Merry Christmas

Beloved divine souls and children of the Divine

Christmas time is giving time. God showers these very day bliss on all mankind on earth - on absolutely all of all cultures all religions all countries.

To be open for such huge amounts of healing love and bliss, you need to be empty of all you carry with you since years, decades or incarnations.

An ideal way is to give It to someone in need.

Giving in any way to anyone is the secret of being able to receive during Christmas time. There are still two days left until the 24th of December.

If you think you have nothing to give, then make something to give, and if you have forgotten how to make anything at all that others could need or use, learn to give the most valuable of all - your LOVE.

How do you know that you give love - learn It. Step by step. Give your time, give yourself to your children or your partner, give your help to those in need of help, give your labor to those needing It's. Do it for love. And if you never can or want to do - do It just one single time during this Christmas - to give just for love one single times in your present incarnation - during Christmas time. Whatever you have. Share whatever you have with those having nothing or less than you. Spend a night of love or a few hours of love with lonely ones, with elder ones, with singles, with homeless, with jobless or with you alone to be one single day and night just you and you with God ! Just your soul + your ego + God and clear anything between you. God's love and bliss will do all the healing.

Give anything You have or want to give - but give with love - everybody has something to give - the more you give the more you may receive - from God. But first YOU need to give to make place for all the bliss and love that's waiting on you these days.

Please take a few hours or a day or two rest and peace to be open for some healing love to help you to free you and carry you on your way to God. It's is a free gift from God - just for all of you who have some time for God and Love. NOW.

Merry Christmas and Divine Love to all of you

I love you all - from the depth of my heart and soul


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