Hong Kong and Your horizons and your world

Hong Kong - the city without a loving smile
Hong Kong - the capital of fakes and business - a city far away from God

like every year I have to leave the Philippines at least once a year to met the requirements of local immigration law. having my eternal home in God means having no more home here on earth and being "foreigner" or "visitor" everywhere on earth.

every previous visit was leading to the same insight about Hong Kong and chines culture

Hong Kong and China is a culture and world empty of love !

how does it manifest ?

a world where people talk about profits, margins, market, $, business ...
a world where none are hugging, loving, smiling ...
a world with no or very few children in the streets ...
a world with decreasing business ...
a world where people in Hong Kong are still separated from their mainland - or better vice versa China mainland is still separated from the rest of the world.
a world where married to a foreigner who is paying taxes to a "enemy-country" as it is called betraying china and punishable by law as a crime - these days topic at Hong Kong government !!

a world where people WANT from others without wanting to GIVE to others ....

a world where majorities betray THEIR innermost being, their soul and all their spiritual needs ...

all people get the world they deserve - people CREATE THEIR world - ALL do it - YOU are creating YOUR world - the one you spend years, decades, centuries, millennium - ... ETERNITY !!!

LIKE THAT IDEA ??? good because the way you work and live is your future. happy to see and know you happy already NOW these days ...


shocked by that idea ??? good then may be it may become hopefully a healing shock !! billions of people NEED a healing shock to start their changes needed to achieve a divine goal and enter an eternal world of love.

many other places in the many countries I have visited have similar serious problems - some in other fields - but all have serious spiritual blockages in their cultural behavior.


a culture, a country, a society is but the sum of a large number of egos ! all separated from God by a number of similar problems and spiritual blockages. meeting each other to face day after day the same or similar behavior from your own one multiplied by thousands or millions of your country to make you aware of the need to change. to make you aware of YOUR need to change YOUR SELF.

whenever you travel - learn from the countries you visit and always keeps in mind that there is still something to learn from every so much lost culture on this planet - but you may have to search and find the jewels.

at the same time you may learn OTHER mistakes - either some that YOUR present country and society is steering into right now these days .. and you still have the time to make all the changes needed for YOUR future ! you may LEARN from mistakes OTHERS do to prevent additional incarnation.

part of all learning is done by yourself directly - another part may be learned by anyone else and given to YOU and all others.

it is similar to technology, you can invent something and give it FREE for the benefit of all - or you can keep all your finding s secret - patented.

Your horizons and your world

some of you live in a "safe and comfortable" worlds, while others live in India, Zaire, China, Russia, Cambodia, Bangladesh and other remote countries, anything but stable politically or anything but prosperous in living.

whenever you see your "holy" world where everything appears to be fine and near perfect to YOU, always keep in mind that there are NOW and HERE BILLIONS of OTHERS suffering, hungry, freezing, jobless, homeless, disoriented !!!

the weak ones depend on help to find their way home - YOUR help - whose help else ?? it is YOU the one who received it all - all you need for your journey home, all solutions of love have been given to you, all knowledge for a loving and successful return home has been given to YOU and others wait until you can forward all help YOU received to them. others wait ON YOU !

always look behind and beyond YOUR personal horizons of your "holy" world and beyond your personal friends and neighborhood. there always are worlds beyond and below - world of unparalleled hate and violence, worlds where freedom is but a dream during the rare calm sleeps, dreams that only can be dreamed the nights free of hunger, the warm and cozy rare nights without raindrops on their beds, the nights without mosquito all night, the nights without pain in the body, the nights without fear, ....

PLEASE learn to look into other people's HEART to see how they REALLY are, sad or happy, safe or fearing, lonely, lost in life, disoriented in life, spiritually lost, ...

seeing and FEELING how all others feel makes you easily move faster and more efficiently in all your action and efforts as your efficient spiritual progress drastically reduces spiritual suffering among YOUR love ones from previous incarnations - now in worlds far away from you, in other countries or continents ... or just in the slums next to your home.

KNOWING about others true situation makes it extremely easy to always make the right choice and find the right priorities in your life. now and forever. when ALL others are happy and ONE with God again - when we all are ONE family in God again - that is the point when we all are truly happy and ready for a break and for some time off - a heavenly vacation.

in the mean time - there is work

d Bliss be always with you - for ever and ever and always guide your thoughts and actions for the eternal wellbeing of all creation.


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