Human relationships
Establish a relationship with a living partner
establish first a relationship with the source of love - God

The stronger you are in life - the stronger and more varied your love will be

beloved ones

Are you ...

Selecting a living partner


establishing an open and active relationship with a living partner

Yes -

most of us have or had a living partner. we all have got one for eternity from God and most of us have lost that one due to the temporary progression of ego. while many never may find the eternal living partner HERE on earth - we all CAN find a living partner suitable for all our present lessons on earth. recognition of the eternal one can only take place AFTER YOU have accomplished total oneness with God. But for the benefit of your spiritual progress it is vital for YOU to really learn and practice all spiritual lessons this life has to offer you - HERE and NOW. as we all have to learn to love - to GIVE love to all and to ACCEPT/ABSORB love offered by all.

When your roots in God are strong - then your love can be strong

Love is like a tree - a tree with deep and strong roots can grow big and strong and last long

You may have selected a living partner - but did you establish a relationship with God to let love flow to and through your partner ??

Love needs to flow to establish a relationship - love needs to be linked between you two and the source of all love. To link to God or his son Jesus is easy and fun - try it now and enjoy sweet love and brilliant healing light within when God fills and enlightens your heart and soul ! A relationship without flow of love is like a light bulb without flow of electricity - dark and empty of purpose. Hence to assure and keep on love flowing, you also need first of all to assure that you are open for God - for the source and origin of all love. By following the teachings of love - you may open more and more by removing obstacles that your past experiences and pain may have caused inside you.

what's the difference ? you may ask .

the difference is quite simple. let's have a look at an example:

  1. YOU may decide one day to eat out - and you have a choice of different places - like: 1. Thai food, Chinese food, Italian food, Arab food, American food, ... - hence you decide for Chinese food and go to a good Chinese restaurant in your area. the best you have ever heard of. now you sit IN that Chinese restaurant and the menu is presented to YOU by a waitress or waiter. you look at all the different and may be strange dishes offered and decide - hamburger with French fries or spaghetti with tomato sauce. you failed to ACCEPT anything truly Chinese and exotic that this Chinese restaurant has to OFFER to YOU - hence YOU are CLOSED to the Chinese restaurant. sitting there without accepting it's valuable gifts for YOU.
  2. Other situation: you go to a Thai restaurant and tell the waitress / waiter that you like it hot and spicy - anything and ask him what HE could offer or recommend to you since most of the food names are strange and new to you. Since you explain in details your likes and dislikes - the waiter / waitress recommends you something he / she feels you will love - something fresh and exactly to your taste - may be a combination of different dishes, vegetables, different rice dishes and seafood - all your style. you accept because you are ready to try and taste whatever this restaurant has to offer. hence all their offerings flow INTO YOU - because you eat / absorb their offerings - and enjoy them all and may be give some feedback to them to allow further improvement for next time you come or for other customers to come.

The more faith you have in Love - the more you can enjoy love

The more you can enjoy love - the more sweet or spicy your love and your partners love can be

in the first example YOU have made a choice without accepting the selection that choice had to offer TO YOU. neither was the restaurant able to convince or advice you or encourage you to change your conservative behavior.

in the second example YOU made a choice and YOU displayed readiness to accept the challenge for something exotic, something NEW, something DIFFERENT and you displayed courage to TELL your likes and dislikes to allow the waiter / waitress to make an OFFER to YOU and allow you to accept - or reject - of course you accepted because you dine out to enjoy and if you select an exotic place - then you want to enjoy something exotic - something new and different - may be each time something NEW ...

and the restaurant cared for you and accepted his love and good judgment to serve you according to the preferences and likes YOU told them at the very beginning. they accepted YOUR input and feedback to offer the very best they had to offer - to MAKE YOU happy - because they LOVE you to come back again and again. may be for eternity !

How to make spicy relationship ?

By saying fully YES to all - love-needs and love-offerings from your partner !

two different behaviors - two situations in life we encounter in our relationship as well - exactly the two extreme opposites as mentioned above.

