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- how many percent is "sharing" -

please find below the answer in a direct way a disciple got it from GOD as sent from a disciple to the interactive spiritual newsletter today

learn from mistakes AND from positive samples made by others !!

If ever you are separating your guru from God - then you fail to perceive and reach God. a truly God realized guru is ONE with God - hence his love is the very same !

always strive for God - and do the very basic lessons taught by your guru - if YOU ever want to experience God soon -

THEN PRACTICE KRIYA YOGA as perfectly as possible and that means including the application / realization of ALL teachings given to you by God in the Cyberspace Ashram.

now - enjoy the reading and learn and apply YOURSELF in your life on YOUR path of love to God realization.

with infinite and eternal bliss and love


God is Love

From: Galina Staneva
Subject: My Christmas gifts
To: family at


Dear Family!

It is me, Galina, again!

I didn't get any Christmas gifts outwardly
I got TWO very precious, very divine gifts inwardly:
-one from GOD
-one from GURU

I felt like sharing with you my experiences
God said:

You are not to share, give them ALL

So I wrote dawn the whole story:

The night before Christmas I went to bed and relaxed, I
felt God was with me. HE had been with me almost ALL
the time for the last two weeks, since I started to
write my "stories"
I felt His fresh breath onto my face and suddenly I
realized: I was breathing "prana". I asked my husband
and he said:"Close your nose and breath". He loves to
be a teacher.But God said:
-To be a teacher one should LOVE more, much more and
So I did close my nose and I was still breathing but
it was not air, it was s.t. lighter, pure and healing
my soul.
I relaxed to enjoy this precious sweet bliss
My mind got restless and told me: "Stop the movement of
your chest"
I did it and then my mind added:"Now stop your heart
and you are gone"
I felt my stomach "sick", I remembered:
I did not FEEL love.
I got upset, sorry - it was not my time to die,
I have not LOVED enough yet. I was still longing for
sweet, earthly love!!!
I did not FEEL God's love INSIDE ME!!!

-Oh! Dear God, please, forgive me!
YOU are breathing for me
I forgot to invite YOU:
-Please, please LOVE ME FREE!!!

I felt his "breath" inside me, healing me, purifying

-Dear God, I do not LOVE you yet!

I was crying and begging Him:
-Please, please, forgive me!!! Please allow me to see
You! If I see you may be I will love You!

I relaxed and with almost no breath, I felt "far
away"and I saw- deep dark sky with small, small
lights, like stars. It was not our sky it was the sky
of the "paradise"- I guessed.
I remembered - once I had asked God:"Are You the
Sun?", He said:
-I am the SUN of ALL suns!

Then I was back and I asked Him:" Dear God, who will
teach me to LOVE You - YOU or my GURU?"
HE didn't answer- the choice was mine:
- Dear Beloved GURUJI, please teach me to LOVE GOD,
OPEN my heart for His love!!!

In the afternoon my husband and me, we both felt so
sleepy. It was about time for next "initiation" of
Godyoga. We had no Internet nor even a clock. We
relaxed on the bed, my husband said: "GURU is here!"
and I added:"GOD is here too!"

I concentrated on Kutashta but I didn't feel Guru's
vibration, I felt to the depth of my soul my love to
Guru: "I love you so much, my Divine Father!"
it happened - I felt God's LOVE FLOWING FREELY inside
me -
warming and melting my heart in His tenderness and
sweetness, relaxing my stomach and fulfilling my body
to the very low chakras.I fell asleep and when I woke
I was like a "newborn" - God was still breathing for me
and also my HEART WAS OPEN for HIS Love.
Thank You, Guruji for your Divine precious gift:


In the evening I was still enjoying my gifts - deep
inside me, meditating. I said to my husband: "Please,
leave me alone!" It was Christmas eve. I stayed alone
for a while but I got sad and about to cry.
I heard Guru's voice:
-Are you too pride again to avoid the bedroom?
It was like an electrical shock: "What a stupid I am.
The enjoyment is to share!"
-Give him ALL- God said - ALWAYS GIVE ALL and you will
receive much more to give ALL again - This is the path
to your GOAL!

I went to my husband:
-Darling! I am sorry! Please take me, I am all for
My all love and his all love in sweet oneness. God was
happy and kept us all night in his bliss!!!
Oh! Christmas night!!!

God is Love

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