Be, feel and behave like a divine child of God

One important step toward self realization or God realization is to truly realize that YOU are a Divine Child of God. this appears a major problem to many or most people on this planet. you may need to do some brain-work and some helpful imagination to support the realization of this truth.

look at the animal world. small animals sometime have a different name than the same adult form. small fishes like butterfly fishes even may behave differently than their parents without getting any problems from other adult butterfly fishes. they have a different color during their childhood and any other fish of the same family knows: these are babies and need some ADDITIONAL tender loving care to grow up and learn all the laws of our adult world. we also have a different color and shape - now, as growing up and learning "baby-saints" we have a physical body - later on we have a body made of divine light and love.

look at babies or children, even teenagers. everyone agrees, this are human beings. even if in a very small body. everyone knows they grow up and one day are true adults, may become engineers, doctors, professors, craftsmen, healers, ....

now look at yourself as being a Child of God - NOW, HERE, ON THIS PLANET. even if caught in a physical body. it serves the purpose to learn and spiritually grow up.

before you can truly feel like a divine being of light and love - made to the image of God, you may first need to stop to feel guilty all the times. whatever you do, you always remain a divine Child of God. you may need to become aware of your feelings of guilt. how ? quite easy. here some helpful steps to follow:

how often do you approach other persons with

excuse me ......

millions of people in various countries and various languages use this starting words. when they ask for a way, an address, the time, or just when they want to talk to someone and many other occasions. this is frequently done in India, Europe, USA and many other places around this planet.

instead of using "excuse me ...." you may just use the word "please .... " and combine it with a smile and pack it in love. it makes YOU feel better and it is more pleasant for the others as well. there is simply no need at all to excuse yourself just because you are talking to another person or asking another person a question. you as a Child of God have the potential and Divine right to talk to anyone who is willing to talk to you. you may open his heart with Love and a smile. anyone needs and loves love, hence anyone may accept your approach with love and may most probably have the time for you that you may need.

you may however learn to control your ego while approaching a person. first smile and love the person and wait until the person looks at you to make sure he is available to you without having to interrupt any of his very private thoughts, or any talk, phone call or other work he is just busy with NOW when you approach him. make sure you are patiently waiting until HE looks at you and then he may even ask you how he can help you. then you may ask your question with LOVE and a smile from the depth of your heart. be sure you look directly into his eyes. eye-contact is very important for the best possible energy-exchange between the to soul and personalities. if you have direct and continuous eye-contact with the person you approached, it also shows that you and your soul fully agree with your present action, thoughts and feelings, with the reason you have to approach this very person.

even when you are in a crowd, bus, train, super market or any other crowded area and accidentally touch another person, there is NO need to say excuse me .... just be loving and gentle. anyone going to such places should accept being touched by others, else he should take a serious and long retreat to realize how much he may soon miss any social contact with humans. be gentle in all you do, do it with love and care for the wellbeing of all, any time, any where. who could ever get angry at someone who has a loving smile on the face. no one. but it must be true love coming from the depth of your heart toward anyone around you and away from you. look at how small children are approaching anyone, even "foreigners" they do it curiously, with love and a smile and most people love them and smile back. we adults could re-learn this technique of approach very quickly. just do it ! NOW !!

have faith in your divinity and the potential power of your divine love. he / she is a divine Child of God and you may bow in front of him / her, at least within yourself you should. but YOU are a Divine Child of God as well. start to imagine that you are an angel-like Child of God just learning to behave as such. it is very easy. do whatever you want to do with Love in your heart and a smile on your face. He / she is also learning to behave like a Divine Child of God and may need just this situation to practice and may need your loving help to progress.

and if once and again one person or a group of persons you approached still cannot smile back at you. he / she may have gone through some really traumatic experiences in the past and may have a serious problem with himself / herself. this is a reason to love and smile even more and to pray for Divine assistance and Bliss for that person.

learn to see and feel yourself as being part of a huge divine family. helping each others to spiritually grow and accumulate experiences while practicing on earth and beyond.

have fun being a Child of God.


with Divine Love and Bliss


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