Spiritual exams and grades

time and again God sends a soul to all of us to test us, it finally is God who is testing us from inside that soul. these past months, weeks and days more often than during decades before - all of you have been tested .... by God. how was your "grade". how do you feel right now ?? did you pass or fail or even missed to recognize God inside the person testing you ... or even more serious, you even failed to recognize that there was a spiritual test at all ??

lets have a look at you, have a deep look inside you. here some help:

when did you see the last beggar asking for some money, food or warm clothing. when has it been brought to your attention that someone is in need somehow. this was God testing your progress in loving and developing mercy and grace toward anyone. did you give this person what this person was asking for or did you just give a fraction of it, or nothing at all ??

have you been aware of the emergency of someone you know. did you ask him whether he needs help and he answered YES. did you really and immediately relief ALL his suffering and emergency ?? or did you move on to your daily schedule filled with egoistic goals feeding your pride, polishing your career and and feeding hunger for more ... even though you would have had all the resources necessary to immediately stop any further suffering of that person sent to you by God. immediately meaning within seconds or minutes !! I surely know that all of you went through such situations within the past few weeks and months. why ?? you will have to find it out yourself go through your past days, weeks and months screen them truthfully and carefully, every second and minute, every phone call, conversation, meeting, e-mail, talk, encounter with any other person !! how can anyone possible calling himself spiritual and expect to find his way home to God, to love,to happiness, to satisfaction, if he himself still withholds all his love from all others.

all that ever has been given to you came and still is coming from God, your job is maintained by God, your bank account, your health, your car, your children, girlfriend, wife, husband, boyfriend, your home, your country, the fulfillment of all your past wishes as well as all future ones. all and much more than you ever could imagine while having a physical body, is maintained, created and financed by God.

if you still refrain from sharing, why should you ever continue to get more and more, just for yourself ? it simply makes no sense at all. but it truly makes sense that all those who lovingly share again and again get more and more to share and help the needy. those of you who have really successfully passed your exams, and there are many !!! they really are aware or it as being normal, actually these divine souls have realized some of the most basic and at the same time most powerful divine power - love, mercy and grace - and may consider it normal to act so. yes in deed it actually is, as divinity is normal, love, mercy and grace is the natural God-made aspect of any soul. including mankind's soul. being divine, loving all mankind and all other beings is normal, sharing and helping is normal compared to the absolute and God's Divine rules of LOVE.

more and more souls are learning to realize their divine potential. more and more among you too. yet a few still can create much noise, much turmoil and much pain. just look at a group of singers, lets say 40, males and females mixed, singing love and joy songs. and ONE single singer singing wrong. this single one may as well destroy all the love and harmony of the remaining 39. do you realize how important it is that all who can make a difference today - who can become truly spiritual NOW - today - who can be a divine light of joy, bliss and love NOW, as of these seconds, that all these souls are needed to help all others who may still have to go a long path to learn and experience what you are finishing by the end of any incarnation that you declare as being your last one to end the separation from God and divine love. you - all those who are aware of spiritual laws and principles, all you who are aware of the importance and healing power of love are accepting additional suffering by delaying your own spiritual progress even a single second. those who are suffering are your brothers and sisters on earth as well as in heaven. they all are part of your family. how could you ever allow your very own family members to starve, to suffer from pain, to suffer from God-separation, from being lost within their own karma.YOU may be the single only person on earth being able to help this very person, this very soul. may be there is but one single chance during this entire present incarnation for that particular soul - YOU ... may be that single chance for that person soul soul !!!.some of these souls asking and testing you, or being otherwise brought to your attention may be your very best friends from past incarnations, your single most preferred lovers, may be the only one you ever loved - children husband, or wife from previous incarnations. and just for that particular reason this soul may have come to incarnate, or gone into that particular situation to awaken you - just to help you to practice true divine loving, sharing, developing mercy and grace and to finally help you to find your way back to God.

any exam can be repeated and improved again and again. just pray for it the next exam may be in a few minutes from now. you can learn but from doing. so do, repeat again and again until you have realized to LOVE in all and any situation. if you realized NOW that a short while ago you could have done better, just correct it NOW today, with love and the means God shows you today. God may send you another divine soul in disguise or the same again. learn to recognize such situations may be difficult. but it is easy to always help anyone asking for help or obviously being in need of help. most of the time in your past it never was difficult to find out who needs help. but now it is time to really practice what you know that needs to be done anyway.

LOVE - share - heal - help

with love and divine bliss

if you touch me, you'll be apart from me, if you love me - I'll be inside all, one with all.

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