Living without crutches

living without crutches - attract love by giving love instead of pity

Above picture shows a high pink lotus flower, staying strong and upright without crutches even in stormy days!

An oleander with a crutch

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a few bushes and flowers from a garden center. One bush was a young pink oleander of approximately 1.2 meter height - with a thin and weak trunk, supported by a bamboo stick.

of course I immediately removed the stick ( crutch ) and the trunk bent down almost to touch ground - the oleander trunk was TOO WEAK to support its own weight. others here seeing the bent oleander advised me to put the stick back to support that bush's trunk and keep in artificially in an upright position ...

but instead I gave the oleander wooden ash as fertilizer and plenty of water and love - several times daily - but no supporting stick.

a few days passed by and the people kept telling me to give the plant a stick for support and I gave the plant more water and more love ... several times - day and night.

God made ALL beings STRONG and live on their own. out of their God given strength without outside support or crutches !!!

humans are made to be upright and most plants are made to grow upright toward the sun as well. without crutches of any kind. have you ever seen one of these HUGE jungle trees having a stick to support them ?? I have never seen such - but I have seen huge trees of 2 of meter or more diameter in the temples of Angkor growing to a size of approximately 50 meters height - several hundred years old and growing on rocky soil - WITHOUT any support or crutches !

honest and sincere people love to work to be strong and to give love - hence they love to live without crutches

after less than a week - step by step the oleander turned more and more upright toward the sky and sun. all on its own - with the power God gave that bush ! of course !!! no crutches, no sticks, no support of any kind - but that also means MOTIVATION and challenge to grow strong and be upright ... even for a bush, plant or tree. I have FULL faith in the power of love God gave ME and YOU as well ... and all plants as well. I always had full faith that this oleander will get upright just by his own God given strength !

everything God ever created was created to be strong and free of of the need for support by any kind of crutches ! we humans as well!!

how many different crutches are we humans using ?

Society, politics and industry

  1. young people depend on financial support often into heir twenties and beyond
  2. old people - including parents - depend often on financial support or nursing by their children and younger ones in later years
  3. people of any age depend on financial support by authorities and social welfare
  4. financial support and subvention to start own business by banks or authorities
  5. financial support of ill, weak, outdated or non-competitive industries by authorities and banks
  6. business men with ideas greater than their own potential and resources need employees, servants and shareholders
  7. politicians often create opinion in their favor to gain supporters for their own ideas and plans

Individual crutches

  1. Poor eyesight is often compensated by permanent glasses - glasses = crutches for eyes
  2. chronic ill persons often are on permanent medication - medication = crutches for EGO creating illness and medical imbalance in human mind, emotions and body
  3. walking stick or crutches for walking or wheelchair - often persons with temporary walking difficulties get used to permanently use crutches rather than making the efforts to heal the original cause of illness or disability and to strengthen their body again to regain full human potential and physical capabilities.
  4. joblessness is another crutch as a result of stinginess manifested as laziness to LEARN a useful work to maintain or to MEET existing needs of others.
  5. jobless people live at the expense of society or family members and relatives. they attract mercy - an indirect way of love - through their self-made artificial helplessness or handicap instead of attracting love by loving others.
  6. persons or families live from credit given credit card companies or banks. instead of learning to live from their own income and within their own limits they often get used to live with the financial crutches offered willingly by the profit greedy financial industry.
  7. young people remain students far beyond age 16-20 to be nursed and fed by the love of parents and society instead of attracting love by their own useful and helpful deeds. the search for diplomas and academic titles is often an attempt to attract recognition - a modified indirect way of love as a result of LACK of love FOR others.
  8. ... and many other crutches you can observe yourself.

any kind of crutches used beyond the shortest possible minimum needed time is most likely to cause dependency on the crutches and weakness in self while strengthening the crutch.


recognize your own crutches and free yourself from all step by step. then get used of being more and more FREE and STRONG !

BE a child of God - BE STRONG !!!

with love and bliss


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