New Homepage Search Engine installed

tonight I have installed a new real text search engine to make finding YOUR specific topic or answer easier. you find several small search windows.

some on the LEFT side INSIDE the navigation frame

in each portal page another one to the far right side.

the left one will display ALL search results with LINKS INSIDE the left navigation frame and you can click on the links of any pages found - the actual page will then be displayed in the right mainframe. hence you can surf through ALL results.

by using the search field in the RIGHT mainframe (of portal pages) - the results will be displayed in THAT page - if you click on a result - the result will replace the search result - if you want to preserve all search results you NEED TO right-click your link and select " Open in NEW Window" to preserve the result of your search and have the actual new page displayed in a new browser window.

the search may appear slow - because it is a direct search of ALL files - without the use of an index- file !! the use of an index file would reduce the search time to a FRACTION - however the automated index mechanism does NOT index all the special words used in spiritual texts and many search words would NOT be found by using the index files created by the search engine - I have tested this index search method and immediately deleted my index files because of the poor results.

what means "real text" search - the opposite is what MOST search engines from the web do - they search only the META tags with short description and keywords.

in "real text" search-mode however the COMPLETE text of ALL files accessible to the search engine is search for YOUR search word or string or combination of words.

you may use all boolean search combinations as with any professional search engine. i.e. you may force the search engine to show only pages with ALL words that YOU mark with a PRECEDING + for combined search with ALL +marked words that MUST be in ONE page or exclusions using - or you may give complete sentences like enclosed in " . .. " (double quotation-marks before and after the sentence - like the example of I love you to the left !! ).


+kriya +yoga +pranayama +physiology -female -male

this above search string would search for a page having text about the physiology of kriya yoga pranayama but NOT related to male or female beings - hence neutral text in regard to sexuality. ( a weird example as all relates to male or female ;-)) - this ONE example would last about 12 seconds "on the fly" and should give you 17 results found from 800 files as of this date of testing.

if however you want the same but related to YOUR own gender the you would either add +male or +female instead of excluding these 2 words. then you would get only 7 results from 800 files if you use the search string

+kriya +yoga +pranayama +physiology +female +male

if you search a sentence - then only pages with exactly this sentence will be displayed as a search result. for example the search entry "i liebe dich" in German language with a SPELL error only shows the pages having exactly these 3 words TOGETHER = you would find about ZERO pages !! typed in correctly "ich liebe dich" should give you about 15 files found. if however you FORGET the quotation-marks before and after the sentence - then you would get about 132 files found = files that somewhere have ALL these 3 words in a single page and if you forget the + preceding EACH word then you would find about > 200 files ( more than 200 files - by default the search is limited by MY configuration to 200 results !! ) because such a result as the result of a WRONG search-method !!

the very same procedures apply for many www search engines - except that www search engines usually NEVER make real text search but only keyword search.

the more search words you combine in a correct way - the more precise and helpful your search result.

here some links for your direct entry and test for the real text search engine ( it works on all words - except on the diksha filename - that file is to be found by READING ALL !!

here in German section of the Cyberspace Ashram

here in english section of the Cyberspace Ashram

with infinite love and bliss


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