How to focus on your goals! Learn how to achieve your goals

Be time efficient to reach your goals
stop instantly wasting any time for useless activities

Time is crucial - you are born, waste valuable years for repeated times to study the very same basic school topics, making money, spending money and CREATING new ties, new attachments AND creating NEW KARMA and later on suddenly realize:

Time is over, the body is of no more strength and health needed to achieve anything important AND you suddenly realize that you forgot to achieve any considerable spiritual progress. you had many plans and many goals in your life - TOO MANY - and distributed all your limited and most valuable resources to MANY goals at the same time - even worse - you may realize that you made substantial mistakes in controlling your life in directing your path into the desired direction. you may realize that you have directed too much of your life-force and resources into the WRONG channels and directions - toward the wrong goal.

As a manager of YOUR own life ...

- as a coach of YOUR OWN soul you may have failed

- most human on earth have failed for thousands of years - that's why they ;all are HERE instead of being AT HOME !

Manage your life - be in control of all decisions to achieve your goals

Managing your own SPIRITUAL LIFE however is little different from managing a business or coaching a POTENTIAL champion in any sport, the only difference is that a spiritual coach - a GURU - is priceless and can never be found in yellow pages. only God can guide you to one ! only your TRUE and SINCERE, HONEST desire to LEARN to LOVE in ALL situations will qualify you to find a true God realized guru. YOU have to work harder than in any business or sport to qualify for personal guidance on a physical level - you need to develop true love to pay a guru. you have to FULLY cooperate or you lose any right for direct physical guidance on your spiritual path ! MOST of you have failed to FULLY surrender to YOUR personal guru in Europe, USA or Asia or where ever. for ALL of you a very careful and intense RE-study of the "Autobiography of a Yogi" would be beneficial to truly understand IN YOUR HEART the value of a physical guru AND how to enter and behave in a relation ship with such a guru.

What priorities do you have - are your priorities and goals identical ?

Its all about priorities - in all aspects of life - what is YOUR priority


Besides that little difference - you need to follow very same principles of success as any other person wanting to be successful in material life.

A decision YOU make in regard to all those who HELP YOU on YOUR spiritual path for YOUR BENEFIT

The main part of this Newsletter is published online - including some worksheets for your quality control and personal feedback. please read it and DO it - it's for YOUR spiritual benefit only.

God bless you