  1. YOU select a partner and from the very first moment always and for ever and ever and very openly and directly YOU SPEAK out your likes - no need to speak out the dislikes as your partner may have only interest in your likes AND in your preferences - because a partner want to make you HAPPY hence YOUR partner wants to KNOW your likes to MAKE YOU happy. focusing in offering whatever you like and love - there is no time left for anything you dislike !!!
  2. ONE of YOUR partner's NEED is .... to MAKE YOU HAPPY !!!
  3. hence your partner wants to KNOW - in words from YOUR mouth - what YOU love !!
  4. and YOU should WANT to BE happy - hence you should be open to accept whatever your partner has to offer you - anything. have faith in his / her love for YOU - your partner always wants to make YOU happy - as making YOU happy is the source for your partner's own happiness. have faith in the divine creativity to KNOW how to make YOU happy again and again - in many different, exotic and new ways - for eternity.
  5. accepting your partner's offerings of love is step ONE of making yourself your partner happy. Your partner is like an infinite buffet in an exotic restaurant. love can have many divine flavors and colors. also partner love, sexual love, friends love, parents love, children's love, ...
  6. by YOU being OPEN for all the creative and exotic love-offerings from your partner - YOU establish a relationship where energy actually and truly FLOWS - LOVE flows from your partner into YOU. more and more and always a variety - depending on your daily needs and on individual eternal situation.
  7. and of course such open relationship is reciprocal - than means YOU as well have the very first basic NEED - to MAKE your partner happy - as happy as possible. every day again and again. with ALL your God given creativity.
  8. making a partner happy increases your self-esteem - your self value - your attitude about YOUR self - your wellbeing and comfort as being male or female depends ENTIRELY on the positive feedback from your partner AND depends entirely from the total acceptance of ALL your offerings of love to your partner.
  9. if you SEE, HEAR and FEEL that your partner is happy with your offerings and services of love - then YOU feel GOOD - you feel love worthy and you feel LOVED as the acceptance of YOUR love by your partner and to confirmation through positive and active FEEDBACK from your partner is the PROOF that your love is valuable and appreciated AND ENJOYED !!!

the opposite would be:

Love needs space and time

Free and live the creativity in your love life
be creative in your love
enjoy the creativity of your partner
surrender to his love and enjoy

each person needs freedom to be creative in profession AND IN LOVE LIFE as well. each being is made by God to the image of God and has infinite potential to love in infinite different ways - for eternity - children, friends, partners, neighbors, ALL.

God is Love - You are Love !

there is a true divine NEED to find someone who really ACCEPTS out love - fully and with JOY as joy in OUR life depends on OTHERS enjoying OUR services and products of love.

there is a need to make a decision FOR a particular partner and THEN also to have the courage to FULLY accept ALL his potential offerings - again and again. to help and easy HIS efforts to MAKE YOU happy - YOUR partner depends on your feedback, on your physical and most direct and true and sincere feedback and on YOU speaking out what and how YOU like and LOVE things to be done for you.

have the courage and faith in the healing power of creative divine love of your partner - let your partner give you ALL to make you fully happy and yourself give ALL to make your partner happy. BOTH as happy as possible - for ever and ever.

such is only possible if BOTH have established a FULL opening for each other. for the NEEDS of the partner. once such NEEDS and feedback is spoken out and shown in clear language - this opening will soon be refined more and more and as a result of increase of LOVE flowing from YOU INTO your partner and from your partner INTO you - you both start then soon to FEEL and KNOW the needs of your partner intuitively and instantly. but FIST you need to establish an active and flowing LINK or relationship WITH your present partner !!

if for any reason you feel that you fail to fully open for your present partner - mainly due to missing spiritual harmony or missing readiness to spiritually grow and progress and RETURN home to God - then it would be honest and time to part in friendship and select another partner - one that can accept ALL your love and one YOU can accept as the source of your eternal and earthly source of happiness and love. God gave one to you for eternity - and even here on earth God will give ONE partner to you who meets the spiritual needs of your karma if the path of karma is your choice.

however YOU can only have a partner similar in spiritual intensity and evolution to YOUR very own present spiritual readiness and progress during YOUR present incarnation. YOUR present ego or the remainder of ego decide how loving your partner can be. it is up to YOU to BE ore spiritual - to BE more loving - to BE more open for the love of your potential partner and to GIVE more love to a hungry partner if MORE love and more happiness is your goal in life. HERE and NOW on earth as well as beyond and for the remainder of eternity.

it is YOUR choice and once you have made a temporary choice FOR a particular partner HERE on earth - you have to PROOF AND CONFIRM your choice by establishing a fully open link to your partner - by being fully open to GIVE all and to ACCEPT ALL love needed to be happy and create happiness.


you have to correct your choice and select another one by giving freedom to your present partner. freedom to find the one willing to accept ALL he has to give and willing to GIVE all he NEEDS here and now to be as happy as possible on his way through all his spiritual lessons here on earth.

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Cute Love

A Secret of Love for you

How do you know whether your partner loves spicy love or mild love ?

Very simple and precise:

If you partner loves spicy food - then the partner loves spicy love - Hot Love ! HOT SEX !!!

If your partner loves mild food - then your partner loves mild love.

If your partner loves sweet food - then your partner loves sweet love - angel love.

If your partner loves sweet AND spicy - then your partner loves wild angel love - sweet and spicy depending on the hour or minute or second - Enjoy !

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With infinite love and bliss


God is love - bringing you a gift of love Gift of Love

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