Learn to really understand your karma and face it actively

Karma - part 1

to begin with, first a few misunderstandings I hear again and again from many people in many countries and any culture or religion:

but lets be true and honest to OURSELVES about above points and face the absolute facts:

  1. GOD never gives karma or sends painful lessons to anyone !
  2. any karma ALWAYS is the result of YOUR very own action, decisions or failed / omitted decisions or wrong decisions !
  3. YOU and no one else but YOU have CREATED your karma - HENCE YOU and no one but YOU can dissolve it !!
  4. whatever YOU create or HAVE created CAN BE removed or dissolved by YOU !! it can fro sure !!
  5. YOU had the power, energy, money and TIME to CREATE your karma - hence YOU will HAVE the power, energy, money and TIME to dissolve ALL your self created karma !!!!!!!!!!!
  6. YOU do it NOW - or in the future - any time - instantly or in a million years - but YOUR action REMAIN eternally YOUR sole responsibility !!!

they key to all above misunderstandings is a LACK of acceptance FOR their very own karma and a lack of BELIEF that THEY themselves could change what they HAVE created.

if you have created a "mountain of karma" then you can dismantle that very "mountain" with your own heart ! how else. anyone who can construct a car and build it can also dismantle a car into its original parts ! that is an ABSOLUTE FACT .

your potential grows into infinity with increased flow of LOVE. love flows increasingly as you progress in the basic steps of accepting and GIVING love. to dissolve karma you need to GIVE LOVE. in all possible aspects and variations to as many people as possible.

YOU have a divine DUTY to end any of your suffering - YOU have a divine DUTY to FACE and counteract your very own karma - because NO one has a duty to have PITY with you ! YOUR karma is YOUR duty and your full responsibility and hence YOUR work and your lessons to be learned and applied by YOU and no one else but YOU. YOU have a divine DUTY to FREE ALL your friends, neighbors and family members from YOUR suffering, because THEY ALL have a divine RIGHT to be amidst happy and LOVING and FREE people. HERE and NOW - even on earth. a suffering person - in pain from self created karma IS A PAIN to all humans and to society.

accept FULL responsibility for ALL you ever have done and do at present or will do in eternal future and be strong and loving in all you do. the more simple and humble all your life and work - the easier it will be to efficiently dismantle step by step ALL your own karma and be free even within ONE single lifetime here on earth. provided YOU make LOVE and God union your only and first priority in life. here and now.

PRACTICE all above positive affirmations in all possible situations of life and as a positive result you will see piece by piece your karma disappears as you progress in your process of LEARNING to LOVE and practice that ever increasing purity of love in all new upcoming and existing situations of YOUR life.

say and repeat:

YES, I want to change all my karma and dissolve it in MY divine fire of love !!


YES, I accept all grace and mercy and divine help from GOD !" as you start to love and begin to dissolve your karma and progress, you will experience: the more you progress in dissolving your very own karma - the more help will become apparent to ALL OF YOU - FROM GOD !!!

God bless you


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