Often people wait for inspiration ... wait and wait ... and pray and pray ... and nothing happens.

but all has a physiology - even inspiration follows God's Divine rules ... of course !!

here is how:

you want to receive help - inspiration - guidance .. then you should know that God is the source of all inspiration and only projects that serve or HELP or HEAL or SUPPORT God's creation are supported by divine inspiration. all ego projects, all crimes, all destructive plans have to be WORKED OUT by ego and paid for by ego.

but if you have something that pleases mankind, that uplifts mankind or helps/heals mankind then of course you can easily receive inspiration - ...

being OPEN for inspiration also means being FREE from occupation from previous work. let them go - the fruits of your work.

learn to devote your work to OTHERS - to GOD and always be free. then you always are open for new inspiration. always keep yourself free of problems. if such occur - solve them asap and make sure you are free of troubles and problems in your mind. make sure your mind is free for inspiration from God.

then you are free for something NEW and exciting - for new adventures and new success for the wellbeing of ALL.

success in your eternal being and work is the result of divine energy being allowed to flow and act through you. be open for all - be free for all.

I love you


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