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Maintain a loving human relationship with a partner

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This chapter is the continuation of the previous topic about establishing a human relationship with a partner.

True love can only flow when both partners permanently are open for God ! but a relationship to persist all troubles of life, all downs, all "bad times" all wars and crisis of creation needs more than just a bare "IDEA" of "I love you".

a relationship of love - with friends or with your beloved "one and only" living partner - is like a flower or a tree. it needs "food" and loving care and time to grow strong and become of lasting nature - tested by hurricanes and darkness of life.

let's have a look at a tree, a walnut tree, for example.

what is all involved in ANY tree or flower or plant to grow and prosper and blossom or carry fruits - and how does such a herbal example compare to human relationship ?

things we never imagine and think of when we all enjoy nature. dozens of minerals ( vitamins ), water of particular quality, rain for the leaves, microorganisms, living and clean soil of particular quality, Prana ( cosmic life force ), direct personal attention, supervision, protection and care if every tree shall survive and grow as well as possible ...

A relationship needs to meet or supply the basic needs of each human - man or women

Let's look and compare a plant with a human relationship more closely

a plant-seed needs a protected minimum living space in an protected environment and particular climate for best growth. a relationship needs a protected environment such as an apartment or room of its own.
a plant needs daily sunlight - direct or indirect if indirect light - then more is needed or the plant will grow slower and be more fragile or weaker or possibly die if left in darkness for too long. the sun is the source of all light. a relationship needs daily spiritual love - truly flowing spiritual energy from soul to soul direct or indirect. if indirect spiritual love is given - then more hours of indirect love are needed or the relationship will grow slower and be weaker or fragile or possibly break apart. God is the source of all spiritual love.
a plant needs daily humidity in soil and air as a result of regular rain or artificial watering or the plant may "dry to death". a relationship needs daily caresses, touch and physical love -p or a relationship may "starve to death".
a plant needs nutrition, minerals and fertilizer from natural fermentation and biological processes in the soil and air. a relationship needs regular mutual adventure and experiences to grow - mutual experiences and adventure are like food for the relationship - they strengthen the bond between two partners.
a plant - specially when young needs care - the more the better and faster it grows and the stronger it may eventually become. a partner needs your tender sweet loving care and affection. daily. the more direct loving care you exchange - the faster and stronger your relationship grows.
once a plant has reached a certain age and size - it may be left more and more in free natural environment and prosper and grow stronger and stronger while exposed to wind, cold, heat and stormy rainy weather as well. the more it is exposed to natural and sometimes wild weather - the stronger and more resistant it will be until it is strong enough to survive the full natural life cycle of that plant. once a relationship has undergone the initial delicate phase - the partners may participate more and more in normal life activities - together and venture into the storms of life in various parts of the planet. exposed to other people and dealing with difficult situations and difficult political or cultural environments - the relationship gains experience and confidence in its strong roots in God and the strong and lasting nature of true love. the experience of steadily increasing and more demanding situations in mutual life leads to a strong and lasting relationship.
one day the plant may have reached its full adult size and be ready to bear fruits or share leaves with other life-forms for the benefit of all creation or for the joy of humans and/or animals. in a well established and well maintained relationship - one day there will be more and more occasions to share with others. share love, food, financial resources, help, advice or supply products of their mutual creative and productive work - for the joy and benefit of all creation.
all those plants which receive all necessary loving care, protection and all needed nutrition - will be strong and fulfill their plan in God's creation - while all the weak ones may die and be replaced by other ones one day. only a strong plant can fulfill the divine plan God intended. all those relationships which have been receiving all necessary loving care and lived through all mutual experiences to grow strong will eventually become a source of help, support and be a mature divine asset for entire creation - for eternity. while all weak relationships break apart and eventually may have to reform at a later stage.

when you realize how much tender loving care one single plant needs if you want to assure that each single plant survives - then you get an idea how much daily love and care is needed to maintain a relationship and let it grow stronger than all evil forces around - here on earth as well as in all creation - for now and all eternity.

take care of all your beloved ones - remember - in all creation survival is but a question of the strength and purity of your love - love needs to flow to grow - love needs to be dynamic and varied - but always as direct as possible.

here on earth - a relationship without daily care and direct love is like a young plant in the desert of Sahara in a hot and cold sand-storm. no chance to survive or even grow strong. a relationship without daily mutual experiences and loving care is scheduled to break apart.

... when is just a question of how much loveless relationship you can "tolerate" before your hunger for true love causes you to be honest and loyal to your innermost being and to find the strength to re-orient yourself toward a new relationship - focusing on love and nothing but divine love in all your mutual efforts of life.

may God bless all your efforts to always "feed" your relationship with the utmost divine love and care and help you to find the right one - YOUR one and only soul mate. all the preparatory steps to do so have already been published and given to you in the teaching of Love "On your wings of Love - on your way to God "and spiritual lessons for life, the spiritual microletters and the Blog "Secrets of Love" here in the Cyberspace Ashram.

Read more about divine relationships, improve your relationship by learning all secrets of love to enhance your love and love-life or post a question in the forum for relationship counseling if you have any relationship or marriage related problems.

with love and bliss


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