legally liable and responsible for ALL Internet content accessible through regular www access s offered by ALL ISPs anywhere in the world.)

The law of karma - real life situations and how to avoid karma

from above few examples you should now have learned ALL the important factors necessary to make YOUR life and hence your karma controllable and manageable by YOU directly. any force YOU create directly, personally with your own money, labor, knowledge and time can easily be removed, modified, changed, corrected, controlled and managed in all needed ways - instantly whenever needed.

Final essence for your solutions

the smaller your business, the easier you can control it and modify or adapt it to the needs of society and to the needs of your very own spiritual progress and family needs !!!

the more different aspects and work YOU know and learn and handle IN your own business - the less you depend on others and the more free you will be in all your own decisions and actions, re-actions - because YOU know it all - all you really need.

make your business physically controllable and manageable by you directly and you never need a lawyer or insurance - because YOU can adapt and correct it every seconds point by point as needed to avoid any and every even smallest danger, inconvenience or damage to others. hence zero karma - only benefits for all those accepting and enjoying your services or products.

however as soon as our business involves OTHER persons - dependencies on other companies, authorities or is physically out of your direct control or financially out of your direct financial capabilities - you are entering a risks zone that almost always creates karma that runs totally OUT of your control - at least for years, decades or incarnations - because some people HAVE created karma that required incarnations to be spent by the CREATOR of that karma to be corrected, modified, re-directed and finally personally in full dissolved again.

the more humble and simple all your life, all your services, actions, products - the easier all YOUR life and the faster AND more efficient and more loving your spiritual path., learning and progressing .

we all HAVE to learn to accept full and eternal responsibility for ALL our actions. however doing nothing at all or doing only obsolete useless things is a waste of time and most valuable resources as well. we all have to learn to DO something useful - something for the mutual benefit of all - but we have to learn to do it on a small scale first - in our family and direct neighborhood - controllable and manageable instantly and 24/7. in an environment where we can receive direct feedback and directly TALK and communicate with all our potential customers and adjust as needed or correct when needed and grow as requested - in a family business type environment !

God wants YOU to be YOUR own manager of your life

may GOD be your guide, counselor and assistant-manager - because GOD wants YOU to be the MANAGER of YOUR life - that is the reason why GOD gave you all FREEDOM - freedom to BE happy and to MAKE happy - eternally and infinitely !

enjoy your freedom and start within your self first - then proceed to your very own partner - then all your family, then more if and when needed rather than starting big and collapsing later like a soap bubble.

God is Love


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