Happiness within depends on harmony within

happiness within depends on harmony within. harmony between your present personality and the goals of your own soul. the work you do, the activities you do, as well as all the goals you strive to achieve in life need to be in harmony with your very own soul's need for spiritual experiences and spiritual growth.

millions of people around the world, from all cultures and countries however are reaching out for the goals of someone else. may be for the goals of their mother or father, the society, friends, or political goals of a particular political system or political party. become aware of your own goals that you presently are working to accomplish and whose goals these are. are you doing what you do, because someone else expects you to do it. your family, your best friend, your children, your partner or parents ...

- or

are you really doing what YOU always liked and wanted to do ??

find out what you ever liked and wanted to do and how YOU wanted to do it. start going back into your present childhood, what did YOU dream of doing, how did YOU want to do it. were you allowed to do things the way YOU always wanted it, or have you been pushed by others to do your different tasks in life their way. what did others expect from you and did you try to meet their expectations.

people do meet other peoples expectations, because they hope to get these people's love that way. however keep in mind that someone truly loving you, loves you the way YOU are, they will love you the way God made you. If they only accept you when you live according to their expectations, if you live the way they want you to live, then they are far away from being able to love.

stop wasting your time to fight or work for the love of others. start to concentrate on your love toward all and your love only shall be sufficient to attract their love for you. love is all you ever need to get the love of others. love is the most valuable you ever can give to anyone. you deserve to be loved - and you deserve that you allow yourself a pleasant life that makes you happy. only persons being really happy, having a fulfilled life with lots of love and interesting adventures in life can make others really happy. you need to admit yourself the divine right to be happy, to do what you love to do - then you have the potential of making all others happy as well, to love all those who need and enjoy your love.

it is a very basic divine rule that all mankind needs to learn to love all others the way they like to be, the way they are. some may change on their own during the course of incarnations, but it is their own right to make any decision about when and how to change their life, their opinion, their behavior.

fighting for your freedom to do what you like to do makes no sense at all. You will succeed in your life on your very own path by doing what you want to do and by doing it with love and a mystic smile on your face - all you need to do and all that ever helps you in accomplishing your own goals in YOUR life is

Just do it !! do what you always wanted to do - do it with love. but really do it. keep smiling and loving whatever you do and tell all those that might disagree or wonder:

"I am a free child of God and it is my divine right to live the way I want to live, to do what I want to do and to do what makes ME happy !! I can only make others happy, when I am allowed to be happy myself. do you want a slave serving your needs or a happy person making you happy ? "

remember that any discussion between two or more persons is a mental war between egos - so keep yourself out of any discussion of any kind. truth is absolute - hence there is no possibility to discuss the absolute. their is no need to defend your freedom, their is no need to defend your choices, your decisions. you have the basic divine right to change your mind, to make free decisions and live freely in this world and the entire divine creation.

only the obscure, the wrong, the false, the ignorance could be discussed. however why wasting time and energy for something wrong. discussions may lead to compromises but compromises never are absolute and true. compromises lead to a loss of energy by all parties involved. truth however is divine and always succeeds by its very own divine potential and divine power. a lie may need to be defended - the absolute truth is protected by God and his divine love for all his creation. your divine freedom to live your way - to live your life, is a divine truth and God will protect it, if you live this divine right with all the love God gives you.

but of course you may also need to learn to admit and protect the same divine basic rights for all others, your children, friends, partners, parents, employers, employees, ....... to absolutely all - even your pets.

freedom of choice, freedom of life is absolute and divine. may divine love and bliss be the driving force of all you ever do and all people, animals and other beings around you and in the entire creation will become happy with you.

With Divine Love and Bliss


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