Final report of the recent family re-union

Love starts with 2

beloved ones

1. Final report family re-union:

as a correction to earlier announcement - a total of 5
helping angels among YOU contributed to the total amount of

us $ 1200 - approximately PHP 66'000 for the mother with
her 3 children to be re-united after approx 3 years of

the family reunion has been successfully accomplished about

2 weeks ago ! now it is in the hands of God and the mother
and 3 children to take their life in their hands ... and
learn and progress in their individual life.

2. as announced since early April on some of the cyberspace

ashram pop-ups and the download pages - from early April
until end of coming may 10 out of 12 US $ from ALL my
revenues from DOWNLOAD-files / -eBooks will be used to pay
for school-fees and school material ( books and writing
material and school uniforms ) needed by poor and needy
families HERE in the Philippines.

the previous school year is ending NOW these days and the
new school year starting again in may.

annual additional expenses for 'FREE' public schools per
year for NON-free but mandatory material are in the range
of US $ 10 - 40 PER year PER child depending on grade -
for public ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS in addition to the often
required public transportation to the school which often is

again a similar amount per year ( usually approx 60 us $
per year for transportation TO school per child for all
those out of walking distance ).

since these school expenses are for many families ONE full
monthly income per child -it is for many a hard burden
year after year. such help may offer ONE release in each
family ... because elementary school education for ALL is
the minimum basis for most to find a job later on in adult
years !!!

until today I have received already 101.00 us $ ( 60 $ out
of it marked for poor and needy - that amount has been paid

today for partial payment of a hospital bill and resulting

debts totaling 240 $ ).

if you wish to sponsor ONE child for one school year - you
may contribute any amount from us $ 20-30 US$ may already help for up to one year school fee.
contact needy families yourself directly and sponsor those in need

3. since my cyberspace ashram computer is death - most of
all records are lost and may remain permanently lost -
except your eMail addresses. if you have anything missing -

please re-inform me by email.

4. eMails will be read/answered approximately 2-3 time per
week until a full set of professional hardware is available

again - please be patient in all your eMail requests. in
all urgent matters please call one of my published cellphone
numbers. both numbers as currently published are from
different cell phone networks and are used depending
available area-coverage.

5. a final thought for many out there:

we humans may live millions of years

- without computers

- without radio and TV

- without telephone and cell phones

- without airplanes and ships

- without space crafts

- without cars and trucks

- without trains and buses

- without air con or electricity

- without fridge or fan

- without ice cream and coke, French fries and

- without government or administrations

- without police and secret services
- without military or body guards

BUT we all may instantly DIE if left one single second
without LOVE, NATURE with ALL its plants, flowers and trees

and natural GOD-MADE resources like water, fresh clean
natural air and all life force created by nature for our
healing and well being.

GOD is manifested in all nature and natural resources -
ALL nature is the source of ALL we need for all our
physical life -
PROTECT and support nature by limiting the destructive
effects of humans on nature and by SUPPORTING the NATURAL
growth and development of all nature as planned by

SUPPORT GOD in all his efforts to HEAL and FREE YOU

YOU can only be as healthy and strong as YOUR environment
and all people around you

God bless you


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