Let's go !
be more actively involved in the creation of your future
realize your dreams and goals - invest in your wellbeing

read and study until you understand !

last night a large group of true loving God seekers sang a song "let's go ..."

... they sang this song to

... JESUS !

they all were asking Jesus to MOVE ON with them - but "let's go WHERE" ?? of course to GOD !!! HERE in the PH it is normal to think and feel and act that way. HERE millions of God seekers KNOW - Jesus is coming back and taking them HOME. that's why here it is normal to sing let's go ... to Jesus.

OUT in the world all I remember - it's always ME to tell my disciples: let's go, let's move, come on, do more, do better, do faster, ... !!

having children ready to go faster, do better and MOVE ON back to God, is a fulfillment of my dreams of getting all my family back to God again SOON !

Let's GO !! let's be MORE "professional" for the remainder of our path back home, let's be MORE efficient, more precise and MORE LOVING - let's YOUR LOVE be MORE dynamic, more MOVING, let's YOUR love create MIRACLES of LOVE !! inside you and around you - on this entire planet and BEYOND !!

I can promise you ONE thing - you NEVER can go TOO FAST - but TOO slow !! if YOU have been TOO slow in your past or present - then NO single one ever will wait on YOU - it's YOU go catch up with all !!! because TOO MANY now sing in their heart, soul AND voice - Let's go ! to many eager to return NOW - today !!

for any future spiritual newsletter here a very few brief rules:

  1. i expect ALL to have a full copy of either the Cyberspace Ashram DVD "Spiritual Treasures" or an up to-date copy of the file god.zip
  2. when I refer to a chapter in a newsletter - I will use relative links. that means if YOU save any newsletter received into the directory kriyayoga.com/newsletters/ BEFORE reading it - then all internal links WILL work !! for any external links of course you have to be ONLINE.
  3. you are using public Internet cafes ?? no problem at all - I had to work that way for some 14 months, from November 2000 to January 2002 - BE creative, learn to CREATE YOUR solutions - example: USE one and the same computer, copy your Cyberspace Ashram DVD "Spiritual Treasures" (folder /God onto that ONE computer into YOUR home-directory and do the procedures mentioned above on that foreign computer.
  4. you have NO home-directory on that "foreign" computer in that ONE Internet cafe that SERVES YOU ?? then SUPPORT that Internet cafe and its employees by being a good customer. BRING them a gift and PAY for their additional work and hardware needed and YOU get your home-directory with a few dozen MB space needed. never think of problems - they NEED to be there where YOU are TOO weak in LOVING, in GIVING and creating powerful precise solutions of love. ALWAYS search for solutions - and solutions is what you find and receive ! whenever YOU wan to receive a favor or service from OTHERS - YOU have FIRST to give something to be free to receive what you need.

please be reminded that the spiritual teachings of the CA are manifold. you find the essence of all important teachings

  1. in the "message of love" - here you find FREQUENTLY NEW additions - they are never announced - just added/published ! if you want to see them all at once - open the folder /god/kriyayoga.com/random on your mini-CD or in your file god.zip and there you find 2 files in English (and German) with all present texts available. Each part is separated by %% for the automated SSI to work online.
  2. in "With Love from God to you and for Meditation"
  3. in "on your wings of Love - on your way to God"
  4. and finally the very deepest and most complete teachings of all - as a result of YOU actually practicing Kriya Yoga AND God Yoga for an extended period of time - INCLUDING the practical part and additional lessons published in the spiritual lessons for life BEFORE May 2002 - you receive ANY and ALL most detailed answers and teachings in the NORMAL way - in a SPIRITUAL way ( spiritual methods ALWAYS are excluding any intellectual or physical means !! ) - either in your meditation or as a vision - when ever needed and appropriate. Such teachings are directly proportional to YOUR PROOF of LOVE and your true capability to LOVE in all and every situation. YOU receive such additional teachings as much and as extensive as YOU DESERVE THEM !!! it is ONLY the quantity and quality of YOUR love that sets a limit to YOUR spiritual progress !

Learn to truly understand your visions ! "dreams" often are visions. such visions NEVER can be more precise or more CLEAR as your spirit is as a result of YOUR true most scientific spiritual efforts !!! if you FAIL to fully and clearly understand ALL - then YOU failed to practice ALL the teachings I GAVE YOU for YOUR intellect - and you may need to EXTEND YOUR practice of Kriya Yoga to its FULL extent - that full extent is clearly and very shortly outlined in the "Divine Rules for Life".

in order to receive CLEAR visions - YOUR spirit and YOUR HEART needs to be CLEARED of prejudice, cleared of wish for retaliation, clear of revenge, clear of expectations, clear of any NOs, clear of any rejections, .... just C L E A R !! such state or condition of YOUR spirit and heart is achieved by DOING ALL the lessons YOU have already received for your intellect PLUS the actual Kriya Yoga and God Yoga.

if you ever receive and vision or have any clear "dream" that appears to have a spiritual message or content that you fail to clearly understand - keep on progressing on your path of love until you can receive God's guidance in CLEAR language - in YOUR language that YOU fully understand. never be happy with anything you need to interpret as any interpretation is a guess and guesses are NO scientific method on your path to good - guesses and interpretations are a DANGER !!

never use any "vision aids" or "hearing aids" for divine communication, like in material life - never get used to crutches, glasses or contact lenses or hearing aids, GET HEALTHY and use your healthy senses - as GOD gave you health and only your ego and karma creates illness - hence heal and dissolve all your karma and ego in the fire of divine love - to be free for direct communication with GOD as only such direct SPIRITUAL communication with God makes you free and really efficient on YOUR individual path to God.

love pure and divine shall prevail on earth and beyond

and to finalize this newsletter and give you a word of love for today - this week and the remainder of your life on earth:

a plan is needed to do or create all the useless things of life,
the true and natural NEED of others is "plan" for all useful things !
studies and titles are needed to make plans,
divine LOVE is needed to do all the useful in life !

I love you


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