Happy New Year

A new year is as happy as you finished the old year
make the present year a happy year for all future

God is love love for a happy new year
LOVE can but HEAL - let your happy new year be a year of healing love - of God
with eternal and infinite l LOVE to ALL

May the future bring you experiences that help you to really open your heart and soul for all the bliss and love from GOD waiting to heal, FREE and uplift you.

if your past year has improved compared to 2000, then you have made things better than in 2000. if you have experienced true divine bliss and love and had repeated God experiences far beyond the physical dimension - then you have made things almost correct

- else you may seriously consider changing MORE in your life AND follow the many lessons of the cyberspace ashram more precisely NOW these days - and you will experience MORE LOVE and BLISS in your life!

those who have left their physical body in the past year have either received another chance of grace and mercy in better conditions to learn their lessons


they may have made ALL correct and found the door directly leading to GOD.

may as many as possible find their door to GOD this year to join our eternal family IN GOD.

with infinite and eternal bliss and love


Divine gifts of GOD can be manifold !!

here for your further motivation and inspiration a brief description of a true God seeker who has received a complete cleaning of his aura and chakras directly from God recently - as a proof of divine grace and mercy ! such is waiting for ALL of you - however it is up to YOU to open yourself and prepare for such divine gifts

Dionisios Vourtsis wrote:

... I performed an exercise while listening to the Ode to Joy: I saw brilliant light come from God to my crown and going down to 1st chakra cleansing and opening all the chakras. Then, the light become more brilliant and my aura became wider (I felt great heat then and, as a result, took off my shirt). Finally, I intended that God's Peace, Wisdom, Grace and Love come to my heart. I saw a ball of mainly yellow and pink colors come from God to my crown, 3rd eye,throat and then reached my heart chakra.Then, I felt unspeakable bliss! My aura become golden and even wider radiating golden energies towards all. The feelings I felt were overwhelming !!! ...

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