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Many people from around the world ask me again and again why God doesn't answer to their prayers, why God doesn' t change or improve their lives. Here some important key point to keep in mind when expecting God to change or improve any situation in your life or even when expecting God to heal you from any illness:

and first of all you may need to take full and sole responsibility for all of your life. Become independent - free - of any involvement in your life by others. This means that you may love all the near and dear ones, but still conduct YOUR life. because YOU and no one else is responsible for your own destiny, for your own karma, for your own spiritual growth and liberalization to achieve God-Union. it can never be the others to take your time - it is always you to spend your time with others. It is never others to force you to live in a particular way, or according to certain standards or expectations of society.

Be free of the expectation of others, of society, of your family and friends. Live according to the spiritual needs of your soul. Living and realizing the true and spiritual needs of your soul automatically leads to God-Realization and God-Union. Because your soul only wants to go home - to your eternal home in God. The souls of all others have the same desires, even if the present ego of others around you may have different goals at present. Selfish goals and priorities in life can only be the result of spiritual ignorance within others. Striving for true spiritual goals however always leads to receiving all spiritual support and bliss by other souls and by God as well.

When you strive for a change - first learn to completely dissolve any attachment to your previous behavior and situations. Learn to accept something totally new and different from anything you ever made before on earth. Be ready for a total change in life, including anything you ever could imagine.

Please keep in mind that most of the cultural behavior of your society must be wrong - because if your society would be right in most what they do - all people within that society would be home in God - rather than being on earth. Being on earth simply proves that they missed some of the substantial spiritual lessons in life. However always remember that every culture, every religion, every nation, every system, every race on earth still has something really valuable to teach you, to give you.

One mistake in common for most groups on earth is the missing spiritual knowledge and strive within their lives, the missing LOVE in their lives whatever they do. This is a particular lesson on this very planet earth. And it is the very particular lesson the authoring soul of this web site would like to help you understand and realize through the many chapters of this web site.

Be ready for a complete change in life -and you'll be free and open for all LOVE and BLISS from God that you ever need to achieve spiritual growth and freedom in God. Stop accusing others and calling others responsible for your present situation and start to take full and sole responsibility for your entire life, for your past, your present and your future. Be in charge of your life - God will help you to drive your soul home - through all the imaginable storms of earthly life and spiritual exams - home on your way of LOVE. God certainly wants to know and make sure that you really want to go back to your divine and eternal home before uplifting you. How could he ever pull you out of a situation to which you still feel more attachment than toward LOVE and freedom in God. He gave you freedom and that is exactly what you have - the freedom of choice in every second you live. May USE of this freedom, make wise use and decide on your own.

With Divine Love and Bliss


God is Love

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God is Love
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