Simple life makes learning easier and more fun

Be and learn like children
- learning while playing, while having fun
- always ready to help the loved ones

sometimes people on this planet - may be you as well ?? - have very limited idea about

HERE on earth - and on many other planets / universes - humans and non humans LEARN to behave and love in a sufficient divine way to be ABLE to return to ONENESS with ALL.

that means -

if TODAY YOU would be allowed going home to ONENESS - NOTHING at all would change to your present situation - NOTHING !!

IF today you think of your self or your family FIRST before thinking of ALL others of ALL creation - then you would most likely cause separation from ONENESS again within less than a day !

HERE on earth we learn to be the LOVING selfless way NEEDED to achieve and maintain oneness for ever and ever.

we learn the importance of ease of life IF we always remain open for God all the time and re-establish permanent opening to God.

do YOU learn all that ?? of course you do .. but are you always learning the easiest - most loving - most direct - most efficient way ??

you better should - because lessons are all for your and only your personal / spiritual benefit.

all you do and or learn HERE and NOW is just for YOU alone. YOU will be the one being more happy for eternity. you will be the one having better position for eternity because wisdom is the measure to give you permission within God's creation. there are neither keys nor admission passwords for any part of God's creation - it is your TRUE and most SINCERE LOVE for ALL and for GOD that creates the HIGHEST possible vibration and allows you to do or access whatever is needed or wished by you.

and HERE and NOW on earth you have the unique chance to learn, practice and PROOF spiritual maturity to do so.

real life and real learning starts after your return home - but BEFORE being able to return you need to learn to be able to stay at home long enough to learn true love !!!

always keep in mind that nothing really changes until YOU have change your self - until YOU have change your selfish ego behavior and until YOU have learned to PUT the needs of all creation - the needs of GOD above any personal need - for eternity.

lessons here on earth often appear tough on your ego - but lessons ONLY can appear tough to EGO - as loving spiritual being NEVER feels anything else but the loving content of all lessons experienced and any truly loving being always ENJOYS learning more and more.

because in our eternal spiritual home same rule applies than HERE on earth. if YOU want to be in a better "position" - i.e. have MORE freedom - have less or NO closed doors - then YOU need to be more qualified. and it's ALL about LOVE - the more perfect YOUR love the more YOU will see and experience and the more doors YOU will perceive into other worlds - some of them just for fun others to help or learn even more.

HERE and NOW we all have to grow up to our eternal maturity and being. at very least to the point were we all have learned to STAY at home.

hence a very few simple steps and rules may help you to ease your progress:

May God's bliss and love enlighten you and guide you on the very most loving way into eternal freedom.

have fun learning - because children also have fun playing and children LEARN while playing - without a physical teacher ...

how are THEY - the children doing that ?? watch them - copy them - enjoy !!

smile like happy children

I love you


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