Feedback, self-evaluation and self-control

Feedback, self-evaluation and self-control is important for spiritual success as much as for ANY success ! self-control and adjustments in behavior however first requires precise and correct self-evaluation and YOUR readiness to fully accept and convert any critique on your EGO.

for that precise reason - to give YOU feedback for YOUR self-evaluation to allow YOU to make proper adjustments or to understand the real cause of you problems - many of the the future spiritual lessons for life and microletters will focus on such topics.

you may accept such self-evaluation or you may REJECT it ...

if you REJECT it - then that is even more proof of the validity of the particular self-evaluation - rejection means YOUR EGO is FULLY HIT - but rejection also is proof of EXTREME ego within YOUR SELF - ego that may prevent any spiritual progress at all or at least slow spiritual progress down to a minimum.

if you encounter a topic where you feel strong rejection - STORE that topic in a special folder - and continue to learn, apply and practice all other topics where you feel acceptance.

then on a regular basis as you really progress while working on easier topics - you may go back into THAT special folder and re-read the previously rejected topic again ... when you have truly matured in ALL spiritual aspects - then you will feel ZERO rejection toward ANYTHING at all and can fully absorb any lesson and any challenge with an open and neutral attitude while allowing GOD to be your inner guide and judge.

God bless you


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