Priorities in spiritually helping

The priorities in spiritual help are basically equal to regular FIRST AID in ordinary accidents - but going far beyond regular first aid.

  1. secure situation to prevent further damage and damage to helpers
  2. apply instant FULL help to all those already suffering physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually
  3. then surrender help-needing to God by giving them ALL needed knowledge, teaching, techniques and tools IN FULL for their direct personal contact with God and RETURN to God
  4. then dissolve source of CAUSE for all suffering

in complex emergency situations - securing a situation or assuring your own help to others can only be done by true spiritual love that opens you all doors and ways into any location and gives you access in all situations where direct access is needed. true spirituality as a result of fully conscious awareness of God's infinite love and bliss and guidance will dissolve any remainders of fear of death and allows you to be where you need to be and and allows you to do what needs to be done.

however basic help always can be provided by all ! by YOU as well !!!

being able to give full holistic help requires you to have achieved a high and far above average level of spirituality. however instant help to instantly reduce or dissolve existing pain and suffering most of the time requires

the above points - one or several or all - can easily be provided by you by

as you help more and more you will learn AND spiritually progress more and as a result you will be able to give more more often spiritual advice and more complex spiritual teachings under the direct guidance of God. spiritual wisdom is the result of further refinement of your true love leading to progressing opening for God - your true love develops with your continued dynamic applied love for others on the physical level in various situations to as many humans in need as possible.

ALL your physical actions, deeds, services and products are a physical proof of YOUR true love for all society, for all creation and for GOD ! absence of action means absence of love for OTHERS, for society, for creation and for GOD !

with love and bliss


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