Spiritual responsibilities and obligations

how LOVE can turn into HATE within seconds - an spoil almost an entire incarnation. just as a result of WRONG and partial perception of ALL facts and the FULL truth of an entire situation.

A brief introductory story that happened just NOW - these days and still is going on:

once there was a very young girl still at school - Jasmine and a Young man already in a secured professional position far above average for THIS country here - Michael, both growing up as neighbors and both VERY much in love with each other.

Both are divine eternal husband + wife.

both incarnated in a situation that made it quite easy for both to find each other in time and early in the present incarnation - later on as teenagers living as neighbors door to door.

however the family situation was far from ideal. Jasmine was single child. as such she felt obligated to please father and mother. of course loved her parents very much. her family being among the very poorest in this country, first growing up in a remote provincial place - later moved to Manila to settle down as direct neighbors from Michael's parents.

Michael and Jasmine have been in love - her father and mother were strongly opposed to this relationship. Jasmine became pregnant and received a baby boy. the opposition of her parents grow and Michael was helpless as SHE - Jasmine - failed to FIGHT with all her heart for HER great love. as her parents forbid her to stay WITH Michael - Michael left and Jasmine was brought to a remote province to avoid any contact between Michael and Jasmine again. Contact was impossible for years to come and both lost contact and address from each other until NOW.

Jasmine developed an EXTREME hate against Michael - as she felt HE left her and is responsible for all pain in her life. SHE felt that HE destroyed all her life. and that hate poisoned all her heart until yesterday.

as she told me her love-story and "I hate that man " - it was VERY obvious that actually SHE LOVES him from the very bottom of her heart and soul.

her hate developed from EXTREME love being prevented from FREE flowing into the "object" of love - in this case MICHAEL.

all she saw in her YOUNG relative evaluation of her situation was HE was away - out of rich.

the true and full situation during the important phases of her LOVE was however much different ...

MOTHER and FATHER had absolutely NO ( ZERO ) right to be against HER love and her choice for a love-partner. they had even less rights to separate them for years to avoid any contact and hence to avoid the baby to grow up WITHOUT father and the mother to grown up without LOVE from her BELOVED one. a TOTAL loss of orientation and stability started to destroy her life for years as a direct result of her parent's impact in her love life and relationship.

however ...

MANY other person - unseen or unaware by HER - have been involved ACTIVELY in her disaster - actively ...

but of course also ...

this family like ALL families has many relatives and many dozens of family friends, neighbors, ...

MANY dozen of these persons were FULLY aware of the situation of the two young lovers. all actively decided NOT to help, NOT to protect their love, NOT to talk to Jasmine's parents and appease them or change their mind to give freedom to LOVE.

and of course ...

Jasmine herself - even being very young was old enough to STAND UP against her parents and in favor of HER TRUE and DEEPEST LOVE. she could have done that without being against her parents - but just by "running away" from her parents and start HER life away from home in a NEW home of their own - with the help of MICHAEL - but as HER direct result or decision FOR Michael despite her parents total opposition.

Jasmine FAILED herself to FIGHT with ALL her love and all her strength FOR her lover and to simply overcome ALL obstacles opposed by her parents.

a SIMPLE and clear decision FROM HER would have given Michael the opportunity to take her and move any place and start their own life in their own home. however without HER full consent and full decision FOR a relationship with HIM - HE had no chance of staying against her parents. it was HER sole responsibility to prove her true love for him.

and of course ..

Michael's parents could have intervened with Jasmine's parents and talked in a peaceful and loving way in favor of the LOVE between the 2.

kidnapping a beloved one may be exciting AND is practiced in some cultures on this planet - however is no real solution and EACH of a loving couple HAS to make an ACTIVE decision FOR that partner. BOTH have to prove strength in their HEART and soul to let their love overcome any darkness, any opposition from any side to prove they are ready to remain together on ALL their journeys from heaven to hell and back to heaven again for the remainder of eternity - in any and absolutely all situation THEIR love MUST be stronger than any forces of all EGO combined.

this may be a once in eternity proof and test situation any divine husband wife team may face - here n earth or elsewhere.

while the main responsibility for the failure is to equal parts among Jasmine AND Michael - their is a HUGE secondary responsibility among dozens of

these 2 - Michael AND Jasmine had ZERO real friends among ALL relatives, parents, neighbors and all others being in their life. ZERO true friends is what MOST will encounter in similar situations !

