Inside and outside

Many people experience a difference between their spiritual inside and their physical outside.

A few days ago - on e of the active members of the interactive spiritual newsletter shared a water experience.

here below some of the important excerpts from her mail:

the other day we went to the beach the water was so clear, warm and calm ...
I still have lot of fear but try to relax and let it
go away!....
in my dreams I am much braver ;-)
and swim in deeper water - with God!

We see the fear in the physical body while in the water is non existing in her dreams - dreams in her particular case are nothing else but out of body learning and practicing experiences.
why such a difference?

Medical educated persons know that various body tissues require an average of minutes to many years for a total renewal of each cell of various different body tissue.

While many tissues are quite fast in renewing - see superficial injuries of skin or superficial flesh injuries or burns - while others like bones may take many year to fully renew!

When you spiritually progress as a result of clear precise spiritual goals, then you focus entirely on love and God - entirely means 7/24/365 and while practicing correct kriya yoga as intense as taught - all tissue will slowly but surely be renewed according to precise priorities and metaphysical / physiological laws.

the more intense your true active opening for and to God - the faster such a renewal process will be. The very fastest process takes place during actual Nirbikalpa Samadhi and even more intensely during full oneness with God during Maha Samadhi.

According to your very own priorities and different lifestyles selected entirely by you - most of you have far less than 24/7 focus on God and Love!

Many are actively involved in purely material world of business or material non-spiritual studies - and hence even when practicing some kriya yoga - the renewal process outside - i.e. in your physical body may take many decades - or longer - or never fully adapt to the inside level of your spirituality.

Hence as long as we are beginners (NON-God-realized God-"seekers") we always have a difference between inside and outside.
while your inside - your spiritual body is entirely controlled by your true and sincere and lived intentions - your physical outside still is the victim of imprints of the genetic heritage from our parents as well as the culture in which you and your body's ancestor grew up!

Traumatic experiences that are in your soul can easily and sometimes spontaneously be healed - provided - you are fully open for such spiritual healing. as a final result of such spiritual inner healing - your outside body will adapt to that new healed inner healed being. how slow or how fast the physical body adapts in full the the inner healing and becomes a full manifestation of your true inner being while being here on earth in a physical body depends on your direct efforts to focus on God and allow God's healing love to flow into and through you.

Such healing can only be accelerated by:

Fear most of the time is in the bones of the physical body - hence it takes the very longest to fully overcome any physical fear. however while living in an island or beach environment and having daily time in the water - swimming or practicing any kind of fun recreational activity may drastically speed up such healing and reduce it to a few years.

Other spiritual trauma experience in the spiritual world before you descended into a physical body hundreds of thousands of years ago may all be spontaneously healed - if you want so and are open for the absolute divine truth.

While many of you carry even in your today's physical body still the traumatic experiences of previous physical incarnations - and at present you are the sum of such imprints - hence the need for various activities and healing processes during such various activities here on earth. the more actively and lovingly you participate in all occasions of your daily life as offered to you by God the faster the complete holistic healing takes place inside and outside.

Most people suffer from this subconscious flip (change) from one behavior to another - sometimes the inner more spiritual behavior is dominant and brilliantly reflecting divinity and sometimes - even within seconds - remainders of ego behavior still manifested in the physical body as a result of not yet adapting to the inner being due to missing flow of spiritual love trough all levels of your being may be manifested in a persons behavior. hence most people may manifest their true spiritual progress only after losing their physical body as a result of freeing death!

with love and infinite bliss


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