Our thoughts affect our environment around us

all our thoughts and emotions affect all other beings - human and others - around us. we have a greater influence on others peoples well-being and comfort

as most of us may be ready to admit.

since our behavior and our thoughts affect our environment, we shall become less mysterious to others, we shall strive to become fully transparent to all others. more and more people reincarnate with the divine gift of clairvoyance, seeing the aura of others as well as knowing about others thoughts and emotions. the most secret what we considered ours for millenaries is becoming public property. and yes it is good so. because all of us finally are striving for the one goal in life. in one way or another we all somehow are out to find love from various or all possible sources.

one prerequisite to become open for love from all sources as well as from our beloved one within our family is to become open toward all beings. because whatever is between you and anyone else may also be between you and your nearest ones.

learn to admit all your thoughts whenever you are asked "what do you think now ?". let's learn to admit all our true and deepest desires and emotions, because we need to learn it anyway during the course of our spiritual progress. before achieving God-realization we all will have learned to be completely transparent to all. it is the ONLY way to ever become one with God.

it certainly may appear to be a tough lesson for many of us. tough because it was very unusual for most of this planet during the past several thousand years. yet we all continue to spiritually grow, and all others as well. spiritual growth will drastically speed up in the future and life will become more social, more spiritual and hence more peaceful and love filled.

learn to leave your drawers and your desk open within your home as well as within your work-places. we all are involved with each others "business" private or others. because there is no possible separation between private and business. it is all but one single continuity. one single spiritual lesson on the way to infinite freedom in God. freedom includes full confidence in the divinity of all of us.

learn to apply and live faith in God, by having faith in all of his children. if we realize to be honest all the way, we shall have no reason to ever fear any possible karma. the karma of loving others is being loved by others. let' s love each other and give each other again and again another chance to improve what we may have missed in the passed.

let's learn to always admit all our feelings, fears, frustration, joy, love, desires, ........ and we shall see that all mankind on earth has some similar thoughts and emotions. finally we all are made of the one and only - we all are made from God, out of his very own divinity. to the image of God. we all are divine children of God - learning to really be divine and free, to love all the time for the remainder of eternity.

help each other to tear down the walls of fear that we all have been putting up in the past. help each others to heal that fear by the power of divine love.

learn to work and live free of any copyright and patents, free of any confidential papers or documents in all situations. some one always must go ahead in front of others to show others how it works to be truly spiritual. live that example in all situations, for your children, your family, your friends and your enemies.

with divine love and bliss


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