When relationship is breaking apart and life runs out of control
and life runs out of control

THESE very days many families are struggling and having troubles. all over the world in all countries and cultures - among rich ones and poor ones !

before yesterday a young wife from India called me late night - crying ... her relationship/marriage was in danger !

many million people - may be even among YOU - face the very same problem these very days.

W H Y ?

when you are happy most of the time you forget the physiology of LOVE and HAPPINESS and focus on enjoying what appears to be given to you without caring for it. - even worse ... most even forget about God who was the one guiding you to your present partner and family and creating all necessary preparatory steps to guide you HERE where you are now.

most happy people forget to LEARN to

most happy people in love take their lasting love and happiness for granted without having to work for it, without having to maintain it, without having to feed it - with their continuous tender loving care ! with THEIR power of love. LASTING LOVE however is beyond physical love and FIRST needs to be freed and cultivated again and practiced day after day ...

first in their present earthly life to build a solid basement in harmony with God. a basement that secures, stabilizes and protects their LOVE for each other to grow and mature even further until they have developed true divine Love - to last and prosper eternally.

when happy with a new partner, many reduce or even stop their spiritual practices ( such as kriya yoga ) forgetting that it may have been ONLY these previous own spiritual practices from one or both or the blessing and love from God who made the BEGINNING of their love romance possible.

once brought together with a loved one - it becomes YOUR sole and eternal responsibility to CARE for such love and relationship !!! it is YOUR sole responsibility to mature spiritually to a point of perfection and divinity where you really have realized to BE an image of God and remain such for the remainder of eternity.

a repeated and final warning again to all mankind:

a lasting, loving and hence truly happy relationship is ONLY possible on the solid basis of YOUR spiritual progress as a direct result of your opening for God and your readiness to LEARN and PRACTICE divine love in absolutely all situations of your eternal life

a relationship ONLY can be and remain happy for years, decades, lifetime and eternity if BOTH are ACTIVELY spiritually learning and spiritually progressing in their development and practice of divine love in all situations of life BEFORE anything else in life is developed.

the mutual spiritual development is the ROCK SOLID basement of

readjust your priorities in life to save your relationship. the first step of work is YOURS ! YOU need to make a decision

if YOU or YOUR partner fail to make a decision FOR any OR all of the above ... then your decision automatically is AGAINST as NO positive decision leads to yourself surrendering your life and future to YOUR karma forces and all the chaos YOU have created in your past and such NON or AGAINST decision will lead most likely in material destruction of career and family, separation, chaotic new situations in your life as your karma forces start to act more and more on you as soon as you stop a conscious focus and work TOWARD God and Love in your life, career and family.

the decision always is yours !!! and without YOUR clear decision no goal of any kind can be achieved. without your conscious goal for God and Love disorientation results one more times and hence one more times you may get lost in your own weakness, disorientation, selfishness, laziness, stinginess, greed, chaos and karma ...

until God presents or creates you another chance, possibly another future incarnation .... but HOW LONG do you want such silly game ... ? building a life - a career - a family without rock solid basement is STUPID !!! and no single intelligent being and even less a human being would do such - and even less YOU - because ALL of you are among the elite top 10% or so of this planet - among the richest ones and highest educated ones - hence YOU are among those FIRST building a rock solid spiritual basement and FIRST acquire ALL thorough knowledge of ALL spiritual laws BEFORE YOU venture into new activities where possible karma might be out of sight and out of your direct control.

YOU are smart enough to have every part of your karma forces under your direct supervision and most direct control at any time - you have set up your priorities in life and control your mind to achieve these priorities of life!!

Happiness in marriage and relationship is the result of positive actions of love on daily basis - make your partner happy every day and you enjoy happiness every day

Love and Bliss