Spiritual progress

Spiritual progress is like technical progress. You may first ask yourself a few questions and obtain from yourself clear and precise answers. The goal in your life should be clear before you can achieve it. If you agree on a clearly outlined goal for your life, then start to ask yourself some of the additional questions below.

on the other side, if you still are focusing on your political, scientific, technical, sports or business - career or just wasting time for no particular reason, while at the same time attempting a spiritual progress, you may soon realize that these are different developments quite often going in opposite directions.

Let's go through a few points, it may help you to speed up your very own spiritual progress.

Make sure you can clearly answer each of the following questions with either YES or NO, anything else may hamper your spiritual progress and delay any further separation from God.

do I really want to become God-realized ?

If yes ..

do you really follow all the known steps to accomplish this goal within the shortest possible delay ?

if no ..

What is the reason you may want to continue suffering on this planet or beyond ?

What is the reason you may still refrain from loving all mankind and being loved by all ?

If you stay with a clear no, then be aware that there is never a justified reason to claim anyone else responsibility for any suffering or discomfort in YOUR life.

whatever you decide, is your free choice. It is your birthright to make your very own decisions and live accordingly.

Do I know what the word God-realization means ?

If unclear, learn more about God, about spiritual nature of a human soul. Read, study and become aware of the full meaning of this word. Become aware of the true origin of your soul and being, as well as your true destiny in eternal life.through continuous spiritual progress, your perception of the full meaning of this word may increase months after months, death, life without a physical body, loving all mankind in any situation whatever they do, may become normal for you, may become a permanent part of your growing spiritual being - made to the image of God.

Are you afraid of dying, if yes why ?

Life starts beyond physical existence. Life is becoming more and more intense beyond physical existence.

Become aware of your answers, think about and strive to realize the goal of your life.

If your goal is clearly of spiritual nature, if you can clearly and with the full power of mind and soul say

YES I want to return to God, I want to become a fully God - realized soul. A being of light and Love . Then you may ask

do I undertake all possible efforts to achieve this goal directly or is there still some hesitation in my spiritual efforts. The only reason for limited efforts on your spiritual progress may be lack of knowledge about God and Godrealization.

Become free of the distraction by others. Remember, it is the right of anyone, to live however he/she wants to live. Those souls without any conscious thought about God, may still need some of the physical lessons this planet hast to offer.

However they have no right to keep you from going your own spiritual way.

Some of your friends however may be afraid of losing you. The want to grab hold on you and keep you within the cycle of physical reincarnation. At least during the present incarnation.

This however is very selfish of such other persons. The only way you ever can help your friends, family-members, your society, even your home-country, if this is important to you,

is through your spiritual progress.

The more you succeed on your spiritual path, the more Love and spiritual power you will develop, the more you may gently and lovingly help the entire Divine creation.

Life starts after achieving God-realization. Life starts when you have learned to truly Love at any time for eternity.

What in life are you still doing that may slow down or even prevent any spiritual progress. If there are still a number of different factors in your life, YOU and only YOU are in the position to change.

You may instantly change your attitude after becoming aware of any distracting factors in your life.

Just say YES to God, say YES to Love . And anything else will vanish in the fire of the almighty Divine Love .

Dissolve any current of future obstacle in Love, by constantly focusing on your spiritual goal, by constantly solving any situation in Love , nothing but Love .

some of the chapters of "on your wings of Love - on your way to God" may certainly help you on your way home. Learn and reread them until you have understood the full spiritual truth it contains. You may additionally read and study a few other spiritual books. Allowing you to get a different look at one and the same topic.

However remember, you may never become a saint by reading books, but only by living, by doing, by actively living and loving in your life.

You may at one point of your life wish to retire from mankind and spend some time in a peaceful and quiet retreat. This may be most helpful for most serious God-seekers.

Spiritual progress may require a combination of retreat and involvement in daily life. Before you may achieve God-realization you certainly have learned to Love anyone anytime.

This is quite simple. Just stop fighting, stop arguing by continuously loving. Love in all situations. And all goal may be achieved easier and more peacefully.

I love you

With Divine Love and Bliss


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