when I explained her all details of all people involved in her "destruction" of her life - and while touching her kutashta with 3 fingers to heal her soul and all pain - a stream of SILENT tears were flowing down her cheeks and her soul became ONE with God for a few seconds - to be healed and vibrating and loving again. she UNDERSTOOD deep inside that many people failed to help and her hate came only because of her very limited and relative point of view of just a tiny little part of ALL factors involved in her life of that time.

seconds later she decided with all hear heart to go for the search and give Michael a "second chance" - she is hungry for HIS love and her suffering may have made her strong enough to overcome any existing EGO within herself. she admits to have ego and is fully aware of her EGO. and ... she has been taught how to instantly and fully DROP ALL her ego at once.

in her still young years she has no idea how to search and eventually find Michael again. and hence - with years of active experience from my earlier work for a large humanitarian organization, among many other duties to FIND and reunite lost family members that have been separated by action of war in some of the large wars of past century - she received a detailed plan how to proceed and search and spread the message of HER search for Michael again.

her search for her love will start as soon as the present typhoon here calms down - actually she planned to return to Manila last night be special ferry boat from a remote harbor city - but the strength of the present typhoon cuts this island totally off from the main island by any means of transportation. hence Jasmine's travel and search may start tonight again if ferry boats are operating or any day soonest. a few days of waiting may mature her decision to REALLY drop her ego and just love whatever occurs to her and both may receive a "second" chance early in their life - provided BOTH are now strong enough to do what needs to be done - in the name of LOVE and her baby boy - now 3 years old and without knowing his father Michael.

while she was afraid of getting hurt again when she may eventually find out that he may have a new alternate family - I assured her that even such news would be freeing for her heart and allow her to proceed on her alternate life plan and learn all the other remaining lessons during the remainder of this incarnation.

in fact most of such situations end in a separation for MOST of that incarnation - usually for several decades and sometimes the two who ailed to stay together in YOUNG years sometimes find together again just a short while before losing their body and ending their incarnation in a physical body. but also quite often they never meet again here on earth and have to wait until later to meet the beloved one.

there are situations and opportunities that OCCUR ONE SINGLE time in life - and with LOTS of luck and real love and efforts of ONE or both or several/many others a second chance may occurs - usually MUCH later. souls are like stars that travel in a certain distance and relationship to each other without meeting each other - because of KARMA and EGO - unless ONE or BOTH develop actively so much divine power of love to instantly dissolve any separating karma and separating forces - inside and outside forces !

what can YOU learn from this love story that one day for sure will end in love ??

YOU TOO can be ( or have already been ) in such a situation where friends of yours or relatives or colleagues at work or who ever is in a similar situation that YOU observe and where YOUR active HELP is needed. instantly and efficiently and at ANY COST - financially and or materially or time wise or efforts !!!

what is the "price" or "value" of TRUE and everlasting happiness AND LOVE ?

when YOU are willing - and prove it !!!!!!!!!!! - to give ALL you have and do ALL you can to CREATE or PROTECT freedom of love and happiness - then YOU will find your own happiness again - or be given by God after your return at HOME in God by the end of your intense and most loving incarnation HERE on earth.

if however ...

then you may fail to find YOUR very own happiness as well - because THEN YOU ARE too weak to protect YOUR own happiness and love against all active passivity and carelessness of all earthly darkness and negativity yourself !!

to BE HAPPY you have to BE strong and when you are truly strong you also and very easily again and again HELP and protect and support others in THEIR struggle against others and in favor of THEIR LOVE and freedom and happiness !

may your mind-controlled switch open your heart and give you the strength and POWER OF LOVE to be a sun of love in the darkness of HELL and any other place away from our divine eternal home - on this ;planet and where ever needed. a sun of love to free others, to heal others and to HELP wherever help is required - without being asked to help - AT your expenses - no matter what the cost - because any open balance of YOUR expenses in the name of God will be finally rewarded by God directly - after your return home ! in a currency totally different from EURO or $ !!!

in MORE power of love - for eternity and all you ever need to love and heal like God !

may your divine love-potential find FREE flowing conditions in your MIND to help and heal in all such or other situations where YOUR instant involvement and full efforts are needed in any possible way.

God bless you


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