The first steps are always the toughest one
- confession of a God seeker about his "learning"

no matter what you learn - judo, windsurfing, playing guitar, scuba diving, or spirituality - the first steps, months or years are always the toughest one in all disciplines. WHY ? because most beginners in ANY discipline have difficulties in applying INSTANTLY the teachings received by their trainer/teacher.

once the first steps have been made successfully - further progressing turns INTO REAL FUN !! because the experience YOU will receive is going to be exciting and enjoyable and you may have a first taste of what to expect later - hence YOUR hunger will increase - hunger for MORE joy and bliss and LOVE - HERE in the cyberspace ashram ALL teachings are directed toward ALL and those who followed these basic steps will receive all love and bliss !

we all are within an ocean of divine love and bliss - even HERE on earth - far away from our divine home - it is up to US all to fully and instantly open.

ONLY THOSE who really apply ALL - i.e. EXACTLY 100.00 % - of guru's teachings can witness about the teachings - those who do nothing or less than 100 % NEVER can give any comment of value as they failed to succeed as a direct result of their very own ego and laziness. the teachings of love are absolute - as they come from God - the preparatory steps within YOUR PHYSICAL IMPRISONMENT here in your physical world are absolutely NECESSARY for ALL to get love flowing. if nothing flows and you are totally closed for divine love and bliss waiting from God to free and heal and uplift you back home - then nothing will change in your life. LOVE NEEDS to flow in order to HEAL and FREE YOU !

many of you have a guru somewhere out in the world. some in Europe, others in USA, others in India or other remote places. some have accepted me as their guru. be sure to visit YOUR guru in person on a regular basis and be sure YOU really follow HIS teachings to the point - else you may lose your right to HAVE a physical guru at all and your karma will become your only guru for a long time !

below you find a confession about first side-steps from a disciple who has learned successfully to make the first REAL steps toward God. may his experience be inspiring for you and support YOUR push off on your path of love to God.

with love and divine bliss


God is Love

georgi stanev - ghosh22 at wrote:


First I met Hans in the early January 1999. It was in
Simbach at Inn, a small German town next to Austrian
border, where he had converted a house into ashram.
That time I had just started my spiritual seeking
after an 'accident' caused more or less serious
traumas to my body. After reading 'Autobiography of a Yogi' I decided to search more information about
kriyayoga and found Cyberspace Ashram in Internet.
There was an invitation to ALL God seekers on this
planet wanting to receive diksha personally from Hans
to visit him and stay at the ashram as much as they
like for absolutely FREE. The last thing attracted me
immediately, because greed is widely spread in the
country I am grown up- Bulgaria. It was like a dream.
After a few e-mails everything was arranged even my
traveling insurance was paid by a disciple in Germany.
So I extracted the most possible profit. With such
behavior I arrived in Simbach Ashram bringing only
money for my return back to Bulgaria- to avoid
possible paying or giving any money during my stay
there. Although I had a small business in Bulgaria and
several thousand $ in the bank account I could not
overcome my greed and stinginess.
As a result I was so closed that I could not feel any
of the LOVE and BLISS surrounding me during my stay at
the ashram- almost 1 month. So I received practice
and some basic teachings for the beginning
But back in Bulgaria because of all intellectual
trash my mind was filled with ( how can
one recognize a God realized person thinking???) I
applied none of the teachings received and soon I gave
up the kriya yoga practice and started my search for a
guru/GOD again going through different practices far
away from the real goal. As a result no success at
all. I was the same stingy husband and father ( we have
two daughters 15 and 16 years) with my family - giving
nothing and wanting all.
Meanwhile my wife won a 'green card' for USA from the
well known lottery and we started preparation to leave
At the end of the year I received a new chance(how
much help from GOD to step on the right way back to
HIM) to visit Germany and again for free. My friend
offered me to go with him to by a car. This trip had
also spiritual purpose for him and I asked Hans to see
him again. That time he lived in Munich and was too
busy leading online FAQ forum and writing new
chapters. We spent with him a few days mostly
meditating. First time in my life I felt something
new- a tiny part of LOVE and PEACE around. It resulted
in giving up all other practices and started kriya
yoga again. I read again all chapters of the
Cyberspace Ashram and tried to apply teachings in my
life- far from the perfection of course.
Soon we left for USA and came in San Diego. We had
some money from the property sold in Bulgaria beginning
the we lived from it. Spirituality, in my
opinion, did not include work. Praying,practicing,
- yes. But not work. I became too lazy to
support my family and when the money finished up my
wife had to go to work in a restaurant kitchen to do
our living. We lived with almost no money neither for
me nor for my 3 female angels. In addition I practiced
celibacy( again stinginess toward my wife) keeping all
love within my physical body.But I was still playing a
person actively working spiritually for the benefit of
In the summer of 2000 I had an important experience
opened my heart at least for one person- mu guru. It
was in dream when I met my guru and suddenly my heart
opened and I started crying from the love flowing
through it. Then I realized that I can really love
somebody. And when could not stay away from him
anymore I decided to earn some money and go to the
My lessons were waiting for me.
I arrived in the Philippines in the early March, 2001
with small amount of money, but in my opinion enough
to pay for a tree-week stay in a hotel and have
several dollars per day for all the rest. At that time
Hans was living near San Fernando in a cottage next to
the beach. I reached his place in the evening and took
a cottage next to him. He was out somewhere. I took a
shower and went to sleep. I was sleeping when I heard
his voice and a minute later he knocked on my door.
With an infinite joy in my heart I opened the door and
fell in his arms. After a big hug he offered me to
continue my rest and meet each other next morning for
breakfast. For my surprise he was with a girl.
I agreed and went back to bed. But I could not asleep
listening to the noise in his cottage. And after a
while...O MY GOD !!! They started making SEX! Skies
fall onto my head. I was shocked. My mind was
overloaded thinking.How can a guru do such thing? One
of the first reactions was to catch my flight back to
USA and start my search for guru/God again. That night
I was teared apart. But the TRUTH did enter my
personality at last. All my doubts were cleared up
after the breakfast next morning. There was so much
Divine Love that even my mind surrendered and I
prepared myself to enjoy my guru's love for the
remainder of my stay. But obviously it was time to
learn- to become husband, father, lover and helper.

How can you follow your guru having nothing in your
How can you love your family having nothing in your
How can you help someone on this very material planet
having nothing in your pocket/keeping your money in
the bank account or credit card?
How can you be a lover being weak and shy and lazy?
How can you be a husband giving nothing to your wife
accumulating all love in your body?
How can you receive love from others giving nothing in
Start working.
Become strong and independent.
Love your wife any time in any way.
Help others as much as you can.
Support your guru financially = support of all mankind
on this planet
It seems very simple but I had to experience all the
opposite to find the right answers.
Even still so closed during my first visit in the
Philippines I was enjoying Divine Love all the time.
For FREE of course ;-)) And I made my firm decision-
come back and work on all your answers.
And I did so.
But more learning was still waiting for me. And for my
How to become a real husband-wife team.
On this was dedicated our visit in the Philippines in
October, 2001.
And again the answer is very simple- give ALL to
receive ALL. From GOD. Directly.
We spent with Hans 5 weeks learning to love each
other. In the very direct physical way. To reach the
state where you can feel love with all your body
coming from God through the body of your partner.Where
bliss lasts for hours.
Yes, it is very simple. Just follow the teachings of
your guru.
It is hard work to overcome your ego. I witness.
And it is too simple- just follow the teachings of
your guru ;-))
More learning is still waiting for me- eternally ;-)

Happy New Year with LOVE to all

God is Love

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